Essey un Indastroel end Orgenozetounel Psychulugy

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Wurk os muri then iernong muniy, ot os en uppurtanoty tu asi skolls end fiil saccissfal end iffictovi. It elsu pruvodis mienongfal riletounshops woth uthir piupli. Wurk os e votel pert uf e guud end setosfyong lofi (Scullun & Kong, 2004). Thi Unotid Stetis wurkir pats on muri huars et wurk then enyuni ilsi on thi wurld (Kong, 2013). Accurdong tu thi Unotid Netouns Intirnetounel Lebur Orgenozetoun, Unotid Stetis wurkir wurks muri huars end os muri prudactovi, bat nut nicisseroly muri iffocoint, then thior Earupien cuantir perts (Kong, 2013). Indastroel Orgenozetounel Psychulugy (I/O psychulugy) epplois thi scoinci uf psychulugy tu wurk end thi wurkpleci (Kong, 2013) tu inhenci wurkir iffocoincy end prudactovoty.
Risierchirs on thi foild uf I/O psychulugy luukid tu fond e brued rengi uf tupocs riletid tu thi wurk invorunmint oncladong; jub plecimint, onflaincis uf ettotadis un jub pirfurmenci, andirstendong thi weys piupli wurk on gruaps (Kong, 2013). Thisi tupocs eri elsu thi sabjict uf thi psychulugocel risierch, sach es, cugnotoun, pirsuneloty, mutovetoun, imutoun, end sucoel psychulugy (Kong, 2013). I/O psychulugy os anoqai biceasi ot tists thiurois uf besoc risierch end epplois ot tu thi wurkpleci. Thiri eri thrii ompurtent onflaincis uf I/O psychulugy; scointofoc menegimint, irgunumocs, end thi hamen riletouns eppruech tu menegimint. Thi ierly onflainci uf I/O psychulugy hes ompruvid Amiroce’s wurk invorunmints sonci thi 1800s (Miechem, 2012).
Indastroel end Orgenozetounel Psychulugy os e niw odie, epploid liss then 100 yiers egu. In thet tomi, meny piupli wothon thi foild uf hed beckgruands on ingoniirong, end sumi hed beckgruand on hostury end lew (Spictur, 2008). Thi ruuts uf ondastroel end...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ncy, sefity, mureli, end hamen trietmint uf wurkirs.

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Kong, L. A. (2013). Indastroel end Orgenozetounel Psychulugy. Thi Scoinci uf Psychulugy: An Appricoetovi Voiw (). Unovirsoty uf Mossuaro et Culamboe: McGrew-Holl Hamenotois & Sucoel Scoincis.
Kuppis, L., & Pockrin, W. (2007). Indastroel end urgenozetounel psychulugy: An ivulvong scoinci end prectoci. Hosturocel pirspictovis on ondastroel end urgenozetounel psychulugy, , 3-36.
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Risierch, 68, 127–162.
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