A Interview Paper On Chinese Culture

A Interview Paper On Chinese Culture

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For my interview paper I had the pleasure of getting to converse with my interviewee about his native country; China. As most know, China is the most populated country in the world with approximately 1.3 million people. This interview taught me new things about China that I wasn’t aware of an

d I hope the reader also learns something new. The name of my interviewee was Haoming Huang, or his American name which is David, he is 20 years old, attending UC San Diego, and he has lived in the United States for 5 years. He was born in Zhuzhou, China and later moved to Zhuhai, China. Zhuhai is located in the Southern region next to Macao, which is the state or province of that area. I divided up this paper into four different sections, each topic that it special and unique to my interviewee. Therefore, I’ll be looking into Chinese education, holiday’s, food, and conclude with how each one connects to family.
       The first topic we discussed about the Chinese culture was their education system. The schooling system in China is one of the largest education systems in the world, according to the Education Center Ltd website. (China Education, 2004).  My interviewee noted that a typical school day lasted 14 hours and that it was six days a week. That is a pretty hardcore schedule. In China, the Ministry of Education which manages the schooling system, very early on ingrains into the students the “strong Chinese beliefs in family values---and that students are expected to respect their older peers, and that teachers are never to be questioned”. (Bolton, D. 2015). My interviewee noted that adults and the elderly alike are to be treated with respect and any type of misconduct is unacceptable over there. As a result, because of the ...

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...em all over China. In addition, that work might bring them to places like the U.S. where they come to live a better life. This typically results in them making better wages that they will send back to their families. Although, some do return to their home and some might not ever go back, as a result there are others that will might also move their entire family with them. Despite the changes, one thing that won’t change is the family structure, it has remained the same throughout the vastly large culture in China.
In conclusion, the Chinese culture may look complicated from the outside, but they strive to keep their culture and family life alive. These values begin with an education and it continues on to the family they will one day form and have. Now that China’s One Child Policy has been uplifted the family might surely grow and a new generation will commence.

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