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A Future Career : Behavioral Analysis Essays

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A Future Career in Behavioral Analysis
In 2013, approximately 1,163,146 violent crimes occurred nationwide (“Violent Crime”). Violent crime is prominent in all corners of the world: terrorist cells, serial murders/rapes, child abductions, etc. No one is spared—all races, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, and age ranges are affected by crime, though the degree of which may differ. These crimes are intimate to both the criminal committing them and the victims affected by said crimes. A behavioral analyst, or a profiler, gives insight into these heinous crimes and allows law enforcement to become one step closer to catching the suspect. A successful behavioral analyst must possess a detail-oriented mind meant to find patterns in the behaviors of violent crime, a patient demeanor in the most stressful of environments to maintain relationships with colleagues and victims, and a strong objectivity that allows them to stay focused on the case at hand and not the emotions that case may evoke.
Before budding profilers even begins their education in the field, preparation in high-school can further their knowledge and ensure they are aware of the work profiling requires and what its related college courses entail. To begin, it is important to stay in core subjects—English, math, science, and social studies—for all four years of secondary education. This will help to keep future behavioral analysts well-rounded for careers in the FBI. Taking extra English courses is also a sound idea, as writing reports and speaking clearly and precisely are important in this profession. Public speaking courses, journalism, and drama classes or clubs are another option as well. Multiple science courses also are nothing but beneficial, especially ones pert...

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...r host said programs; some profilers even turn into consultants for movies and books. Retired profilers are often turned into professors at colleges and universities, or even online/summer courses. The field of behavioral analysis has many opportunities outside of being a federal agent.
A behavioral analyst is faced with many challenges—searching for colleges, gaining the proper experience, and finding strength in stressful situations. This career is littered in crime, and a behavioral analyst will be face with the dark nature of humanity repeatedly. A successful behavioral analyst must possess a detail-oriented mind, a patient demeanor, and a strong objectivity. To be prosperous in this career it takes immense dedication and stability, and in the end, it is up to the future college students to decide whether or not this field of study is the right path for them.

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