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Consumer Market Photography

- Consumer photography started when people found the necessity of documenting their lives, trying to save a memory for the future. This market has evolved more and more till the point where we want to document every second of our lives with a phone. Now a days everyone can be considered a consumer photographer, there are millions of photographers working in this field, but what differences one from another is the ability to learn and be influenced from great work of other. One of the photographers that has influenced photography in every way, not only directly to the consumer market, is Youssuf Karsh....   [tags: documenting, photographer, karsh ]

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Methods and Motives Behind Terrorist Attacks

- The FBI defines terrorism as “the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof in furtherance of political or social objectives (” By this definition, terrorism can be classified as internal or international based on the overall intent of the attack. Terrorism has been around since the beginning of time, but it’s only since 2011 that the world has come to fully understand the meaning of terrorism....   [tags: FBI, terrorism, violence, property, people]

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1993 World Trade Center Bombing

- On 26 February 1993 the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York, New York was bombed. This attack marked the opening salvo of a conflict that the United States is still facing to this very day. The conflict is now commonly known as the war on terror. More specifically, U.S. citizens are under the constant threat of being attacked by Middle Eastern Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. The common reason given by these terrorists as justification for their attacks is U.S. support of Israel....   [tags: The War on Terror, Terrorist Attacks, Bombings]

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The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing

- The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing On February 26, 1993 at 12:18 pm in New York City, the first call was received at the Central Office from a street alarm box at the corner of West and Liberty Streets. The call was reporting a possible transformer vault (or manhole) explosion on West Street near the World Trade Center. As manhole explosions are common in wet whether, there was no hint of a major catastrophe until the phones never ceased to ring after aid had arrived to the site. Numerous phone calls continued, now reporting smoke in the towers of the Trade Center as far up as the 33rd floor within the first three minutes of the explosion (   [tags: Terrorism]

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The War Between Iran And Iraq

- The History of Two Nations at War Iran and Iraq’s relations have been hostile since the Iran-Iraq war, also known as the first Persian Gulf War. The war lasted from September 1980 to August 1988, making it the 20th century 's longest conventional war. Saddam, who was the 5th president of Iraq, was so amused with the continuous battles that he made it a point to have the Iraqi 25-dinar note display the Battle of al-Qadisiyyah on its currency. For nearly nine years, both countries suffered millions of casualties and lost countless amounts of dollars in destruction (Karsh, 2002)....   [tags: Iran, Iraq, Iran–Iraq War, Saddam Hussein]

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The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Annotated Bibliography

- The Middle East has since time immemorial been on the global scope because of its explosive disposition. The Arab Israeli conflict has not been an exception as it has stood out to be one of the major endless conflicts not only in the region but also in the world. Its impact continues to be felt all over the world while a satisfying solution still remains intangible. A lot has also been said and written on the conflict, both factual and fallacious with some allegations being obviously evocative. All these allegations offer an array of disparate views on the conflict....   [tags: Annotated Bibliography]

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The Reasons I Believe Jesus Died By Crucifixion

- This paper will evaluate the reasons I believe Jesus died by crucifixion. First and foremost I believe Jesus died on the cross after he was crucified due to complications after the actual crucifixion. The arguments presented by Yusef Ismail is well debated by Dr. Licona. There are five main reasons that the Dr. outlines, and a sixth reason that he separates from the initial five. First that there are early reports in Corinthians, as well as other primary sources during the time period, thus giving credibility to his first reason....   [tags: Jesus, Crucifixion, Crucifixion of Jesus, Prophet]

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The World Trade Center ( Wtc )

- When September 11, 2001 comes into mind, many people only think about what happened on that day. Not all of the years of planning it took, but the terrorism, plane crashes, and everything besides the planning. With fully relying on rumors, not a lot of people know the whole story behind September 11th therefore they blame the wrong person. With this being said, a lot of people remained focused on the North and South towers, mainly because they were the main focus; but did you know, the World Trade Center (WTC), building number seven, burned for seven hours straight (   [tags: September 11 attacks, World Trade Center, Al-Qaeda]

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America 's Support Of Israeli Terrorism

- On the morning of September 11, 2001, glass was shattered by the collapse of the twin towers and innocent lives were shattered by the pavement as bodies fell several stories from the tower 's highest floors. On that date there were a series of terrorist attacks that targeted symbolic U.S. landmarks. The most damaging attack was on the World Trade Center towers which led to the death of thousands of innocent Americans, as well as severe misinterpretations of Islam. The same sort of attack happened in 1993 when a group of Muslim terrorists tried to collapse the twin towers with a truck bomb....   [tags: September 11 attacks, Al-Qaeda, Islamic terrorism]

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1993 and 2001 Attacks to the World Trade Center

- The attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, and the second attack in 2001 are the cases of terrorism that I have chosen to focus on because I believe that they are extremely significant. Both attacks happened during my lifetime, which makes them more personal, and also happened in the city where I was born. Both of these attacks are examples of terrorism because both attacks were violent and intimidating crimes that also had political motives. At first glance, both events seem very similar since they shared a target....   [tags: 9/11, terrorism, violence, crime, Middle East]

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1993 World Trade Center Bombing

- There has been few and very minor assaults directly against Americans on U.S. soil from foreign adversaries. On January 25, 1993 an illegal Pakistani immigrant, Mir Aimal Kansi, opened fire near the entrance of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters in Virginia. The attack killed 2 employees and wounded others. Apparently, the Central Intelligence Agency was a target because of its interference in Pakistani matters during the war in Afghanistan. (Kephart, 2005) According to the Encyclopedia of New York State, at 12:18 P.M....   [tags: minor assaults, pakistani immigrant, USA]

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Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein And The Creation Of His Creature

- Within Frankenstein, the level at which a female is portrayed is quite low. Like we have heard in class, women were not necessarily respected as much as men were when the novel was written. Published in 1818 by Mary Shelley, her story tells of the adventure of young Victor Frankenstein and the creation of his creature. Though deep within this narration of Frankenstein’s life, there seems to be an underlying theme seeping through Shelley’s writing. Shelley seems to venture into the idea of feminism and grotesquely show how men are treated much better than women....   [tags: Frankenstein, Novel, Literature, Male]

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The Is An Islamic Ruling Which Most Muslims Follow?

- A Fatwa. A fatwa is an Islamic ruling which most muslims follow. In February 1993 Obama bin Laden had issued a fatwa which entreated, he was declaring war to the Americans, published by an Arabic newspaper at London. He declared war against Americans because he believed that Americans were against God and his followers were ready to kill and let blood flow. On the second fatwa Osama claimed, “We believe that the worst thieves in the world today and the worst terrorists are the Americans. Nothing could stop you except perhaps retaliation in kind....   [tags: Al-Qaeda, September 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden]

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The Cell : Inside The 9 / 11 Plot

- Throughout the United States of America, many Americans wonder why our government did not stop the 9/11 terrorist attacks from occurring. The United States is supposed to be the number one country in the world. It is supposed to have the best military, knowledge, opportunity, and protection. Our country never thought something so bad could take place, but the terrorist have proven us otherwise. John Miller, the main author of the novel “The Cell: Inside the 9/11 Plot, and Why the FBI and CIA Failed to Stop It”, discussed major events taken place before the horrendous tragedy on September 11, 2001....   [tags: September 11 attacks, Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden]

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The And The World Trade Center

- Shock, sorrow, and terror were all emotions felt by United States’ citizens on the day of September 11, 2001, and the United States’ history was dramatically altered from that day forward. Al Qaeda hijacked four U.S airplanes and targeted the Pentagon, the White House, and the World Trade Center. The events that took place on September 11, 2001 caused the United States’ economy, security, freedom, and social profiling to change drastically in the years following. Prior to September 11, the World Trade Center had been attacked on February 26, 1993 by a group of Middle Eastern immigrants with refugee status led by a man named Ramzi Yousef....   [tags: September 11 attacks, Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden]

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Helath Care in Saudi Arabia

- Summarize the region of the world you selected. Include some brief public health information about the region, including the average length of life and the main diseases from which people die. Describe how the health care system/s are organised. 719 words Saudi Arabia government allocated a main concern for health care. Health services and health systems have remarkably improved in capacity and quality over the last few years. In fact, Saudi Arabia achieved a compatible position, among other nations, on comparing the growth rate on the basis of time and size....   [tags: Region, Public Health Information, Diseases]

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The Qur'an Is God's Words Reveled to the Prophet Muhammad

- Qur’an is a scripture “God’s message and revelation to the human race that by time became a written book” that was send not only for a certain place or certain time, but to everyplace and every time. The closest meaning to the word Qur’an is recite and yet, it is still doesn’t have the same meaning in Arabic. The Qur’an was reveled in Hijaz. Hijaz is the old name of Arabia that covers Mecca and Madina. Qur’an is God’s words reveled to Prophet Muhammad by angel Gabriel. This topic got my attraction because of many reasons, but mostly because that the Qur’an itself is considered to be a miracle till our day....   [tags: Islam, muslim religion, religious beliefs]

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Technology: Management Information Systems

- Moore’s law can be defined as a forecast that the number of micro components that could be fitted into a silicon chip of the lowest developed cost would increase twofold after a period of eighteen months. It is another way of stating that the processing speed of a micro chip doubles every eighteen months. Since the speed of the microprocessor is increasing in a span of eighteen months, it means that it will take half the time that was previously taken, to execute a particular task. Business transactions can be performed faster within a shorter duration than usual....   [tags: Management, Information Systems]

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Middle Ages And The Horrors Of The Holocaust

- In the past few months, there has been a surge of violence in Israel, specifically around the West Bank, the Gaza strip and Jerusalem. Blood has been spilled as innocent lives are taken outside of synagogues through stabbings and through encounters with military troops near the much-contested borders (“Palestinian Attacks in Israel and West Bank Kill Five”). Although there have been many attempts by Israelis and Palestinians to achieve a peaceful compromise, every attempt has failed and ended in violence....   [tags: Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip]

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Al Qaeda and Chemical and Biological Warfare

- The Al Qaeda and Its Attempt to Use Chemical and Biological Warfare as a Means of Attack For approximately the past three decades, a terrorist group has come to plague the world with its activities (Gunaratna, 2002). This group is known as Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda, when translated means “The Base”. It is a terrorist organization that seeks to remove western influence from the Middle East and spread its radical Islamic views. Al Qaeda’s most prominent leader was Osama bin Laden, until his death during a raid upon his compound in Pakistan....   [tags: terrorist groups, rebels]

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Hurdle Technology A marriage of preservation technology

- 1. Introduction Food processing and preservation methods such as heating, drying, salting, freezing, chilling, curing, sugar addition, and acidification have been applied against spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms in foods (Leistner, 2000b). On the other hand, these classical technologies have negative impacts to nutritional value (e.g. loss of vitamins and essential nutrients during heat treatments) (Lado and Yousef, 2002)and changes in sensory attributes in the food products (Raso and Barbosa-Canovas, 2003)....   [tags: ]

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Potential Health Benefits of Flavonoids in Foods

- ... When comparing the highest consumption amount of fruits and vegetables to the lowest, the risk of CVD is 0.68 and risk for heart attack is 0.47 (Liu, 2013). As the amount of fruits and vegetables intake increases the risk for CVD has been found to decrease as much as 20 to 30 percent (Liu, 2013). A study with 10000 people found an inverse relationship between the number of daily servings of fruits and vegetables and these risk factors and leafy greens having the strongest benefit (Liu, 2013)....   [tags: pigments found in plants]

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Osama Bin Laden, The Most Influential Terrorist

- Osama bin Laden “Terrorism is the tactic of demanding the impossible, and demanding it at gunpoint.” Osama bin Laden is one of the most influential terrorist throughout the World. The early life of bin Laden didn’t seem so harsh until he started practicing violent principles of jihad. In 1988, bin Laden created a group, Al-Qaeda, of Muslim’s willing to do violent attacks in and out of the United States. Based on bin Laden’s actions his influence is unacceptable. Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was born on March 10, 1957 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia....   [tags: September 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda]

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The United States And Pakistan

- The news flashed on the televisions and radios immediately. Two American airlines crashed into the north and south World Trade Center Buildings, in New York City. Both buildings went up in flames killing hundreds of citizens, police officers, and fire fighters. Not only was the public’s attention caught on the World Trade Center, but the Pentagon building was targeted as well by an american airline. America was Al-Qaeda’s number one target and they strike us on November 11, 2001. To this day, 9/11 remains as the deadliest terrorist attack due to the build up of the attack, the ruins of the buildings, the number of deaths, and the programs that were developed from the act of terror....   [tags: September 11 attacks, World Trade Center]

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The Al Qaed Training Manual

- The Al Qaeda has a training manual they use for recruiting. First, they look for people who are non-religious. The manual states, “You should take precautions against the religious people whom you invite, because maybe they will reject the da 'wa (invitation) and end up being the reason for our defeat." Al Qaeda works on manipulating vulnerable people looking for a purpose in their life. Those with little knowledge of Islam is easier to persuade and less likely not believe what they hear. The manual asks people to seek out non religious youth because it allows the youngster to be guided down their supposed right path....   [tags: Al-Qaeda, September 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden]

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The American Nurse Association ( Ana ) Code Of Ethics

- Healthcare organizations are committed to providing clients with quality service and experience while promoting safety, health, and healing. Nurses have the biggest impact in providing safe client care and are known for their commitment in improving or increasing client health. However, this ethical commitment may not always be met due to breakdowns in healthcare delivery. Deviations such as adoption of unsafe practices or behaviors can lead to sentinel events. Any disconnects or disruptions can be a detriment to client care....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Safety, Health care]

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State of Saudi Arabia

- Located in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia’s culture is heavily influenced by Islam. The people’s faith guides them and their views; this, in turn, has caused many problems for the people that their religion does not favor. Such as those that aren’t in the religion, and women. Their culture is extremely oppressive, and if someone does not realize how the Saudi culture works, will find themselves, and their lives, threatened. The police are often swift and brutal; and many outspoken people are quickly silenced....   [tags: Mistreatment of Women, Islam]

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America and Israel Support

- ... This in return causes Arabs to hate the United States and makes them want to kill Americans. This hostility shown by the Arabs would greatly diminish if America would not give deadly weapons to the government of Israel. Furthermore, Ramzi Yousef was the person who planned the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. He only wanted to attack America because he wanted to stop the Israeli army from killing Arabs. Yousef told a CBS reporter that terrorism was revenge for the Palestinian people and for the Arabs in Saudi Arabia....   [tags: defense industry, benefactor]

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Allah: God of Terrorists

- Allah: God of the Terrorists Al Qaeda. For some, this name represents years of misery, torture, and terrorism. Yet for others, this name is a shining beacon of light. It represents a people’s god and the sacred duty that they have to perform. When we think of Allah, we think of the World Trade Center and crazy lunatics who hate the so called “West” and its technological advancements. But we forget about the religion that evolved around the same time as Christianity; we forget about the mosques that have won global acclaim as the most beautiful and sophisticated structures; we forget about the proud race that spread science and mathematics throughout the world....   [tags: Religion]

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The Outbreak of Iran-Iraq

- In the fall of 1980, one of the largest and most destructive conflicts to occur from the end of the second world war started between Iran and Iraq. Lasting eight years, the war left approximately 1.5 million dead and around a million casualties with thousands of refugees fleeing both nations. This conflict's roots can be traced backed to conflicts that raged between the powers which controlled the Persian Iran and Arab Iraq regions (Bahadori, 2005). For centuries, the Persians and Arabs have been at war under the banners of opposing empires.....   [tags: war,middle east, geopolitical]

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Political Violence

- Political violence is the leading cause of wars today. Personal agendas have led to many of the political objectives that cause violence today this has caused many problems throughout the world and will continue to do so until a solution to this issue is found. Political objectives have been advanced involuntarily dependent upon the kind of government a nation exercises. For instance, in a democratic nation political groups must worry about convincing the majority in order to advance ethically. Those who try to influence the majority through acts of violence are considered today as “terror” organizations....   [tags: Terrorism]

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The International Community

- was advised by PLO’s member Faisal Husseini (Institute for Palestine Studies, 1992). The goal of the international community, as mentioned above, was to lead the states in conflict to a close dialogue with the ultimate aim of guiding them towards peace; there were no intentions to impose sanctions. Nevertheless, the aim of the international community, sponsored by Bush, was to achieve a peace based on 'territory-for-peace ' and to obtain rights for the Palestinian people (Ross, 2004; Shlaim, 2000)....   [tags: Israel, Oslo Accords, Yasser Arafat, Gaza Strip]

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Why The Ottomans Entered The First World War

- Why The Ottomans Entered The First World War The Ottoman Empire had been declining since the sixteenth century because of economic, intellectual and technological stagnation. Britain and France as well as The Russian and Habsburg empires, became increasingly involved in Ottoman affairs and in competition for political and economic influence in the Ottoman Empire. The turning point came in the 1880s when Germany appeared on the scene in an attempt to extend her economic, political, and military influence in the Empire....   [tags: Papers]

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Abu Sayyaf

- Introduction In the study of Criminal Justice, individuals wish to understand the why in crime. If an official answer was given theories wouldn’t exist and the Chicago School would have found the answers to what causes crime. The truth is, crime is ever changing and will continue to be. Society plays a huge role in the way crime is interpreted. One type of specific crime, terrorism, has many interpretations and definitions. According to the U.S. Department of State this definition is used; “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.” However, this is just one o...   [tags: Criminal Justice, Philippian Terrorist Group]

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Analysis of How a Single Match Can Ignite a Revolution by Melissa Lane

- Life is game of tradeoffs in which every action has a distinct cost. Cost, in the context of the previous sentence and the rest of this essay, is the price or expenditure that must be paid in order to obtain a particular object or goal. The most basic cost associated with all things is time. In order to attain all the material and immaterial things that we currently possess we had to use up a respectable amount of our time here on earth. Thus, it stands to reason that time defines who we are. If someone were to strip away a human being’s time on earth, they would be ultimately stripping away his or her identity....   [tags: social justice, revolutionaries]

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The Attack Of The Oklahoma City Bombings And The World Trade Center Bombings

- From the earliest known organizations such as the Zealots of Judea during the first century to the September 11th attacks that placed fear into the hearts of millions of households, terrorism has been around for nearly 2000 years. Although many may stray away from defining due to the complexity that entails and may vary from situation which makes defining “terrorism” nearly impossible. As New York Times columnist, David Tucker compared it as “Above the gates of Hell is the warning that all should abandon hope....   [tags: Al-Qaeda, September 11 attacks]

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Social Construction Theory : An Article Written By Carole S. Vance

- Throughout history our understanding of the world has been manufactured through the judgment of human beings. The overall change and shift in paradigms can be explained by social construction theory. An article written by Carole S. Vance discusses the topic of social construction theory and illustrates how it impacts gender roles. Social construction can be defined as: a critical subject of reality that analyzes the ideas of a particular group or culture based on society and the aspects of society (education, religion, government etc.) Another article “Feminist Critiques of the Public/Private Dichotomy” written by Carole Pateman explains how men had placed women in a hypothetical bubble that...   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Sociology, Man]

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The Conflict between the Welfare Principle and Article 8

- Since the enactment of the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA) a resistance is marked by the English judges in relation to disputes involving children. English courts have a difficult task in balancing the interests of parents and children since the welfare principle only looks at the interests of the child. Contrary article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) gives precedence to the rights of parents. Consequently are these two principles in conflict. Before answering this question, it is better to take things from the beginning....   [tags: rights of parents vs rights of children]

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The Impact of Leadership Behavior on Organizational Commitment

- 1. Introduction A continued globalization of markets, hostile takeovers and rapidly advancing technology has made it very difficult for the organization to achieve competitive advantage. Employees are one of the most important determinants and leading factors that determine the success of an organization in this competitive environment. Every organization must address its employee needs in order to maintain a productive work force. In today’s fast paced society turnover rate of the employees is quite high and employees keep switching among different jobs....   [tags: Business Management]

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Social Networking Sites: Bad For Our Society?

- Over the past few years something has taken a toll in most people’s lives, we use it, love it, talk about it, and check it almost every hour of every day: this thing is called social networks. It was only a few years back, in 2003, when MySpace was discovered, and in 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg established Facebook, and soon after in 2006 Twitter followed. These sites became more than just an online destination, but a way of life. Notifications, follower counts, friend requests, photo comments- all what might seem like silly things that teenagers and adults alike await the moment they come home to check....   [tags: Social Media, Facebook, Online]

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The Natural Resources Of The Middle East

- Many question what fuel’s the world, and enables such a sophisticated century to function. The clear answer would be oil mostly from the Middle East. The region supplies 66% of the oil consumed globally . Thus, the economies of oil rich states such as Saudi Arabia, are heavily dependent on the export of oil. In addition to this, the generated income by rentier states has had profound and controversial effects on development . As a consequence, oil rich states in comparison to countries with no natural resources, are often underdeveloped....   [tags: Middle East, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates]

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Different Cultures Can Be Fun And Exciting

- Introduction Learning about different cultures can be fun and exciting. Throughout life I never thought I had any culture at all until I started thinking about all the things I was taught. Culture has shaped me in every way possible. The way I dress, speak, learn, and communicate are all examples. Throughout the paper I’ll be explaining all of the things that influenced my life, and how I’ve changed. Cultural Identity My culture has been mostly influenced by my mother and her side of the family....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Human skin color]

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Nuclear Weapons And Weapons Of Mass Destruction

- The last three United States presidents have all agreed that the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction is one of the most significant threats to the world as we know it. Knowing who has WMDs and where they have them is an extremely logical concern for any government that cares about the safety of its citizens. Chemical weapons, biological weapons, and nuclear weapons are all very dangerous in different ways. Unfortunately, these weapons do exist, the greater concern today, is who has them....   [tags: Nuclear weapon, Nuclear proliferation]

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How Muharraq Co-operative Society Develops Communities

- ... 1.5 SERVICES OFFERED 1) The sale of consumer products it's better because the price suppose to be cheaper than other places. 2) A petrol station in Muharraq in which the members and non-members can use. 3) Rented shops that are important to the citizens like supermarket , fruit shop , barber , bakery ,tailor , fish shop and laundry . 1.6 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Muharraq consumer co-operative society organizational structure is 1.7 FUNCTIONS OF THE OFFICERS Mahmoud Mohamed seyadi Chairman of the Board -Responsible for the General Assembly and Board of Directors....   [tags: volunteers, nonprofit, benefits]

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Winston Churchill

- When someone is elected to a major government position, it is because he reached a national consensus with voters and politicians alike. In the case of Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, this fact was exceptionally self evident. Most, if not, all of Britain loved him. They loved him because he was a noble genius. He stood as a figure of motivation, revolution, and morality. Churchill made sure to let the people of Britain know what he believed and why he believed it. Once a war hero, Churchill became a trusted political hero, and able to help....   [tags: biography, speech]

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The World Trade Center Bombing

- It’s a normal day at work when suddenly there is an explosion, trapping hundreds of people inside collapsing buildings covered in rubble. Coworkers, friends, and family are gone, never to be seen again, lost to senseless acts of terrorism. In 1993, 1998, and 2000, these events came to pass in the form of terrorist bombings on U.S. targets across the globe. The World Trade Center complex was a symbol of wealth and prosperity, but quickly became the target for radical Muslims and was attacked early in 1993....   [tags: US government, terror, destruction]

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The On The Building Alone

- to the building alone. After the FBI found most of the direct culprits from the attack, no further investigation occurred. The FBI believed that the attackers where just a rare formation of Yemenis who came to America to protest the Soviet occupation. It would be a year, and many attacks later, before the United States gives a name to the group. The lack of investigation was a big mistake for Americans. In court, Ramazi Yousef said that he was “a terrorist and proud of it.” If the FBI and CIA had looked further into the attack, they might have been able to stop al Qaeda from this early point....   [tags: September 11 attacks, United States, Al-Qaeda]

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The Media And Entertainment Industries

- In the late nineteenth century, the television became one of the greatest innovations that was established by numerous individuals, so that the makers could advance technology through visual and audio communication. This would allow citizens to acquire information from economics and politics, which would benefit citizens by staying informed about specific topics. However, the media and entertainment industries would eventually expand their ideas for new channel stations, so that the industries could appeal to a new target audience....   [tags: Psychology, Antisocial personality disorder]

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Religion and Terrorism

- RELIGION AND TERRORISM The world is filled with different religions and different ideologies formed around governments and political organizations. The problem that arises from not separating church and state issues is that the government tends to force the citizens of the nation to worship as the administration deems fit. Within these religious groups are extremist, and these members can be the deadliest of all the parishioners. Acts of religious terrorism are the responsibility of devout extremists that commit acts of horror in the name of many different religions....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Photography: Is it Art?

- What makes something art. This may be one of the greatest unanswered questions of all time. Of course, many people have tried to answer it in their own way. If it’s beautiful, it must be art. But is it still art if you don’t see any of the beauty it was meant to contain. If it was created from a purely original idea, it must be art. But then what is realism. The concept of art becomes much more vast and complicated once a person starts digging for answers. Many people believe that photography should not be considered art, but why....   [tags: methods of documenting the world]

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Terrorism in the Philippines

- ... Of these groups the terrorist groups are considered to be Abu Sayyaf Group, the Communist Party of the Philippines/New Peoples Army, and Jemaah Islamiyah. Al Qaeda cannot be directly related to this area but is believed that Al Qaeda aid the two major terrorist groups in procuring weapons as well as explosives. Jemaah Islamiyah is based out of Indonesia and has strong ties to Al Qaeda. Some of the members are also members of Al Qaeda and they share a training camp in Mindanao. There are allocations that Jemaah Islamiyah may have helped plan the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States....   [tags: Human Security Act]

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Holal Marketsrs and Brand

- ... 2.1 Ingredients Any product which has Halal logo on its packaging means that the company has made a promise that the ingredients used as well as manufacturing process is Halal (Tieman, 2008). Halal products should not be mixed with non-halal products because it will leave a impression on consumer that both products are same (Bruil, 2010). Consumers trust the Halal logo because they don’t have any other means to verify that the product they are going to purchase is Halal or not. Halal logo also plays are very important role for consumers who are not aware about the product manufacturing process (Andersen, 1994)....   [tags: product, consumer, behavior, issue]

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The Argument Against Torture

- Razan Tanbour Michigan Islamic Academy Mr. Matthew Berki Ever since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, torture has been a controversial issue. This information-gathering technique has been the major topic of every wartime discussion. In the case of a terrorist attack such as that of 9/11, shouldn’t torture be justified as a way to save countless lives. Torture proponents always use the scenario in which thousands, if not millions, of lives are pitted against the well-being of one likely terrorist and his torture....   [tags: Morals and Ethics]

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The Persecuted Church

- “Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the contemporary world,” according to Pope Benedict XVI. Though Christianity has nearly two billion adherents, an estimated two hundred million of its people are being denied basic human rights because of their beliefs; in some cases, it is comparable to the Holocaust (“200 Million”). Since the start of Christianity in Roman times, its followers have been the scapegoats of many other cultures. After the Berlin Wall and communism collapsed in Europe, people have largely ignored the fact that Christians everywhere are still being treated as second-class citizens....   [tags: Religion]

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- The likely mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks is a Kuwaiti-born lieutenant of Osama bin Laden who had previously plotted to attack the World Trade Center and to bomb several airliners simultaneously, a top U.S. counterterrorism official says. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, one of the FBI's most-wanted terrorists, is at large in Afghanistan or nearby, the law enforcement official told The Associated Press on Tuesday. U.S. investigators believe Mohammed, working under bin Laden's leadership, planned many aspects of the Sept....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and the Internet

- Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and the Internet       So many years after it was written, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein lingers on our consciousness. Her novel challenges the Romantic celebration of creativity and genius by illustrating the danger of unbridled human ambition. When Frankenstein becomes consumed in his scientific experiment, he is able to fashion a stunning product: a quasi-human being. Similarly, the concept behind the World Wide Web was born of an impassioned mastermind. But since neither product was established with sufficient guidelines, they have spiraled out of control-sometimes, with lethal consequences....   [tags: Frankenstein essays]

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Effective Airline Security Measures Are Overdue

- Effective Airline Security Measures Are Overdue As far back as 1955, terrorist threats against the airline industry have jeopardized the safety and security of airline passengers. This paper chronologically describes some of the events that caused preventive measures to be proposed and in fewer cases implemented. The fact that there is a terrorist threat against our nation’s airline industry has not changed, but the methods that these radicals employ to bring harm to travelers has grown much more sophisticated....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Palestinian Christians: The Unknown Victims

- Palestinian Christians: The Unknown Victims Johnny Yousef George Thaljieh has become known as the "Martyr of the Nativity Church." He was not a suicide bomber or even a stone thrower, just a 17-year-old kid who belonged to the small Palestinian Christian minority that is often forgotten in what is seen as a war between Muslims and Jews. There was a shooting that day in late October 2001, as there often is between Beit Jala and the Jerusalem suburb of Gilo, but none near the Nativity Church. As his mother says, “Nothing was done to make the Israeli sniper think Johnny was a threat.” He had just been to church and was playing with his 4-year-old cousin in Manger Square when the bullet struck...   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Media Portrayal of Islam

- The Media Portrayal of Islam Islam is portrayed and is commonly accepted as the most violent and largest direct threat to the West. This is a generalization made by most of the West, but it is not particularly the West or the Islamic people’s fault. There is constant turmoil in Islamic countries in the Middle East and these conflicts are what make the news in the West. The only representation in the media that the Islamic nation gets is that of war. Though most Islamic people are not violent, the select few that do participate in terrorist groups give the rest of the Islam nation a bad image....   [tags: Media Middle East Islamic Racism Essays]

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Assignment Questions Regarding Independent Judgment, Accountability, Cross Training

-  Training start with, education and qualification, knowledge and skills needed interactions within and without of the organization.  Problem solving independent judgment, accountability, cross training. Supervision of employees, ranking classification.  Security meeting/where the employer and employees can come together and learn different techniques and tools of motivations.  Communication – Being able to answer questions regarding all aspect of security. How security is connected to a DHS....   [tags: Security guard, Security, Management, Skill]

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The Different Types and Purposes of Dams

- A dam is a structure intended to hold back water in a lake, stream, stream or other water form. Dams normally incorporate entryways that could be raised or brought down, opened or shut to permit variable measures of water to pass downstream or leave the lake. The way the water takes to leave the lake through the entryways is known as a spillway. ”The Brazos River Authority” There are some styles of dams utilized for diverse purposes. First an Arch dam is made of workmanship or cement that is raised towards the upstream....   [tags: manmade structures for human purposes only]

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Performance Appraisal Systems Can Increase Employee Performance

- Employee are evaluated by the company they work for on the performance of their job in relation to the effectiveness and efficiency of achieving the organizational goals and objectives. Having an effective performance appraisal system can increase employee performance. Youssef (2015) noted, “Consequently, managers dislike performance measurement due to the confrontational and judgment aspects of assessing their employee’s performance” (p. 144). This paper will address the strategic advantages of a performance appraisal, the potential bias within appraisal systems as well as how performance appraisals can contribute to the achievement of organizational strategic objectives....   [tags: Organizational studies & human resource management]

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ISO 9000 between year 2004- 2014

- Contents 1.1 Graph of number journal related to ISO 9000 between year 2004 - 2014 1 2.0 Certification of ISO 9000 4 3.0 Journal review 6 4.0 Conclussion 9 References 1.1 Graph of number journal related to ISO 9000 between year 2004- 2014 The graph shows the number of studies related to ISO 9000 between the years 2004-2014. Total were collected randomly from a samples of related journal accessible from e- resources by library Sultanah Bahiyah. Based on the result, year 2004 and 2006 recorded the highest number of studies related to ISO 9000 which is a 4 each years....   [tags: Journals, Articles, Studies, Certification ISO]

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- Tobacco Tobacco is one of the leading preventable causes of death in the United States. Nicotine, which is an alkaloid derived from the tobacco plant, is a potent chemical that has powerful effects on the human body, especially when administered rapidly or at high doses. Prenatal exposure to nicotine is associated with adverse reproductive outcomes, including altered neural structure and functioning, cognitive deficits, and behavior problems in the offspring (9). At least 20% - 30% of pregnant women are estimated to smoke cigarettes, although smoking is associated with low birth weight, prematurity and infant mortality....   [tags: social issues]

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Lucid Dreaming : The Subconscious Effect On Our Conscious Minds

- Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon that has plagued the world since the beginning of time. The idea of Lucidity in dreams has been shunned until the recently in the 21st century, but what is it. With the help of Gavin Lane and Matthew Gatton, we will delve into the mystery that is Lucid Dreaming: the subconscious effect on our conscious minds. Lucid Dreaming, by book definition is “a dream state in which one is conscious enough to recognize that one is in the dream state and which stays in one 's memory” (Lucid Dreaming)....   [tags: Dream, Dreaming, Rapid eye movement sleep, Sleep]

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Yasser Latif Hamdani

- This text written by Yasser Latif Hamdani highlights the political, physical and social injustices experienced by Ahmadis living in Pakistan. Hamdani is Lawyer based in Lahore. He got his education from the University of Punjab and Rutgers University. His famous cases include the Bhagat case and the Youtube case. He is well known for his advocacy to end the persecution of Ahmadis and to give them equal voting rights. His purpose in writing this text is to inform the people of Pakistan, especially the Muslims, of the persecution is being endured by the Ahmadis....   [tags: Political, Physical, Social Injustice, Ahmadis]

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Smoking : Smoking And Smoking

- Smoking a cigarette in the park or in a party would be so much fun for so many teenagers. Also, sitting with friends or a group of people and smoking, many teens believe that this makes them look cool. Many people have seen many teens under the age of eighteen smoking in street with their friends.“They start smoking in the between the age of 12 to 17. “According to Herbert bob, says, they were passing the same cigarette to each other, and this would be a serious problem by passing a disease to each other and they have no idea that would happen”....   [tags: Tobacco, Nicotine, Smoking, Tobacco smoking]

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Human Resource Management : An Organization

- The main purpose of Human Resource Management is to increase the effectiveness and contribution of employee’s attainment of organizational goals and objective (Youssef, C.). Many areas of HRM have been discussed in this course. Those areas are EEO and Affirmative action, Human resource planning, recruitment, and selection, Human resource development, compensation and benefits, safety and health, and employee and labor relations. All these categories have an impact on how an organization is managed....   [tags: Employment, Human resource management, Recruitment]

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Film Analysis: Babel

- Since God creates the tower of Babel, human race is separated into many distinct societies due to the inabilities to communicate. Each differs from one another by its own culture, language, ethnicity, etc. Moreover, in all societies, each individual has difference sex, physical and psychological abilities, etc. Nevertheless, regardless of all the differences among men, it is often claimed that human experience is universal. In Babel, a movie portrays the nature of humankind by illustrating the life of people who are very distinct from each other within interconnected storylines....   [tags: human experience, communication, god]

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Changes to Human Resource Management and Technology in the 21st Century

- ... HR selects the new employees and matches them with the job that fits them best, but how will they really know if that employee is fitting in until they receive the Managers quality workforce status and projections report. For example HR recruits a new employee one that has a degree and received high scores on his entry test along with perfect attendance awards in his portfolio, could end up being the rudest obnoxious person you have ever met a week or two later. Human Resource needs that Managers eyes and ears along with those quarterly reports showing changes good or bad....   [tags: global, culture, employees]

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How An Effective Performance Appraisal Can Increase Employee Performance

- This paper will describe how an effective performance appraisal can increase employee performance. Effective performance appraisals can benefit an organization by allowing Human Resources to monitor the company objectives and that they are being met. Performance appraisals benefit the employees by allowing them to evaluate their own progress as they strive to be successful. This paper will include sections on the strategic advantages of performance appraisals, potential forms of bias within the appraisal system, as well as how performance appraisals can contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives....   [tags: Human resource management, Performance appraisal]

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Human Resources Management : Human Resource Management

- Human Resource Management Human resource managers have the job of making sure that a companies employees are in alignment with the organizations overall goals. This is not a simple process and requires attention to several aspects of the companies process. HR must address legal issues, planning, recruitment, selection, development and training, pay, safety and health, and labor relations. When management is able to combine all of the above listed items they will at that point be able to maximize the companies overall mission....   [tags: Human resource management, Human resources]

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What is the Experience of Burnout Syndrome for Mental Health Nurses?

- This research proposal is a literature review designed to answer the question “what is the experience of burnout syndrome for mental health nurses?” In order to answer this question, background information will be gathered by the way of the literature review and the essential points will be discussed under the appropriate headings. Under the heading the concept of burnout there is a discussion on workplace pressure and workplace stress which leads into a discussion on the concept of the burnout syndrome and the deteriorating effects it has on a number of mental health nurses....   [tags: stress, pressure, research]

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My Thoughts About The Hezobollah Case

- Week 8 Case Study 2 Alyssa Lujan Brandman University March 6, 2016 Abstract In this paper I will discuss my thoughts about the Hezobollah case. Whether or not I felt that they were a functional criminal organization or a terrorist organization. I will address whether it is even useful to evaluate where Hezbollah is an organization or a terrorist group. I will also assess whether drawing this distinction is relevant as far as the investigation of their illicit activities is concerned....   [tags: Terrorism, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime]

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The Negative Sides of Ziplining

- This year a young man wanted to go ziplining attached to his ponytail; half way across the river his hair caught. He was in distress of spectators while everyone watching horrified. Ziplining has been growing in popularity for over fifty years. Although ziplining can be dangerous and accidents do happen, ziplining companies work very hard to provide a safe and fun experience. When we consider all the different fun activities that there are to do in the world, you think about the crazy, wild, outrageous things like jumping out of a plane, or hanging from a wire going as fast as 40 mph, enjoying the beautiful view that’s what zip lining is for, all though zip lining is not all about the beauti...   [tags: ziplining, recreation, rapelling]

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My Journey Hr Manager Management

- My Journey to HR Manager During my 16 years of working, three major jobs, six jobs total, I have encountered different sides and roles that a Human Resource Manager plays. Being able to be promoted into an HR position myself, I found out more in depth what the job functions and duties of the HR manager were. I had never gone to school or had any other learning outside of the job. Because I was and still am, determined to learn all that I can in whatever job I am in, I always take the initiative to go above and beyond my job duties, and that is how I landed the job in Human Resources....   [tags: Human resource management, Human resources]

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The Human Resource Management Process

- Human Resource Managers are a unique group of individuals possessing the skillset to stay abreast of the constantly evolving work force, advances in global technology, and cultural diversity in order to manage human skills and talents to ensure effective alignment with the goals of an organization. Human resources are the most valuable element within any organization. In this paper, I will present a brief description of how areas of human resource management discussed throughout this course work together to perform the primary functions of human resource management....   [tags: Human resource management, Employment]

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Female Victims Of Sexual Harassment

- Life has a lot of aspects that we have to adapt to whether we accept those facts or not. Egypt’s culture, religious beliefs, and manly society puzzled the lives of women by sexually harassing them and limited the Egyptians’ freedom to express their opinions. Sexual harassment is not a new phenomenon in Egypt, but has been increasing, especially after January the 25th revolution. “99.3% of the Egyptian women have been subjected to sexual harassment either at work, public transportations, or in streets” (Peuchaud, 2014)....   [tags: Abuse, Bullying, Democracy, Harassment]

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Video Games : Negative Behavioral Traits

- Violent Video Games, Negative Behavioral Traits, And Their Correlation to One Another From the time that video games first originated up until now, the quality of graphics and the types of video games have changed dramatically. Previously, people may have not given much thought to the violence in video games, cops and robbers was a common game played during childhood but there was no question on how it affected the children who played it. However, today we have such advanced technology and video games are more violent and graphic than before, it makes one wonder how much it really affects children and adolescents who spend hours a day staring at the screen....   [tags: Video game, Video game controversy, Aggression]

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Different Statistical Methods

- According to Chesemore (2011), statistics is concerned with methods based on mathematics theory and probability, which allowed scientists to summarize many observations concisely. The first recorded use of statistics was in the 16th century; it was used by gamblers and life insurance companies. The use and development of statistical methods has greatly expanded in the 20th century. The invention of the computer simplified calculation (Chesemore, 2011). On the shoulders of statisticians of the past, we have learned a great deal....   [tags: regression analysis, probability]

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