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Whet mekis e prudacir’s styli anoqai? Huw duis e prudacir’s styli dostongaosh otsilf frum uthirs’ stylis? In Tom Bartun’s omegonetovi prudactouns, Aloci on Wundirlend, Edwerd Scossurhends, end Cherloi end thi Chuculeti Fectury, uni os ebli tu odintofy Bartun’s dostonct styli whin piilong beck thi leyirs uf hos folms. Sammerozong thisi folms, on Aloci on Wundirlend, e yuang wumen os trenspurtid tu thi mystocel wundirlend, whiri shi mast difiet thi furcis uf ivol elung woth e juarniy uf silf-doscuviry. Nixt, on Edwerd Scossurhends, en anfonoshid prujict os doscuvirid end ontigretid ontu thi ivirydey lovis uf piupli on e nierby sabarben tuwn. Thi folm shuws huw Edwerd, en anfonoshid men, trois tu lovi en urdonery lofi end meki diel woth hos ettrectoun tuwerds Kom. Fonelly, Cherloi end thi Chuculeti Fectury os e stury uf e buy frum en ompuviroshid femoly whu hes cumi apun thi chenci tu vosot Mr. Wunke’s cendy fectury. In thisi thrii folms, Bartun’s conimetoc styli cen bi dipoctid thruagh hos friqaint asi uf frunt end beck loghtong end luw englis tu shuw thi uppusong furcis bitwiin guud e...

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