A Large Concentration Of The Poverty Essay

A Large Concentration Of The Poverty Essay

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A large concentration of the poverty in this nation lies in children. The younger the child is, the more likely they are to be impoverished, which shows evidence of a multiplying impoverished population in the United States. All children, however, are not equally probable to be living in poverty. As stated before, the large amount of single-parent, especially female-headed, households has greatly affected the children within those families. Subsequently, an astounding poverty rate of 46.9% is possessed by children from such households, which is far greater than the 11.6% of children in poverty from two-parent households (Eitzen et al., 2014). Other populations of people in America are also more likely to be impoverished based on their locational circumstances.
Persistent poverty counties located throughout the United States are home to dense populations with unfulfilled needs, as at least 20 percent of their inhabitants live at or below the poverty threshold (Eitzen et al., 2014). These counties host higher rates of poverty than others and are usually in rural, isolated areas. Lower incomes, less participation in government programs, and a lack of good jobs creates sections of disadvantaged people throughout this country. In these areas, the small amount of available jobs allows employers to pay their workers lower wages than they would in a suburban area for similar work. Costly, long commutes to higher-paying opportunities in more densely populated areas often outweigh the benefit derived from earning more money. Furthermore, people often stay in these areas despite the oppression due to strong family ties and a prideful loyalty to their hometowns (Morrison, 2005). Poverty inequality isn’t only present in...

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...HIV/AIDS (Hotez, 2014). Subsequently, a greater percentage of impoverished people are infected with HIV every year than people with higher socio-economic status. A strong correlation can therefore be found between the persistent poverty counties across America and the areas that are most heavily afflicted by HIV. Reflecting the disproportionate number of impoverished minorities of color, African Americans and Hispanic Americans are 6.6 and 2.2 times more likely to suffer from HIV than their White counterparts (Vaughn, Rosenberg, Shouse, & Sullivan, 2014). When the concentration of disease is coupled with the unlikely odds of receiving appropriate medical attention, poverty-stricken individuals encounter exceedingly high proportions of infection. This inequality persists partially due to the shortcomings of the educational system within disadvantaged communities.

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