A Multicultural Society That Embraces Diversity Essay

A Multicultural Society That Embraces Diversity Essay

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This research project is centered upon the idea that individuals, specifically those in second and third world countries, need to protect their cultural identity by combating the imperialism of western, dominant cultures. According to research, some reasons behind this imperialism are war, totalitarianism, tourism, the need to fit in, peer pressure, immigration, and globalization. These reasons are prevalent in today’s society and can be seen worldwide. Some solutions to the problem that I found in my research are to create a multicultural society that embraces diversity, encouraging a multilingual society along with preserving dying languages, and protecting smaller villages and towns from tourism, industrialization, and globalization. While these solutions are very broad, they cover a wide variety of topics and further research is planned in order to narrow down the solutions. Over this whole process, my thesis has changed slightly. I originally started with the sustainability of culture. Over the process, I have added the idea of cultural identity, since it can be difficult to sustain just culture. Culture encompasses a large group of people, where as a cultural identity is per individual. The individual aspect makes it easier to solve the problem since it can be hard to get a large group to agree on one way to solve it. Also, the idea of sustaining culture is ultimately up to the individuals. Most of the solutions take collaboration between both organizations and individuals. These solutions are not just an idea that you can force upon people. It takes teamwork to actually be successful.
So far, in this process, research has been conducted by talking to peers on campus and through Internet research and library databases. I h...

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...ng ways since its proposal. Since the proposal, examples have been found, causes have been identified, and solutions have been explored. Interviews have been conducted to see a personal connection to the problem, as well as research from libraries and databases to support the problem from a global view. These two points of views show how the problem is all over and not just specified to one area. In order to further this investigation, further research must be done to begin to explain the problem itself. With an explanation, the problem can be further understood and applied into today’s society. Also, further research must be conducted in order to come up with specific solutions. As of right now, the solution are very broad and can be conducted in many very different manors. After this research is conducted, the research will be ready to be put into a research paper.

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