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Cell Membrane/ Electron Transport Chain / Biochemical Pathway

- 1. The cell membrane structure is vital to the life of the cell. The cell membrane is shaped as having a phosphate head at the very outer surface, and two fatty acid tails hanging from it. The membrane is double, so at the tip of the fatty acid tails, there are two more fatty acid tails attached to another phosphate head. This is what it looks like: The reason the cell membrane is shaped like this is mainly to control the water flow in and out of the cell. Water is very important to the cell: if too much water enters the cell, the cell will explode, and if too much water leaves the cell, the cell will shrivel up and die....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Death of Ties

- Ties are pleasant to look at. They are colorful, they come in a peculiar shape, and are covered with a great variety of designs. In windy weather, they will sometimes hover in the air in front of you as you are walking before slapping you in the face. (This is uncomfortable for you, but at least it provides some amusement for onlookers.) They are, without a doubt, the strangest item in the male business suit. What do they do. You can use your pockets to put pens in, you put your coat on when it's cold, and a sturdy pair of business shoes will protect your feet from both the cold and rubbish on the ground....   [tags: Informative Essays]

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Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) in the downregulation of Bamboo mosaic virus and its associated satellite RNA Replication

- The association of host proteins with viral replicase complexes has been demonstrated in a number of plus-strand RNA viruses (1, 24), including the Bamboo mosaic virus (BaMV). In BaMV it has been reported that chloroplast phosphoglycerate kinase (PGK) (25) and HSP90 (Huang et al., unpublished data) are required for the efficient accumulation of BaMV; where as the identity of the additional factors associated within the BaMV RdRp complex, and the proteins involved in satBaMV RNA replication are not yet been acknowledged....   [tags: Biology, RNA]

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Role in Inducing and Maintaining the Pluripotency of Mice Embryonic Stem Cells

- Several members of the zinc finger family of proteins are key components in the transcriptional network maintaining pluripotency in embryonic stem cells. The mouse zinc finger protein 322a (Zfp322a) is expressed in embryonic stem cells and the ICM. Thus Ma et al. 2014 hypothesized that Zfp322a functions as a transcription factor in mice. Ma et al. (2014) discovered that Zfp322a is an irreplaceable transcription factor which enhances the reprogramming ability of OKSM (Oct4,  Klf4, Sox2, and c-Myc) and can replace Sox2 in OKSM in the generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)....   [tags: zinc finger, mouse stem cells ]

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The Formula For Photosynthesis Starting From The Left Side

- Sunlight energy 6CO2 + 6H2O  C6H12O6 +6O2 The formula for photosynthesis starting from the left side starts with “six molecules of carbon dioxide and six molecules of water as starting ingredients (or” reactants”), and then on the right is a molecule glucose and six molecules of oxygen as product” (Krogh, 2011, p.142). In the middle of the equation is the energy that comes from the rays of the sun. The sunlight is the most important and the driving force behind the entire process. Krogh, D. (2011)....   [tags: Photosynthesis, C4 carbon fixation, RuBisCO]

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The Cellular And Molecular Underpinnings Of Memory

- A process reffered to as ,LTP is thought to be the cellular and molecular underpinnings of memory. LTP is a long lasting enhancement in signal transmission between two neurons after repeated stimulation.. Memory processing begins when signals from axons of neurons in the entorhinal cortex pass through the perforant path and form and synapses with the granule cells of the dentate gyrus. Granule cells synapse onto pyramidal neurons within the CA3 region. The Ca3 neuron connect their axons, called the Schaffer collaterals to the CA1 pyramidal cells....   [tags: Neuron, Action potential, Chemical synapse]

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Case Study : Blue Baby Case Studies

- Blue baby Case Study Cyanosis is a disorder which causes “bluish discoloration” to the skin, specifically around the mucus membranes or nail beds. There are two types of Cyanosis disorders, depending on where the cyanotic discoloration is occurring. For example, if the cyanotic discoloration is occurring around the nasal or oral tissue membranes, this type of cyanosis would be described as Central Cyanosis. In the same matter, if the bluish discoloration is occurring in extremities such as toes or fingers, it would be called peripheral cyanosis (acrocyanosis)....   [tags: Heart, Blood, Oxygen, Hemoglobin]

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Factors Affecting The Enzyme Of An Enzyme

- An enzyme is a specialized protein that acts as a catalyst and facilitates complex metabolic processes. An enzyme, like any protein, is a polymer made up of a long chain of amino acids. The sequence of amino acids is determined by the DNA template in which it was made, and the amino acids are attached together by peptide bonds. Cross linking takes place between the R groups of the amino acids and forms a unique three dimensional molecules. The structure and spatial configuration of an enzyme, especially its binding site, is key to its optimal function and activity....   [tags: Enzyme, PH, Glucose, Starch]

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Palace of Corrective Detention

- Ego is that which constitutes the essential identity of a human being. It is defined as the “I” or self of any person; a person that is able to think, feel, will, but perhaps most importantly- reason. The Palace of Corrective Detention has no guards, the locks are old. The convicted, or lack, thereof, do not try to escape. In essence, these criminals in the Palace of Corrective Detention do not have the notion or concept of escape. The people in the totalitarian world of Anthem have no ego- they cannot begin to fathom escape, for the true prison they are trapped in, is their own mind....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Transcription Of Rna And Rna

- Transcription is a process in which RNA is synthesised from a DNA template. Transcription occurs inside the nucleus of eukaryotic cells and is catalysed by the enzyme RNA polymerase. The enzyme catalyses the initiation and elongation of RNA chains and requires a DNA template, all four ribonucleoside triphosphates (ATP, GTP, CTP and UTP) and a divalent metal ion such as Mg2+ or Mn2+ (Burrell, H, 2014). Transcription is split into three stages; initiation, elongation and termination. During initiation of transcription RNA polymerase binds to the promoter and just 17 base pairs of DNA are unwound at any given time....   [tags: DNA, Bacteria, Protein, Gene]

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Despite the Trends in Fashion, Teenagers Should Dress Appropriately

- Fashion is in demand for all walks of life, young and old, male or female, and rich or poor. Fashion is a way to express one’s self and also a way of showing off. Fashion is being who you are. For most teens, image is important. Despite the provocativeness of much of today's fashion, it is possible for teen's to dress appropriately while keeping up with the latest trends. In 1970's the latest fashion trends included, disco look, tie dye shirt, and fringe. The Disco look was one of the fashion styles in 1970’s because of the disco music station was introduced on New York radio....   [tags: self-image, self-expression]

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The Rican Filled The Summer Air

- The smell of Puerto Rican filled the summer air as kids ran wildly through the jungle gym on a hot summer’s day in 2000. Everybody I knew was at my birthday party that day. All but one person never showed up and till this day I can remember who actually did show up, he’s the man that changed my life. I was four I didn’t know any better when it came to understanding what was going on that early on in life. My biological father was never really around when I was born till about four years old. So when it came to understanding who my mother was dating or if my biological father was come home, it was just too much for a kid to take in at such a young age that I just accept that I have one dad a...   [tags: Mother, Father, Parent, Family]

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The Election Of Donald Trump

- Upon the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States, reactions were extremely divided amongst the electorate. Some were jubilant, others terrified. With Trump’s election, of course, comes the election of his vice-presidential candidate, Mike Pence. For some, Pence’s history of anti-LGBT policies and action made him an even greater source of fear than Trump. The fear that Pence inspires in some understandably leads one to wonder what Pence’s role in the new administration will even be- what effect does or can the Vice President have in politics and policy-making....   [tags: Vice President of the United States]

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The 34 Identified Atg Genes Required And Shared Commonly Amongst All Three Autophagy Pathways

- 15 of the 34 identified ATG genes in yeast are core ATG genes required and shared commonly amongst all three autophagy pathways. In mammals there are two subfamilies consisting of at least seven ATG8 that can be classified with three MAP1 light chain 3 (LC3) isoforms LC3A, LC3B and LC3C and four ATG8 homologous GABARAP (gamma-aminobutyrate) like proteins (GABRAP, GEC1/GABRAPL1, GATE16/GABRAPL2). The cleavage of LC3 by Atg4B produces LC3-I exposing a C terminal glycine residue. LC3-II is formed when phosphatidylethanolamine binds with the C terminus of the LC3-I forming a linkage....   [tags: Protein, Amino acid, Proteasome, Cytoplasm]

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Enzyme Enzymes And Its Effect On The Transition State Of A Chemical Reaction

- Enzymes are biological macromolecule that acts as catalysts and increase the rate of a chemical reaction. Without enzymes, life, as we know about it, would not exist. Enzymes function by deceasing the activation energy and stabilizing the transition state of a chemical reaction without altering the thermodynamic of reaction (#1 Boyer). At the molecular level, enzymes catalyze these reactions by binding to the substrate or reactants to form an enzyme-substrate complex. The reaction takes place while the substrate is bound to the enzyme and converting the substrate to the new product....   [tags: Enzyme, Enzyme inhibitor, Catalysis]

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Why are most Enzymes made of Proteins and not other Macromolecules?

- Enzymes are biological catalysts that increase the rate of chemical reactions within the cells without any change at the end (Palmer, 1991). In the absence of enzymes, most biological process might not occur. The purpose of an enzyme is to allow the cell carry out its functions in time. As the structure of most biological molecules play a major role in their function, the three dimensional structure of an enzyme is responsible for its catalytic activities. Therefore, enzymes are proteins made of amino acids....   [tags: Biology]

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The Virulent Factors of Bordetella Pertusis: The Whooping Cough

- Globally, whooping cough continues as an infection of public health concern despite the extensive vaccination and control strategies (Cherry J.D Heininger, 2004). The disease is alarmingly increasing in adolescents and adults, who consequently transmit it to infants. The increase has been attributed to: waning vaccine-induced immunity, increased recognition, changing in circulating strains, improved methods of surveillance and diagnosis of the illness. However, major public health concerns arise from this waning immunity as it is attributed to the increased whooping cough cases in adolescents and adults....   [tags: cough, vaccination, strategies, disease, infants]

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Transcription Of Eukaryotes ( E. Coli ) And Eukaryotes

- Transcription of prokaryotes (E. coli) and eukaryotes (Homo sapiens) share some fundamental structures, namely RNA polymerases, and control mechanisms necessary to convert DNA to RNA, but the transcription process for H. sapiens is more complex as is demanded by the nature of the product organism. The following will be an examination of the common structures and control mechanisms shared by E. coli and H. sapiens, while also highlighting the differences that make up the processes of each organism....   [tags: DNA, Gene, Transcription, Promoter]

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Normal Respiratory Rate Of A Healthy Adult

- Every living human needs proper oxygenation. We all breathe, most of the time unconsciously. The normal respiratory rate of a healthy adult is anywhere from 12-20 breaths per minute. Many people think of air as oxygen, but in reality the air we all inhale is approximately 79 percent nitrogen gas (N2) and 21 percent oxygen gas (O2) with trace amounts of negligible gases. When we exhale we return the same 79 percent N2 to our surroundings with 16 percent O2, and about 5 percent carbon dioxide (CO2), so there 's a clear exchange between O2 and CO2 as we breathe in and out....   [tags: Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Red blood cell]

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The Immune System Of Antibodies And Antigens

- As this experiment deals with antibodies and antigens, it is important to understand the immune system. The immune system is generally composed of two subsystems: the innate or nonspecific immunity is the kind that every person is born with. Innate immunity is the first line of defense and includes the skin, mucousal membranes, dendritic cells, phagocytic cells, mast cells, natural killer cells, basophils neutrophils, and eosinophils. Adaptive or acquired immunity is immunity that is gained overtime and is highly specific towards what it targets....   [tags: Immune system, Antibody, Innate immune system]

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The Virulent Factors of Bordetella Pertusis

- Whooping cough is a highly contagious and acute respiratory disease caused by an aerobic Gram negative non-sporulating encapsulated coco-bacillus bacterium, Bordetella pertussis. It is a strict human pathogen with no known animal or environmental reservoirs (Cotter and Miller, 2009) and transmitted through inhalation of bacteria-infected droplets. Consequently colonizing the ciliated cells of the bronchio-epithelium causing disease (Relman, D.A, 1995). Bordetella pertussis disease is characterised by mucus hyper-secretion, epithelial damage and pulmonary edema, with paroxysmal coughing that last for close for a month and post-tussive vomiting....   [tags: coco-bacillus bacterium]

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Effects of Progesterone on the Body

- ... Levonorgestrel is mainly used to prevent pregnancy. However, it is also indicated for menstrual symptoms in combined oral contraceptives. Levonorgestrel inhibits secretion of GnRH, LH and FSH through negative feedback to hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. Levonorgestrel inhibits secretion of LH and FSH from anterior pituitary and these indirectly causes a delay in follicle development. Decreased level of LH also lead to delay or inhibition of LH surge, which then inhibits ovulation. According to Danielsson (2010), when LNG was administrated at two to three days before LH surge, the LH peak was inhibited or delayed....   [tags: contraceptive, follicle, ovulation]

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The Use of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles

- Introduction Proteins accumulate in the nucleus to signal the specific entry of molecules through nuclear pore complex (NPC) [1-3]. This mechanism was observed first in nucleoplasmin, an acidic protein that binds histones H2A and H2B during nucleosome assembly[4-8]. In vertebrates Nuclear pore complex weighs 125Mda in mass and contains 50-100 polypeptides. Thus, for macromolecules to cross the NPC, a signal mediated transport mechanism is required. Although several pathways exist for nuclear transport, classical nuclear localization signals (NLSs) that contain one or more clusters of basic amino acids are well known and characterized [9]....   [tags: Gene, Molecules, Chemistry]

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Exonuclease : The Natural Gene Corrector

- Exonuclease: The Natural Gene Corrector Hallie Shannon Dr. Jacqueline Jones April 15, 2016   Exonuclease: The Natural Gene Corrector Deoxyribose nucleic acid, more commonly known as DNA, contains the genetic material that connects all living organisms. It is responsible for height, eye color, skin color, and many other traits. DNA is comprised of nucleotides, which contains a nitrogenous base, a pentose sugar, and a phosphate group. There are four nitrogenous bases: adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine....   [tags: DNA, Mutation, DNA replication, DNA polymerase]

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Dna And Function Of Actinomycin D

- Discussion: Our preliminary hypothesis was that the Chlamydomonas cells exposed to actinomycin D would show slow regeneration of the flagella compared to the control, or no regeneration of the flagella. This hypothesis was based on researching the structure and function of actinomycin D. structurally, actinomycin D is a cromopeptide, which consists of a phenoxazone ring and two cyclic pentapetides. The two cyclic pentapetides contain polar, uncharged amino acids such as threonine and proline and the phenoxazone ring contains N-H hydrogen bond and a free, nucleophilic oxygen (Hughes, 2009)....   [tags: DNA, Cell nucleus, Cell, Messenger RNA]

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Nitric Oxide (NO) and the Nervous System

- Nitric Oxide (NO) and the Nervous System Better known as an environmental hazard, nitric oxide (NO) is produced in combustion engines and contributes to smog and acid rain and has been implicated in the catalytic destruction of the ozone layer (Lancaster;1992). Though NO is the bad-boy of the environment, it’s roles in the body are extremely diverse and in some instances can be deleterious or beneficial depending on the circumstances. NO has been connected with immune function, control of blood pressure and hypertension, impotence and penile erection, septic shock, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, and macrophage mediated destruction of oncogenic cells (Young;1993, Stroh;1992)....   [tags: Medicine Biology Research Papers]

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Toll like receptors and their therapeutic potential

- Cellular Basis Of Disease: Why has the discovery of Toll-like receptors revolutionised our understanding of how the innate immune system works, and what is the therapeutic potential. The body has two immune systems: the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system. Adaptive, or acquired, immunity refers to antigen-specific defence mechanisms that take several days to become protective and are designed to react with and remove a specific antigen. This is immunity develops throughout life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Employment at Will

- ... After this, the executive left the room to confer with other executives. When they returned, it was stated that all people wearing orange were fired although someone had said they were wearing the color for innocent reasons . Additionally, if the employees truly had been protesting by wearing the color orange, it would have been illegal to fire them for protesting . The employees reported feeling as though their rights had been infringed upon after being fired for wearing the color orange. These employees were fired without any warning, without being asked to even change their clothes, and after explaining that there was no malicious reason for wearing the color....   [tags: Law, United States, employers, employees]

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Bordetella Pertussis or Whooping Cough

- Whooping cough is a highly contagious and acute respiratory disease caused by an aerobic Gram negative encapsulated coco-bacillus bacterium, Bordetella pertussis. It is a strict human pathogen with no known animal or environmental reservoirs and an air-borne disease. On inhalation, Bordetella pertussis colonizes the ciliated cells of the bronchio-epithelium to cause disease characterised by; epithelial damage, hyper mucus secretion, pulmonary edema and paroxysmal coughing. It is often accompanied by pneumonia, otitis edema, seizures, post-tussive vomiting and encephalopathy (1)....   [tags: Role, Virulence Factors]

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The Therapeutic Action of Lorazepam

- Lorazepam: The Liver’s BFF Pharmacodynamics Lorazepam or better know as Ativan belongs to the benzodiazepine family and produces inhibitory effects in the central nervous system. The therapeutic action of Lorazepam happens with the interaction at the benzodiazepine binding sites. These binding sites are located on the inotropic gamma-amino butyric acid-A (GABAA) receptors. The neurotransmitter used by Lorazepam is the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. Lorazepam and other benzodiazepines do not bind directly to the same receptor site as the endogenous GABA neurotransmitter does....   [tags: medicine, patients, adverse effects]

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DNA: The Continuity of Life

- Write an essay explaining the continuity of life and how it is based on heritable information in the form of DNA and its transmission from one generation to another. Life's continuity is based on the unremitting passage of inherited information that takes the form of DNA. This essay extensively examines the fundamental processes that allow for the transmission of DNA and thus life. It initially identifies how information essential for life is stored in DNA and then explains the processes of DNA replication, Mitosis and Meiosis....   [tags: rna, lipids, proteins]

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Edgar Allen Poe´s Childhood in the Poem Alone

- ... “Then- in my childhood, in the dawn, Of a most stormy life- was drawn, From every depth of good and ill, The mystery which binds me still” (9-12). The speaker felt that they had no control over their fate. No matter what happened, whether it be good or bad, the speaker felt abandoned and tormented a result of this ‘mystery’. When looking at line 12 itself, “The mystery which binds me still”, the ‘mystery’ is referring to the death of a significant person in the speaker’s life. Because of the use of the word mystery, the reader can conclude that it was a sudden death, and the speaker did not know why it happened....   [tags: diction, symbolism, allusions, love, desolation]

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The Seven Sacred Sacraments in the Catholic Lifestyle

- The Seven sacred Sacraments in the catholic lifestyle are Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Marriage, Holy Orders, and finally the Anointing of the sick (“The Seven Catholic Sacraments”). Baptism Baptism is the first sacrament of initiation acting as a transition into the other sacraments (“Sacraments of the Catholic Church”). It is the true sacrament of rebirth (quote) it is something by which it is people are included into the church in a bind of togetherness through baptism (“Sacraments of the Catholic Church”)....   [tags: church, baptism, reconciliation ]

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Who Holds The Clicker, By Lauren Slater

- In today’s world, technology has become a medium of connections among people. Through the advanced technology people are able to communicate with each other. Social media and artificial intelligence are one of these technologies. People are able to use robot in place of human. Medical technology has grown a lot to cure the patient’s diseases. In “Who Holds the Clicker”, Lauren slater’s article, she wrestles with the question of how to define good medical technology. She explains a mental disorder, OCD and how medical technologies are handling it through neural implants....   [tags: Emotion, Interpersonal relationship, Brain]

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Looking Up The Streets Of Los Angeles

- Prints, Prints and more Prints It does not matter if you are a man, woman, child or a senior, prints are back for everyone. Walking down the streets of Los Angeles it is very common to see flowers in everyone’s shirt. This is a trend that is bringing back colors and life into our daily lifestyle, since everywhere we see there are colorful designs that makes people smile. Prints go from very realistic red roses to very abstract art where there are only brush strokes and dripped paint, which makes clothing have such a wide variety that is hard to choose....   [tags: Clothing, Textile, Dyes, Silk]

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Ratio Analysis : Financial Ratios Analysis

- Ratio Analysis Financial ratios analysis is conducted by managers, creditors, and investors alike. Ratio analysis uses line items of financial statements, either alone in or conjunction, to help users understand and quantify raw data. Attachment 22 (page XXX) shows the formulas for the financial statement ratios; Attachment 23 (page XXX) presents many the financial ratios for both Dollar Tree and Dollar General. Dollar Tree: Looking at Attachment 23, Dollar Tree’s times-interest-earned (TIE) ratio should be noted....   [tags: Financial ratio, Balance sheet]

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Poverty: Statistics on Father Absence

- Poverty can be cured by tossing away the donor-recipient model of the past and making a shift toward partnership models that value the creative potential of our brothers and sisters in the developing world through PovertyCure. PovertyCure understands the issue of poverty. Over one billion people live on under $1.25 per day. Each year millions of men, women, and children die of AIDS and preventable diseases. Many more die of contaminated water and starvation. And yet over the past 60 years trillions of dollars have been dumped in the name of “curing poverty” without result....   [tags: poverty, christianity, aid, partnership, honesty]

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Enzyme Factors and Conditions

- Enzymes are catalysts that increase the rate of a reaction by lowering the activation energy required for said reaction to occur spontaneously. The majority of enzymes are proteins, though enzymes can also be small RNA molecules, or ribozymes (Topic 3.1-Enzymes are True Catalysts). Enzymes are highly specific and are generally composed of 1 or more polypeptides that are folded into the most stable conformation, the native state. Also, enzymes require precise conditions in order to catalyze different types of reactions (Topic 3.2-Specificity, Tymoczko, J....   [tags: Catalysts, Activation Energy, Environment]

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The Origin of Alpha-Bungarotoxin

- The technology today had showed us that even a toxin can be used in treating human sickness. Below are some of the examples of toxins in the usage of treating diseases, while some requires further research, and medicines that are currently been used. Alpha-Bungarotoxin derived from snake venom is a competitive antagonist for the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. The toxin binds irreversibly to nicotinic acetylcholine receptors at postsynaptic skeletal muscles, inhibiting actions of acetylcholine such as increasing in permeability to cations, and thus inhibiting ion flow at the postsynaptic membrane(Samson et al....   [tags: snake venom, treating diseases]

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Fibers and Seketal Muscles

- Each skeletal muscle is composed of bundles of myofibrils. The muscle fibers are composed of units called Sarcomeres. A sarcomere is a a series of thick and thin filaments that overlap longitunially. Where a sacromere meets its neighboring sarcomere, it is called the “z-line” Repeating units of sarcomeres account for the unique banding pattern that is seen in striated muscles. The thick filament in the sarcomere makes up the “A band”. This is in the center of the sarcomere. These thick filaments are made up of myosin....   [tags: sarcomere, myofibrils]

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Dna, Rna, And Rna

- In the article The Information in DNA Is Decoded by Transcript the reader is given a lesson on how the DNA, also known as deoxyribonucleic acid, process of replication works. A somewhat step by step of how DNA is decoded then transcribed in cells to help create proteins. To begin DNA is described as a molecule that stores in information that cells use to maintain their life. The information, also known as genes, are duplicated so that cells can use the information provided to create protein, as mentioned before....   [tags: DNA, RNA, Gene, Protein]

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G Proteins

- G Proteins Proteins play various important roles in inter-neuronal communication. Receptor sites are made up of proteins and the ion channels in the cell membranes are proteins. The link between the receptor sites and the protein channels sometimes is the guanine nucleotide-binding protein, better known as G Protein. (1) The basic structure and function of these shall be explored in the following. In order for neuron communication to occur, the post-synaptic neuron must have receptor sites for the neurotransmitters released by the pre-synaptic neuron....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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Protein Synthesis

- Protein Synthesis Within the nuclei of every one of our cells lie massive amounts of information. This information is stored neatly in our chromosomes. The coding on these chromosomes dictates every aspect of our physical self, but it is useless if it simply remains undecoded in the depths of our nuclei; it must be translated into something that can be read. This happens in the process of protein synthesis. The first part of the process of protein synthesis is transcription - the creation of RNA based on the DNA template....   [tags: Papers]

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How To Set Up A Repel

- How to set up a repel and repelling down safely Before you start to learn on how to set up a repel you must gather the following tools: 2 people, rope that can reach the ground from where you wish to repel from (this should be 10 mm static rope), one figure eight, four carabineers, a harness, the knowledge of how to tie figure eight knots and water knots, two pieces of webbing long enough to tie from a stable off structure to your rope, and leather gloves. It should take you anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to set up this repel....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis Of The Works Of Christopher Alexander 's Notes On The Synthesis Of Form And Form Making Process

- The following is an analysis of the works of Christopher Alexander’s Notes on the Synthesis of Form and Herbert Simon’s The Sciences of the Artificial. It contains explanations of the concepts of the artifice, the form, and the form making process; and explanations on how the artifice, form and form making process can be relevant to policy making. Included is a discussion of Simon’s concept of the inner environment and outer environment of the human decision maker, and the abilities in their relation to decision making....   [tags: Problem solving, Decision making, Decision theory]

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The Importance Of A Nurse Look After A Mother With Her First Baby

- Description During one of my shifts on postpartum I was helping a nurse look after a mom with her first baby. She really wanted to be able to breastfeed but she was having a lot of troubles getting her baby to latch on. It was a Saturday and there was no lactation consultant working who could come in to help her. Her baby was also small for gestational age, so she did have risk for hypoglycemia, making it really important for her baby to be feeding to ensure her blood sugars would not drop. After each attempt at breastfeeding and being unsuccessful, the mom would look very upset....   [tags: Breastfeeding, Infant, Lactation]

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How to Stop the Spread of AIDS and HIV

- As we all know, diseases like AIDS and HIV are a growing epidemic amongst society. To counteract the spread of such diseases many foundations have been created to spread awareness of the harm they can do and how they can be contracted. Epstein, an author, writes an article about a foundation called “Lovelife” that advertises the importance of safe sex. There are a vast amount of ways to combat diseases, but the most vital way is spreading knowledge amongst the population. A good approach to this is for parents to build strong tie relationships amongst the youth....   [tags: diseases, awareness, sex, lifelove]

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The Flawed System of NFL Overtime Rules

- Are you a fan of the National Football League. Have you ever been frustrated about the overtime rules. The NFL overtime rules are a flawed system that clearly gives the advantage to a certain team. After regulation time expires, the team with the most points wins. But, if two teams are tied, the game will go into overtime, an extra quarter to decide the winner. If a team scores a touchdown in overtime, they automatically win the game in sudden death. But, if a team kicks a field goal on their first possession, the other team has one possession to win the game with a touchdown or tie the game with a field goal....   [tags: games, touchdown, fans, coaches, players]

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Tennis Is The Most Major Spectator Sport

- Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, mainly due to its ease of play and universal appeal. It is also an Olympic sport which is played at all levels of society and at all ages. Aside to that, tennis is the most major spectator sport because of the four Grand Slam tournaments: the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Going back in history, the earliest form of tennis was seen in a game created by the 12th century French monks, who were looking for entertainment inside the monastery....   [tags: Tennis, Grand Slam, French Open, Game]

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The Minor Characters Of Oedipus And Antigone

- “O Light. May I never look on you again, Reveled as I am, sinful in my begetting, Sinful in marriage, sinful in shedding of blood!” This quote deals with two certain plays Oedipus and Antigone. Oedipus makes love with his mother and him who actually didn’t know that it was his mother and Antigone deals with two brothers which in one brother kills another just to get control of the kingdom. Although many people think that having minor characters in the play don’t have a significant role. I 'm supposed to write an essay about how the minor characters in The Theban Plays have a major role The role of minor characters has a significant role by holding everything in place, also how does it tie up...   [tags: Oedipus, Sophocles, Oedipus the King, Antigone]

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Interferon Regulatory Factors

- As it was mentioned in Chapter 5, stimulation of the JAK-STAT interferon-alpha-dependent pathway results in production of two types of antiviral factors. The first type is a group of antiviral genes that acts directly against virus infection. For example, Mx1 gene which has an antiviral effect against Influenza virus, especially the strains of avian origin (Dittmann et al., 2008). The second type of the antiviral factors is transcriptional factors, such as IRF7, which positively stimulates the IFN-α promoter and results in the production of IFN-α....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

- Sir Gawain and the Green Knight In part four of this tale the theme that is advanced is chivalry, honor and human weakness. As Gawain goes to meet the Green Knight we get the feeling of dread by the authors description of the weather outside. It is bitterly cold and snowing. The wind is whipping around Gawain as he travels (115). The extreme weather reminds us that Gawain is going to face something just as ominous. As Gawain dresses for his meeting he binds his love token ( the green girdle) twice around his middle....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Online Slots Tips And Strategies

- Online Slots Tips and Strategies The thrills of hitting a jackpot when playing slot machines is highly exhilarating. Unlike brick and mortar casino where a player must carry cash and spend time, it is much easier to play the game online due to the advantage of convenience. Choosing easy gaming strategies when picking out which online casino to play can actually increase the time you spend playing and boost your chances of winning. The strategies to follow to come out favorably include: • Always take your time • Know which casinos to play in • In all times avoid betting the maximum amount • Pick appropriate amount War Game Tips and Strategies The game of wars has been in existence for many...   [tags: Casino, Gambling, Casinos, Poker]

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The Reflection of Religious Beliefs in American Politics

- The Reflection of Religious Beliefs in American Politics As many people already know, politicis and religion some times go hand in hand. Recently, president Obama delivered his Inauguration Speech to the world. There were several remarks mentioned that pertained to religion. Many of the remarks can easily tie in with the American culture core values, which include, Americans are among a chosen people, manifest destiny, morality yields prosperity, and the protestant ethic. A Chosen People Chosen People is basically when certain people are pre destined to do certain things, they are among the select....   [tags: government, politics]

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Inspirational Ideas for Baby Shower Cakes

- ... All you need is a support for doughnuts and different sauces for dipping. Final decorations may give an inspirational aspect to baby shower cake. Sauces can vary from chocolate to iced sugar, fruit flavors, white chocolate or cocoa. 3) Baby block cubes - another affordable chic solution is a cake made out of cut cake sheets that are placed like layers one on top of another with fruit jam for an exotic taste. Use butter cream to soak up driness and buttercream all sheets. Add small cupcakes as decorations and cake will start look more vivid....   [tags: party decoration]

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The Role Of Physical And Biochemical Characteristic Of The Variable Domain Of A Heavy Chain Antibody

- This report characterized a novel kind of antibody called nanobodies (molecular weight of only 12–15 kDa) found in Camelids. Understanding the role the physical and biochemical characteristic of the Variable domain of the heavy chain antibody (VHH) of nanobodies (Nbs) plays in the clearance nanobodies from the kidney to the bladder will help advance the application of nanobodies in imaging. Nanobodies have similar properties to conversional antibodies but their bio-distribution and clearance via the kidney is different....   [tags: Immune system, Antibody, Protein, Antigen]

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Honda Y Et Al ( 1995 ) Reported Elevated Levels Of Serum Sp D. Lung Disease

- Honda Y et al (1995) reported elevated levels of serum SP-D in lung disease it might be due to spillover of this protein into the circulation by pathologic loss of the epithelial barrier[1071]. Richter C et al (1995) reported that reactive oxygen species hinders the surfactant protein and antiprotease function[1072]. Dulkerian SJ et al (1996) reported that SP-A and SP-D gene activation can be induced by cyclic AMP, IFN-γ, TNF-α, TGF-β and glucocorticoids but mechanism of this remains unknown[1065]....   [tags: Pulmonology, Pneumonia]

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Nobel Prize Awarded to Randy W. Schekman, James E. Rothman, and Thomas C. Südhof

- ... Yeast cells, or Saccharomyces cerevisiae, that had mutated transport mechanisms established a genetic basis for vesicle transport and fusion to the plasma membrane. From these cells, it is possible to isolate regulatory genes that encoded proteins essential to intracellular transport. Kaiser and Schekman (1990) specifically analyzed the SEC proteins: manipulation by mutation reveals that construction of vesicles is dependent on SEC proteins, and that vesicles are able to form a COPII coat that contains these SEC proteins....   [tags: cells, vesicles, scientists]

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The White Man's Fear Depicted in Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton

- The time of the 1940’s in South Africa was defined by racial oppression of the native inhabitants of the country by the Dutch Boers, also known as the Afrikaners. These people were the demographic minority yet also the political majority. They executed almost complete control over the lives of the natives through asinine rules and harsh punishments. The highly esteemed novel Cry, the Beloved Country tells a story of Stephen Kumalo, a black priest dealing with the struggles of living in the South Africa during this time....   [tags: Cry, The Beloved Country Essays]

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Spaces affected by Colonialism. A study on Chinua Achebe’s No Longer at Ease

- “What fundamentally is colonization. To agree on what it is not: neither evangelization, nor a philanthropic enterprise, nor a desire to push back the frontiers of ignorance, disease, and tyranny, nor a project undertaken for the greater glory of God, nor an attempt to extend the rule of law” – Aime Cesaire, Discourse on Colonialism. The effects of coloniazation was Far reaching. Though the generation under the tyranny of the colonizer sufferd a lot under their physical rule the next generations are yet suffering under their subjugation mentally....   [tags: natives, white communities]

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A Review of the Role of Capsules in the Pathogenesis of Bacterial Meningitis

- Meningitis is a disease that affects the meninges, the name given to the three membranes that surround the brain and the spinal cord. The three membranes are called the Dura Mater, the Arachnoid Mater and the Pia Mater. The function of these membranes is to protect the central nervous system. Meningitis can be caused by both viruses and bacteria. Viral meningitis is more often than harmless and is usually resolved in about a week. Viral meningitis can be caused by viruses such as Entero Viruses and Herpes Viruses....   [tags: meningitis, meninges, phagocytosis]

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The Effect on Clergy and the Catholic Church during the Black Death

- Little was known about the clergy during the Black Death. For a long time people believed that the Catholic Church had fled from its duty to serve the people, but that could not be further from the truth. In recent discovery it was found that greater than 50 percent of clergy were killed during the Black Death. This was not because the clergy were running away; rather, the clergy stayed and helped the people in villages, knowing the likelihood they would survive would be slim throughout this epidemic....   [tags: history, the black death, catholic church]

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Contributions of Cell Signalling Pathways In The Context of Early Eye Development

- The developmental stages of an organism are vital, as the outcome will influence the organism from the moment it’s born to the moment it dies. Stem cells are the first cells that make up an organism; they are pluripotent giving them the ability to differentiate into any type of cell. Paratore and Sommer suggest that during organogenesis, the ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm develop into internal organs, and early in this stage the notochord is developed inducing the formation of the neural plate and the neural tube, both important during early eye development....   [tags: retina, optic vesicle, hedgehog]

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How Inorganic Compounds Impact the Functionality of Signaling Pathways in Mammalian Cells

- Signals are an object present in everyday life. Signals don’t just come in forms of traffic lights and signs. Signals happen on the molecular level every second. Signals can tell organisms’ cells to grow, feed, expel waste, move, undergo mitosis, or even die. These signals mystified people for the longest time. However, Earl W. Sutherland’s experiment gave humanity clarity on the matter (Urry 109). Sutherland was investigating the process by which the hormone epinephrine, or adrenaline, causes the breakdown of glycogen, a sugar, in liver and skeletal muscle cells (Urry 109)....   [tags: signals at a molecular level]

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The Molecular Structure Of A Protein And Ribonucleic Acid ( Rna )

- Genetic information is encoded in the molecular structure of nucleic acids in the form of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA). Most organisms carry their genetic information in DNA, with the exception of some viruses, which use RNA. Within the cell, genetic information is transported within the chromosomes, which are comprised of DNA and associated proteins. Human cells possess 46 chromosomes, each of which carries a large number of genes. Through meiosis, pairing and separation of replicated chromosomes occurs during the division of sex cells to form gametes....   [tags: DNA, Gene, Genetics, RNA]

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A Critical Role Of A Buffer On The Ph Of A Solution

- A buffer is a weak substance that minimizes changes in the pH of a solution with the addition of mall quantities of acid or base. Buffers typically consists of a weak acid and its conjugate base. Buffers play a critical role in biological processes. Because a buffer is a weak acid, it is only partially ionized and in a state of equilibrium. When an acid is added to a buffer, the buffer will minimize the decrease in pH by neutralizing the acid; the conjugate base will react with the proton released by the acid and reform the original weak acid....   [tags: Acid dissociation constant, PH, Acid]

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My Family is Defined by Our Indian Patriotism, Bond, and Traditions

- I am Asian and more specifically, an Indian. India is a land of culture with every city, every state having a new experience to offer. However what binds us all together is our National Flag, the Tricolour. The flag is probably the biggest symbol, not just of our independence but of the lives of Indians. My family epitomises the true meaning of our flag. The first colour, saffron, is a symbol of sacrifice and courage. Because of my father’s job I have had to change cities constantly. Every three or four years there was another transfer, another city, another school....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Implications Of Christ 's Resurrection On The First Easter Sunday

- Eschatology and Resurrection The implications of Christ 's resurrection on the first Easter Sunday are far reaching in eschatology. The resurrection is the central event upon which all Christian theology hinges. As Motlmann writes, “Christianity stands or falls with the reality of the raising of Jesus from the dead by God.”1 Consequently, much of the understanding of eschatology presented thus far has centered around this important historical event. Bauckham writes: Theologically a holistic eschatology is based especially on the bodily resurrection of Jesus....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Resurrection of the dead]

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Dystrophin Protein And Its Effects On The Body Of Extreme Significance

- Introduction Dystrophin is the protein that is commonly associated with the two forms of muscular dystrophy: Duchenne’s and Becker. This protein is found is muscle fibers, retinal isoforms, tissues of the brain and kidneys, as well as Schwann cells and Purkinje neurons in the central nervous system (Murphy et al. 2016). Since the dystrophin protein is found in organs and places in the body of extreme significance, if this protein mutated it could cause severe symptoms like the ones that occur in muscular dystrophy, a disease that is incurable and leads to death....   [tags: Muscle, Myosin, Muscular system, Cytoskeleton]

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The Elongation Cycle Is Highly Conserved Across All Kingdoms Of Life

- 1.3. Elongation cycle The elongation cycle is highly conserved across all kingdoms of life. Each cycle of elongation adds one amino acid to the C-terminus of the newly synthesized peptide (Yu et al., 2014). Figure 9 describes the steps involved in the elongation cycle. Figure 9. Bacterial elongation cycle. Elongation cycle involves sequential addition of amino acid to the growing peptide chain. Aminoacylated tRNA in complex with EF-Tu and GTP interacts with the A-site in the decoding center where the correctness of the codon-anticodon is determined....   [tags: Protein, Amino acid, Ribosome, Transfer RNA]

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Electrostatic Force Driven Conformational Change in Fatty Acid Binding Protein

- Electrostatic force driven conformational change in Fatty Acid Binding Protein Fatty acid binding proteins (FABP) are a class of cytoplasmic proteins that bind to long-chain fatty acid. Their major role includes shuttling of free fatty acid to appropriate organelles for different metabolic fates within the cell. FABP is important to fatty acid trafficking due to the low solubility of fatty acid, a common characteristic of molecules with long hydrocarbon chain. To overcome this obstacle, fatty acids binds to FABP to enhance their aqueous solubility and facilitate intracellular lipid transportation....   [tags: molecular cloning method]

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Retinoid Inhibits Nrf2 Signaling Pathway through Retinoic Acid Receptor Alpha

- ... The N terminal region contains two domains (A/B) are designated as AF1 and they are the least conserved domains and highly variable in length which exhibit a ligand-independent transactivation activity. So far, there is no three dimensional structure has been predicted for A/B domain. (9). Central region-C possess DNA-binding domain (DBD) which is said to be the most conserved region and possess similarity in their structure. DBD contains an important short motif known as P-box which is responsible for direct DNA interaction and detection of specificity for DNA-binding....   [tags: vitamin, effects, interaction, results, react]

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Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase Review of Classes and Role in Mammals

- Enzymes play a vital role in biological systems as signaling molecules. Signaling occurs though a chemical reaction that enzymes help catalyze by allowing it to occur through a pathway with lower activation energy (Domin and Waterfield, 1997). Enzymes are made from a chain or chains of amino acids that are linked by peptide bonds, otherwise known as proteins. One particular enzyme pathway of interest is phosphoinositide 3-kinase (P13K). This enzyme is a lipid kinase that has further signaling activity once activated, also known as a cascade induction....   [tags: biological systems, enzymes,signaling molecules]

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Colorado 's High Feud And The Legalization Of Marijuana

- Colorado’s High Feud In 2012, Colorado passed the first law to legalize the sale and usage of recreational marijuana. Four states and the District of Columbia have since decided to legalize marijuana. Colorado should revoke its legalization of marijuana because of numerous health hazards, gateway usage, and legal disturbances in other states. The benefits of marijuana legalization do not outweigh various health concerns, such as hazardous damage to the lungs and weakened brain health. According to the American Lung Association, “marijuana smokers tend to inhale more deeply and hold their breath longer than cigarette smokers, which leads to greater exposure per breath to tar,” (“Marijuana...   [tags: Cannabis, Hashish, Law, Global Marijuana March]

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George Orwell 's 1984 : The Eyes Of Winston

- Most of George Orwell’s 1984 is written through the eyes of Winston. We gain insight through his thoughts and feelings. We can only reflect on what he allows us to understand. Because of this, we share a close connection with him. We feel love as he builds relationships and we hurt as bonds are broken. Surveillance and big government are two large ideas that are often spoken of when 1984 is referenced. Although extremely important, internal changes Winston experiences teach us invaluable lessons about ourselves and should not be overlooked....   [tags: Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell, Personal life]

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Nickel Allergies Increasing Frequency Due Growing Consumer Technology Use

- Nickel allergies increasing frequency due to growing consumer technology use Everyday people come in contact with electronics; whether it is an electric toothbrush, cell phone, or laptop computer to name a few. There is a similarity among most of these pieces of technology, nickel. Nickel is used in batteries, in alloys, and as plating material, frequently cladding our everyday electronics. However, with a surge in personal electronic uses, a common trend is emerging, one that has a negative impact on human health....   [tags: Immune system, Hypersensitivity, Allergy, Asthma]

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The Importance Of The Haemoglobin Of The Human Body

- The haemoglobin molecule that consist in humans consist of four subunit called globin’s and each globin is attach to a haem group which consist of iron. The most common form of adult haemoglobin is type A. It comprises two varies of two goblin molecules alpha and beta subunits. These subunits occur in pairs of two alphas and two betas in total. This research paper will discuss the importance of the haemoglobin in the human body. It will discuss its structure, function and medical complications when these molecules are being compromised....   [tags: Red blood cell, Hemoglobin, Protein, Oxygen]

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The Physiological Effects of Cocaine in the Neurosystem

- Cocaine abuse and dependence affected 1.4 million Americans in 2008 (Volkow, 2010). Cocaine is known for its addictive properties (Letchworth et al., 2001). Therapeutic and medicinal techniques utilized to relieve drug effects and drug seeking behavior have become increasingly popular in the scientific community. In general the affected areas during or after cocaine use have been identified subsequently providing research into the physiological aspects of cocaine use. Research to determine drug-seeking and relapse is imperative due to the prevalence of cocaine use and the rehabilitative qualities a medicinal cure could provide....   [tags: Legal Issues, Drugs, Addiction]

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Runx2 Binding Protein and the Regulation of Osteogenesis

- Runx2 Binding Protein and the Regulation of Osteogenesis In the developmental process of osteogenesis, bone is formed, laid down, and repaired in a highly regulated process (Wu et al., 2014a). This organized formation of bone tissue is controlled by the nucleic acid binding protein Runx2 (Wu et al., 2014a). Runx2 regulates transcriptional mechanisms in osteoblast cells, or bone forming cells, that are vital to the formation of bone tissue and to the maintenance of bone mass (Wu et al., 2014a)....   [tags: biochemestry, health]

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VHL Tumor Suppressor Gene and Their Protein Products

- Introduction to Tumor Suppressor Genes and Their Protein Products The other critical step in tumor initiation and progression, beside the activation of oncogenes, is the inactivation of tumor suppressor genes. Under normal function, a tumor suppressor gene (TSG) acts as a negative regulator for cell growth control by limiting cell proliferation and tumor development. For tumors to develop, it was found that both copies of the TSG must be lost either through mutation or deletion of the gene (1)....   [tags: oncogenes, cancer medicine]

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