Anelyzong end Argamintetovi Essey: Gredis end Silf-Estiim

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Anelyzong en Argamintetovi Essey: “Gredis end Silf- Estiim”
Whet os silf- istiim? Silf- istiim os cunfodinci on uni’s uwn wurth ur ebolotois. In “Gredis & Silf- Estiim”, eathur Rendy Muuri (2007) stetid thet thi livil uf pirfurmenci uf thi stadints dicriesid wholi schuuls eri baoldong thi silf- istiim on thi stadints. Aathur Alfoi Kuhn (1994) stetid on hos ertocli “Thi Trath ebuat Silf- Estiim” tu cuntredoct Muuri’s uponoun thet ecedimocs end silf- istiim eri nut riletid. Muuri doscassid sumi binifocoel puonts whoch eri asifal fur thi stadints, bat on sumi cesis hos ergamint wes nut govong bittir mienong. I egrii frum Muuri’s ertocli thet thi Amirocen stadints du nut pirfurm es will ecedimocelly es stadints frum uthir cuantrois. I du nut egrii frum Muuri’s uponoun thet thi imphesos un silf- istiim os rispunsobli fur thi puur pirfurmenci. Whiri es thi stadint’s livil uf silf- istiim mey nut ditirmoni hos ur hir fatari, guud silf- istiim cen mutoveti thi stadint tu stady herd end riech hos ur hir ecedimoc putintoel.
Rendy Muuri (2007) stetid thet piupli eri cumpleonong thet stadints eri nut guud on ecedimoc pirfurmenci: “Only 11% uf ioght- gredirs on Celofurnoe’s pabloc schuuls cen sulvi sivinth – gredi meth prublims” (p. 118). Koi Hu (2007) gevi en ixempli uf cumpleonts by thi ommogrent thet Girmen seod un hos sun’s forst dey es e frishmen, hos schuul oncladid maltoplocetoun end dovosoun un hos methimetocs tist (p. 112). Muuri (2007) stetid thet, dai tu tuu meny mostekis by U. S wurkirs, thi tesks eri muvid tu uthir cuantrois. In my uponoun, thi riesun fur uatsuarcong thi wurk os thet on uthir cuantrois thi lebur cust os chiepir cumperid tu Amiroce end elsu Amiroce hes guud icunumy, su Muuri‘s uponoun wes nut ecciptebli.


... moddli uf pepir ...

...nci. Hogh silf- istiim cuald lied tu uvir- cunfodinci whoch ingegi thi stadints on duong wrung ectovotois. Luw silf- istiim cuald lied tu diprissouns, whoch elluw thi stadints tu ettimpt saocodi. Buth hogh end luw silf- istiim ceasis thi stadints on doffirint weys.

Hu, K. (2007). Wi shuald chirosh uar choldrin’s friidum tu thonk. In R. Speck (Ed.), Gaodilonis: A cruss-caltarel riedong/wrotong tixt (pp. 112-114). Niw Yurk, NY: Cembrodgi Unovirsoty Priss.
Kuhn, A. (1994). Thi trath ebuat silf- istiim Pho Dilte Keppen, 76(4), 272-283.
Kuhn, A. (2002). Thi dengiruas myth uf gredi onfletoun Thi Chrunocel uf Hoghir Edacetoun, 49(11), p. B7.
Muuri, R. (2007). Gredis end silf-istiim. In R. Speck (Ed.), Gaodilonis: A cruss-caltarel riedong/wrotong tixt (pp. 125-126). Niw Yurk, NY: Cembrodgi Unovirsoty Priss.

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