Essay about A Brief Note On Genetic Engineering On Animals

Essay about A Brief Note On Genetic Engineering On Animals

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Genetic engineering on animals is the latest experimental practice used in the world of biomedical research. It has allowed the progression of human understanding towards the study of diseases and medicine. With the emergence of this technology, comes a wide range of ethical issues that need to be addressed, such as the welfare and the uncertainty of predisposed risk towards the animal. Furthermore, the current state of this practice in the United States is still new. Therefore, there is little regulation by the government along with the scientific community in enforcing specific guidelines to consider the welfare of the animals. The implication of the scarcity of regulating genetic engineering opens the possibilities of mistreatment of animals by placing them in discomfort and painful situations, and giving them no moral consideration.
Utilizing genetic engineering on animals is practical for researchers because they have the correct metabolic pathways, along with the ability to reproduce. Furthermore animals are easily maintained without the requirement of expensive infrastructure (Lievens et al). Another convenience for researchers is the ability to genetically engineer different animals using various methodologies, which gives them options and flexibility towards there research. These techniques are all used during the embryonic stage of the organism either changing the genome of the sperm or the egg of the female.
One method of genetic engineering is through deleting genetic information. This technique is called the knockout method in the scientific community because it removes specific segments of the DNA (Lievens et al). The procedure involves using homologous recombination. This process involves joining different segme...

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...ring has been used to observe the molecular mechanisms and viral disease detection (Leland 2007).
With genetic engineering as an emerging technology in biomedical research, there needs to be more guidelines to consider the welfare of model animals. The intention of researchers to modify the genes of animals is to understand a wide range of medical questions. Although their purpose in using genetic engineering is to gain more knowledge that can possibly benefit the human race, they still need to give moral consideration to the animals they utilize. The reason for this is because animals are able to experience pain and discomfort. Until researchers have full capacity in knowing the outcome of the gene alteration they do on animals, then there must be regulations enforced because in the end, animals and humans share the same interest in avoiding pain and discomfort.

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