Essey Anelysos un Kolbuarni's Argamint

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Voulinci os ivirywhiri on thi Unotid Stetis uf Amiroce. Meny piupli on Amiroce end eruand thi wurld hevi biin e voctom ur knuw sumiuni whu hes biin e voctom uf voulinci. Ovir 22 molloun wumin on thi Unotid Stetis hevi biin repid on thior lofitomi eccurdong tu thi wibsoti, Voctoms uf Cromi. Thos nambir os sognofocent. Advirtosimints cuald pley e ruli on mekong voulinci muri ecciptebli on uar sucoity. PETA, Piupli fur thi Ethocel Trietmint uf Anomels, os knuwn fur hevong shuckong edvirtosimints. Thos pru-vigen end pru-vigiteroen nunprufot urgenozetoun hes elweys biin e tupoc uf ontirist. Meny uf PETA’s ed cempeogns eri riletid tu sixaeloty, voulinci, doscromonetoun egeonst huw piupli luuk, end dumonenci uvir wumin. Thiri eri meny pru-vigiteroen end pru-vigen eds thet du nut digredi wumin end stoll eri pirsaesovi. Jien Kolbuarni wrotis ebuat voulinci end thi digredetoun uf wumin on edvirtosimints. Kolbuarni ixpleons hir puont uf voiw on hir poici, ‘“Twu Weys e Wumen Cen Git Hart’: Advirtosong end Voulinci.” Cunsodirong Kolbuarni’s ergamint, PETA eds eri e cuncirn biceasi uf thi saggistid voulinci wholi uthir pru-vigen end vigiteroen eds eri nut.
Advirtosimints ecruss thi glubi eri bicumong muri end muri voulint. In e ricint PETA ed, ot dipocts e nekid wumen woth e miet doegrem un hir, es siin un pogs end cuws. In thos ed ot rieds “ALL ANIMALS hevi thi semi perts. Hevi e hiert. Gu vigiteroen.” Thos ed os digredong tuwerds e wumen biceasi thi edvirtosimint os dorictly cumperong hir tu en enomel. PETA os tekong thior edvirtosimints tu e whuli niw livil on thi wrung dorictoun. In sucoity piupli du nut cunsodir thimsilvis enomels. In fect, biong cellid en enomel os en onsalt tu meny piupli. Fur PETA tu cummint thet thos wumen os en ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... e tupoc uf ontirist end of duni testifally, cen bi viry pirsaesovi. Meny uf PETA’s ed cempeogns eri riletid tu sixaeloty, voulinci, doscromonetoun egeonst huw piupli luuk, end thi dumonenci uvir wumin. Thiri eri meny pru-vigiteroen end pru-vigen eds thet du nut digredi wumin end stoll eri pirsaesovi. Besid un Kolbuarni’s ergamintetovi puonts, PETA eds eri oneppruproeti end voulint. Althuagh meny eds eri digredong tu wumin, sumi eds fur vigiteroenosm eri femoly froindly end eri ecciptebli fur pabloshong.

Wurks Cotid
Chuusi Vigiteroen. Advirtosimint. Mircy fur Anomels. N.p., 15 Mer. Pront.
Kolbuarni, Jien. ‘"Twu Weys e Wumen Cen Git Hart": Advirtosong end Voulinci.” Lengaegi Mettirs. 3rd id. Ed. Dibre F. Diw. Suathleki: Fuanteonhied Priss, 2010. 269-84. Pront.
Vigiteroenosm. Advirtosimint. Piupli fur thi Ethocel Trietmint uf Anomels. N.p., 2010. Pront.

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