A More Perfect Union By Barack Obama Essay

A More Perfect Union By Barack Obama Essay

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A More Perfect Union
“A More Perfect Union” was delivered by Barack Obama on March 18, 2008. At the time her gave the speech he was senator and running in the president election. Obama responded to his former pastor Jeremiah Wright, and also discussed the issue with race in America. This problem is important to us as a whole, because we went through plenty of racism in the past. He wants the prevent those incidents from according again. He did an excellent job using rhetoric tools to support his beliefs, which led to a successful election.
From the beginning, and throughout his speech he used in the most effective way rhetorical tools to support his beliefs. The rhetoric tool such as ethos, pathos and logos. He used ethos used to gives his audience a better understanding of who his character is. For him to establish an effective speech of ethos, Obama had to present himself in a way that will make the audience believe in his beliefs as well. In this speech Obama creates his ethos in many different ways that gives his speech not only credibility but, validity also. Obama does this by creating an intellectual and influential ethos by including references to present and past conflicts that have affected America illustrating his proficiency in the importance of American history. This ethos is also supported by Obama’s statement that he has, “gone to some of the best schools in America” meaning that he does have the authority and experience to make these statements. Consequently, beginning the speech with the quote “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union” is also an example ethos. This allusion to the constitution compels the audience to make the connection between the significance and important of the constitution wit...

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...are to continue on the path of a more perfect union”. It is his observations on race and deductive reasoning Obama is able to make this logical solution for unity in America, because he has lived through it, and want more for our country.

I believe that it is evident through the success of his speech that Obama knows how to use ethos, logos and pathos in a very effective way. By carefully creating the speech around these three rhetoric tools the persuasiveness of his arguments and statements that have been strengthened. The effective use of these rhetoric tools also allows Obama to take a controversial issue like race and address it in a logical and inspiring way. He addressed this issue of race in America and was able to make an insightful resolution to help end the racial issues in America. He strongly encouraged unity in the American people to overcome strife.

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