Essay on A Description Of And Justification For The Student 's Basic Beliefs

Essay on A Description Of And Justification For The Student 's Basic Beliefs

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Ethics Creed
A description of and justification for the student’s basic beliefs, which form the foundation of his/her worldview
I grew up in church and had a basic understanding of God and his purpose for individuals and life. However, I did not fully understand his endless capabilities or wishes for my life until I grew older and more mature. God will meet people wherever they are at in life, and will always be there ready to show the love that he has for his creations, human beings. I did not always view life in this manner, as I often felt that it I could live life without God and Jesus, acting on my own wishes and desires regardless of their moral integrity. It took a brush with death for me to alter my thinking. I was in a horrible motorcycle accident eight years ago that changed my life in many ways forever. The accident should have ended my life, taken my left leg from me, and left me permanently mentally impaired.
I was driving a motorcycle around a thirty-five mile an hour curve when I hit loose gravel from an intersecting dirt road, and lost control of the motorcycle directly in front of an oncoming Dodge 1500 series pick-up truck. The back tire of the bike slid out from underneath me, I fell into the oncoming path of the truck, and the truck struck me head on. My body passed underneath the middle of the grill of the truck, pinning me between the truck and the motorcycle. The truck physically drove over the top of the bike and me, causing a severe degloving injury to my left leg. My helmet broke into four pieces from getting wedged between the road and the truck’s drive shaft assembly, and the brake line was all that remained keeping the front wheel attached to the motorbike.
The AirCare helicopter ambul...

... middle of paper ... standpoint where instruction to “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39) is key.
Describe how BUS 401 contributed to the student’s deeper understanding of the role of ethics in personal and professional decision-making
Taking this course has increased my awareness of true ethical conduct and behavior while promoting self-awareness when operating in daily routines. It has enlightened my understanding of how I treat others within a professional setting and allowed me to make adjustments. In addition, I know it can be difficult when the weight of the world, or so it seems, is on my shoulders, but I will remain in my faith in Jesus and not let my sinful nature take the reins. I will hold steadfast to his teachings and continue to have faith in him. I feel that by doing this, a covenantal lifestyle adaptation will occur while promoting the kingdom of God.

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