A Brief History of the Chicano Culture Essay

A Brief History of the Chicano Culture Essay

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The term "Chicano" has for decades been used to describe the Mexican American people present in California. Though, these individuals have been very influential to the development of California for much longer than the origin of the term. Rooted in the emergence of Mexican California in the 1800s, Chicanos have contributed greatly to the changes that California has experienced since then and into the twentieth century. At this time, California was at the forefront of social change unlike anything that the state had seen before. As people were entering the state, the population began to see a heightened array of diversity. The widening of race and class polarization gave birth to a new sense of possibility for these ethnic groups. In this, a series of social movements emerged as a stance for change in the way these groups were treated. For the Chicano movement, a symbol of change and new opportunities emerged for Mexican Americans. Throughout California history, the Chicanos embodied the desire to enhance Chicano culture, through identification, politics, and attempts to improve their socio-economic status.
Starting in the 1800s, Mexican Americans were in the lead of development in California, when they gained independence from Spain and moved into the state. At this time, the Mexican way became more prominent throughout the state. A new culture emerged including a ranchero lifestyle, cattle-raising, and new forms of trade. As the missions were becoming less important in life, local manufacturing slowed and California ranchers, became more interested in the trade of cattle hides. Though, the larger amount of non-Mexicans in the state also became a factor of influence in California, and the decline of Mexican culture began. Trap...

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...rtion of presence in California, the Chicanos have made great efforts to maintain their culture, while still remaining relevant to the many issues California has entailed. Chicanos have been at the forefront of significance, and their role in California history has definitely been noticed. This trend of their impact does not seem to be changing anytime soon, so the role of Chicanos in California is expected to keep growing. There immense amounts of hope for Chicanos will always continue to be the utmost important aspect of their existence in the state.
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