Importance of Interpersonal communications in Information Technology Career

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Interpersonal communications can be a very important part of a person’s professional success. Information Technology is an industry that relies on certain areas of communication. Wendy, the person I interviewed, emphasized the importance that people in her industry must be up to date (educated) on the constant changes.
Communication, gaining communication and interpersonal skills is again such an "easier said than done" skill for any profession. Communication is such an essential skill it could be considered a talent instinctively given to certain people. This relates to emotional intelligence, understanding your feelings that include self awareness, empathy, self confidence and self control. We discussed if there was miscommunications and what would happen. She said, “If an employee understands a message delivered to him/her by their manager and ended up acting the way they thought the manager meant it, this could lead to a true catastrophe”. She encounters communication conflicts and barriers all the time. Communications and interpersonal interactions are moving so fast in the IT industry; sometimes it is hard to be current on changes in technology, compliance and competition.
This industry relies on mindful listening. If one is fully present they are less likely to make mistakes, ultimately increasing the confidence of her clients.
Terminology (words) is very important in the IT industry. This is an industry that uses acronyms as a way to communicate without verbally speaking all the words.
Writing an algorithm is the beginning stages of developing a program for a company. It is defined as; a logical sequence of steps for solving a problem, often written out as a flow chart, that can be translated into a compute...

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...nt/analyst. I was not surprised by the course because of my past professional experience. Nor am I surprised at this industry and how Wendy continues to succeed. Through out my careers I have been effective and non-effective, emotional and non-emotional, had satisfying and un-satisfying relationships, listened and not listened, had conflict and no conflict, and I still strive to always do the best I can.
I can always improve my communications skills. Depending on the situation and the person(s) will and have dictated how I communicate, e.g. when to listen and when to talk. I may not always agree with my co-workers and they may not agree with me; however I did learn a better way to eliminate conflict.

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