A Major Element Of Hip Hop Music Essay

A Major Element Of Hip Hop Music Essay

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A major element of hip-hop music is “realness” or authenticity from an artist within the genre. However, there is a fine line between authenticity and explicit truth, a line that has been crossed several times in recent years. Prosecutors have used rap lyrics against artists in a court of law, deeming the lyrics as factual evidence. The politics behind the use of rap lyrics in trial have caused for several artists to face criminal charges solely based on the content of their music. Brandon Duncan, otherwise known as Tiny Doo, is one of several artists whose music has turned into a political controversy rather than a promising career. Tiny Doo’s hip-hop career was suspended due to the politics surrounding a California law that allowed for his lyrics to be used against him in a court of law.
In 2014, Tiny Doo released a mixtape album, No Safety. The mixtape he released was free to the public and is not on popular streaming services, such as Spotify or Itunes. The album can be listened to on SoundCloud; however, Tiny Doo does not make any money off of this. This is important to note as his album, No Safety, was making him very little money to no money; however, prosecutors somehow found it popular enough to be linked to gang conspiracy. In the summer of 2014, Tiny Doo was arrested for “participat(ing) in a felonious criminal conspiracy perpetrated by San Diego’s notorious Lincoln Park Bloods gang” (Holslin). He faced life in prison because prosecutors argued that the picture of a revolver on his album cover was inspiring gang-related murders in San Diego.
In exploring the lyrics on the No Safety mixtape, there are definitely several mentions of violence; however, nothing that the hip-hop genre has never seen before. One of the mos...

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... confront all of the roadblocks society has placed in their path. Erik Nielson put it plainly by telling the Huffington Post “This is one of the most disturbing examples of where kids are using poetry to get out of the hood and we are sending them right back in.” The use of the word “poetry” is significant in regards to his quote because that’s exactly how rap should be perceived. Rapping is no more than expressing oneself through a form of rhythmic lyrics, only there is a beat playing in the background. The reason some rap is violent is because artists are using the violence in order to send a message. It may not always be “the right” message, but their artwork can express whatever they please. Tiny Doo’s case serves as a classic example of how rap is not considered as a form of art and that there is No Safety when it comes to the politics surrounding these issues.

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