A Flair For The Dramatic : Jaime 's Pov Essay

A Flair For The Dramatic : Jaime 's Pov Essay

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Chapter One – A flair for the dramatic – Jaime’s POV

It had to be as perfect as she was.
I’d been planning this for weeks, and yet, my anxiety was getting the better of me now; I had lost faith in my plans. I feared I would wake her up as I slowly slid out of bed and tiptoed into the bathroom, but to my delight, she still lay sound asleep. Even ten minutes later, when I was dressed and preparing the scene, it was obvious she was dreaming heavily.
The more everything fell into place, the less scared I got. It wasn’t like I’d never done this before, but… today was special. She was special.
My eyes scanned the room, just to check if there was anything I’d missed. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw that there wasn’t. I made my way to the old stereo; the CD shouldn’t have been playable, but I skipped to the fourth and last track, and sure enough, it didn’t let me down. The song began to play – our song – and it filled the room, making its way down the hallway to her sleeping figure.

“I’m missing you so much, I’ll see you die tonight
Just so I can get to you before the sun will rise
I know the times are hard and I feel this too
None of that ever seems to matter when I’m holding you”

On the last word, her sleepy face peeked out of the doorway, eyes squinting at the bright light. “Buenos días, Ama,” I smiled.
“Why do I recognize this song?” She mumbled.
I laughed. “Tired, amor?”
She nodded, stepped out into the hallway and dragged her hands down her face. She started down toward me, but stopped, and looked curiously down at the rose petals underneath her feet. They made a path, from where she stood to right in front of me. She looked up at me, then back down at the petals, then up at me. Then, she recognized the song, A Day To Rememb...

... middle of paper ...

... prepared the cold food and put it in the fridge, and was in the backyard grilling. I came inside to check my phone to find Ama still on hers. ‘Still?’ I mouthed to her as I walked in.
‘Violet,’ she mouthed. “Hold on a second, babe,” she said into the phone, covering the receiver with her hand and turning to me. “The only person I couldn’t get ahold of was Tony. Is he still coming?”
“He had something to do at the college today, but as far as I know, yeah, he is.”
“Okay,” she smiled. “It actually smells pretty good out there.”
“You doubt my grilling skills, woman?” I laughed, and she blew a kiss at me, then turned back to the conversation.
I walked back into our bedroom to grab my phone, and when I took it off the charger, I opened the little drawer in the nightstand, just to make sure the box was still in there. It was.
One day, I thought to myself. One of these days.

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