A Letter From A Working Class Immigrant Family Essay

A Letter From A Working Class Immigrant Family Essay

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This is not an apology. This is an unedited letter from a student, written in between classes on a day where multiple assignments are due. I have nothing to sell anyone. I just want to Coming from a working class immigrant family, I understand the value of hard work. Actively viewing the decline of the financial value of hard work, while watching what should be basic human rights being trampled across the country, I have one question: How many more?

A flag is either two things. Simply A piece of fabric, or entirely not a flag, but the physical object meant to represent a country. For those who never sacrificed for t
If one believes that a flag is simply a piece of fabric, the significance of Hampshire’s Flag Removal is moot, though we can all agree that the burning of a flag is an unfortunate use of textile. It is the burning of the flag as a non corporeal object that is offensive to people. The ignition of fabric, visually synonymous with that which can be found throughout American History. Contempt for such actions by those who 've never sacrificed for this country, or transversely (but not exclusionary) those who have and are being sacrificed by this country is closer to being unrighteous indignation.

FIrst, among these individuals that I would LIke to address are veterans and active military service people. The sacrifice that many of you have made, is less physical than than ephemeral for the vast majority of soldiers. THough I actively despise pacifism, that isn’t to say that perpetual war is the righteous alternative. Being a soldier require the willingness physical sacrifice, as much as a spiritual. In many ways, one less joins the military and more becomes a member of it. And as the united state’s warrior class, t...

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How many more homeless should we tolerate?
How many more corrupt law enforcement officers should we expect?
How many more steps to a complete surveillance state must we take?
How many more discriminatory laws must we burdened down with?
How many more years should the working class be taken advantage of, economically and educationally?
How many more failing public school districts should we tolerate?
How many more years of increasingly acceptable xenophobia should be excepted?
How many more human right violating countries should the USA support before it is too many?
How many more human rights should we allow to be violated?
How many more wrongs must be committed before one should ask.
How many more?

How many more?

Tell me, how many more atrocities must be endured before a peaceful, legal act of protest will not be so violently condemned?

How many more?

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