A Grey Door and a Story Based on the Legend of Zelda Essay

A Grey Door and a Story Based on the Legend of Zelda Essay

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Your choice was almost instant. The grey door is the choice. Getting to be on the side of the villains is always way more fun, and that's something new in a Legend of Zelda style game. Besides, there's a group of people on the other side of the grey door, and all of them will be close to you; there's a good chance of surviving, right? You walk over to the door and swing it open, walking in with confidence. As soon as you walking in the door, you shield your eyes with your arms, due to a blinding light shining from seemingly nowhere. After a minute or two, you peek out of your arms, and see the light is gone. You put your arms down, and find that you're lying down on a bed, or somewhere soft. You sit up, and find that you were correct about being in a bed; matter-of-factually, you're in a large bedroom with multiple beds, all of them occupied. Before you can process anything else, you hear someone to your right shift around, and then let out a quiet yawn. You turn your attention to the person, and see a boy with purple hair and black pajamas staring right back at you. “Why....Why are you staring at me...?” You ask him. “I should be asking you the same question.” He says, crossing his arms over his chest. “Never mind,” You sigh and turn away from him, taking note of your surroundings a bit more. Most of the others were... strange. There was a man... or was it a woman? Whatever, it doesn't matter at the moment. The had the covers kicked down to the end of the bed, and their pajamas were a bit on the revealing side; only consisting of dull-gold short-shorts and a tight, white tank top. Their skin was also this silvery-green color. Weird. There was also a boy who had very light-purple skin, with purple hair. His pajamas were also purp...

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...l, why is it this big? I mean, there weren't /that/ many people in the room...” You ponder out loud. Realization hits, and you gasp and grin deviously. “Gannondorf probably keeps a small army here with him!” You rush over to the sink and splash some water on your face to get yourself fully awake, and head out to explore. As you wander around, on of the halls opens up into a large room with almost nothing in it. There's a set of stairs on one side of the room, and double doors on the opposite side. Guessing that this was the main entrance, you decide to go ahead and check out the upper floor, and work your way down. As soon as you make it up the stairs to the top floor, you find some Bokoblin archers; most of them are asleep or not really paying attention to anything. You quietly sneak past, and try out some of the doors along the hall.

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