Essay on A Brief Note On Diabetes Affects Many Americans Today

Essay on A Brief Note On Diabetes Affects Many Americans Today

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Diabetes affects many Americans today. Many learn to control it and live long and healthy lives. This chronic disease affects the level of sugar in your blood, which can lead to multiple serious problems. One of the most common effects of Diabetes is Hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia is when the body is lacking insulin, usually because the body is not producing it properly. This does not happen overnight, as hyperglycemia takes a while for the cells to starve for sugar. Although Hyperglycemia is usually found in a diabetic patient, there are many other causes that contribute to this condition, such as: Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), rare hormone secreting tumors, pancreatic cancer, or simply just having a severe illness. Either way, Hyperglycemia can affect anyone, those old and young should manage and treat this condition for it has the potential to get out of control.
The Pathophysiology of Hyperglycemia is very simple to understand. As mentioned, this term refers to high blood sugar/glucose. Glucose is very important to the body for it is where our body collects the energy required to carry on with normal life activities. However, the only way we can use glucose for energy is when it is gathered from the food consumption and is then delivered properly to the cells. This is where insulin comes into place. Insulin is the tool the body uses to help glucose gain admittance the cells. Glucose, in its anatomy, is too big to fit through the phospholipid layer (the cells skin) and enter to produce energy. Luckily, the pancreas, “which is located at to the midline of the upper abdomen” (Limmer and O’keefe, 508) is present to produce insulin. Many confuse insulin to be the body’s sugar; however, insulin is the h...

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...lethargic and are wake enough to swallow, they meet the criteria for a tube of glucose. Initially, medical Direction has to be called before any sort of medicine administration. To determine whether to make a decision or not to ask if glucose should be administered is easy, for there is a simple “rule of thumb: sugar for everyone”, meaning that distinguishing between hypo and hyperglycemia is unnecessary in diabetic emergencies. It may seem odd at first but it is better to be safe than sorry. Though Hyperglycemia means “too much sugar” an extra dose would not cause effect until way after the patient is transported (Limmer and O’keefe, 516). The last intervention for a hyperglycemic patient is to make sure the patient is comfortable during transport and proper reassessment is assessed, seemly this could just be the most essential part of a hyperglycemic patient care.

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