A Comparison of Two Methods Used to Rank Business Articles Essay

A Comparison of Two Methods Used to Rank Business Articles Essay

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The ranking of journals plays a major role in the overall ranking of colleges and universities; it is important to ensure the articles in those journals are being ranked fairly and accurately. Business articles are ranked by editorial board members of universities using various types of methods; this research will cover citation analysis and acceptance rates. The purpose of this research is to expand the knowledge of UHV’s business school students and faculty over the rankings of articles for business journals. The difference between the two methods along with any problems that can occur within each will be discussed first. Then the research will cover why the methods are valuable but not always accurate. Lastly, the consequences or affect business journal rankings can have on business schools at universities if they are not properly ranked will be discussed.
The Two Ranking Methods Explained
Articles in business journals can be ranked using citation analysis and acceptance rates; knowing how these two are used to determine the rankings is very important. A citation is when one author uses another author’s work within their own research but gives credit to the rightful owner. Citation analysis is observing the pattern and frequency of citations used in articles written by scholars; it can help determine how valuable a scholar’s work is to the person who is ranking it. The number of citations the author uses can be used to compare the quantity of the article and can also increase its overall value (Cahn, 2010).
Acceptance rates have to do with the overall review process and the number of articles that are accepted by editorial board members. Acceptance indicates that a scholar’s work was found to be of value to the reviewer. A...

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