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Female Characters in The Ivory Swing and The Tiger in theTiger Pit

- Female Characters in The Ivory Swing and The Tiger in theTiger Pit        With " beautifully executed images", Janette Turner Hospital creates four vivid female character in her two novels.  The four characters are Juliet and Yashoda in The Ivory Swing and Elizabeth and Emily in The Tiger in theTiger Pit .  Each of the above is invested by Turner Hospital with a deep consciousness.           In the view of Janette Turner Hospital, women are immensely uncertain.  They are never sure of what they want....   [tags: The Ivory Swing and The Tiger in theTiger Pit]

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Is Ivory A New Phenomenon?

- The use of ivory is not a new phenomenon in today’s society. Since prehistoric times, ivory has been used in different cultures for a variety of reasons. What is new is the rate at which ivory trade is occurring globally. Starting in the early 1970s, attention was starting to form around global ivory trade and its negative effects on both humans and the environment. In Africa especially, much attention is being brought to the soaring death rates of elephants due to a massive increase in poaching rates....   [tags: Elephant, Asian Elephant, Ivory, Africa]

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The Impact Of Swing Dance On American Culture

- Brooke Whitby Britta Peterson Dance History May 4 ,2016 . Swing Dance Influences History is constant . The universe is forever creating history that effects the present and the future . I would like to focus on one aspect of history that has and will forever influence America today . Swing dance is a crucial element in the develop-ment of American culture . Swing dance is a style that could only have developed in America during the 1920 's and have the impact that it did . Without swing dance in America , American culture would be different in every aspect ....   [tags: Jazz, African American, Swing, Swing music]

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Gates of Ivory by Margaret Drabble

- In a world surrounded by war, death, and atrocity, it sometimes seems as if there is nowhere positive for the characters in the Gates of Ivory by Margaret Drabble to turn. In the mist of these bad images Drabble juxtaposes a unique view into the world of women’s reproduction and menstruation that has rarely been revealed in other novels. She shows that menstruation exposes feelings ranging from liberation and empowerment in Alix Bowen, to shame, disgust and sorrow in Mme. Savet Akrun. Drabble identifies similarities between women on both sides of the world, and between reproduction and women combating the death of the world’s war....   [tags: Gates of Ivory Essays]

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Swing Music Made A Huge Impact On America

- Swing music made a huge impact on America and is still celebrated through music and dance today. To understand this let’s first talk about ‘”Swing Music.” “Most people will agree that the Swing Dancing heyday was in the 1930s through the 1950s, but Swing dancing continues today” (It Began with a Hop to the Music: The History of Swing Dancing). Swing Music “is a term used to describe the harder, somewhat slower, sexier form of jazz that began to take off in the mid-1930s and lasted through World War II (indeed, American society during the war is almost inseparable from the genre)....   [tags: World War II, Great Depression, Swing, Lindy Hop]

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Ivory Artifacts of The Israelietes

- Imagine in your minds eye you are back in time during age of Israelites. Now imagine yourself walking the halls of palace. As you walk you see what seems to be a small fortune of art decorating the halls. You eventually stop walk and you find yourself in the throne room and right before you see a chair but, not just not any chair the most elegant chair you have ever see with your own two eyes. This chair glistens with jewels and some sort of white material you are not familiar with. The white material seems almost alien in nature and yet it is beautiful and makes the thrones seem as if from another world....   [tags: Archeology]

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The Poverty Of The Ivory Coast Of Africa

- Instead of playing games with their friends, children in the Ivory Coast of Africa are kidnapped and forced into slavery, spending their childhood harvesting cocoa beans, the main ingredient found in chocolate. That 's right; your chocolate candy bar may have been made with child slave labor. Children in this region are kidnapped and forced to travel miles away from their villages. Most are under the false pretense that they will earn money; poverty is a big problem in this area. Once at the plantation, they are forced to endure an unimaginable amount of pain and suffering, working long hours and locked into shacks at night to prevent their escape....   [tags: Slavery, Africa, Atlantic slave trade]

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the swing

- The Swing by Pierre Renoir The impressionist movement started when Claude Monet and other artists held an exhibition in Paris in 1874. People like Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Pierre Renoir, Camille Pissaro created their most important work between 1870 to around 1910. The critics gave the exhibition the worst reviews possible. “The critics considered Impressionist paintings an insult to viewers because they were expected to accept apparently unfinished art as a ‘real’ painting.” The name was taken from Monet’s Impression, Sunrise....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Diploma, A Pristine Ivory Paper

- The diploma, a pristine ivory paper that’ s rolled up with a ribbon tied perfectly, a piece of paper everyone thrives to achieve. Everyone is expected to own this paper and those who do not is classified as a “failure.” Society’s expected “success” requires a college degree; however college isn’t the best option for everyone because many profession doesn’t require it and everyone has a different definition of “success.” No one should be force to go into this cookie cutter curriculum for success....   [tags: College, Higher education, High school, University]

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The Diploma, A Pristine Ivory Paper

- The diploma, a pristine ivory paper with your name written on it, that’ s rolled up with a ribbon tied perfectly, a piece of paper everyone thrives to achieve. Everyone is expected to own this paper and those who do not is classified as a “failure.” Society’s expected “success” requires a college degree; however college isn’t the best option for everyone because many profession doesn’t require it and everyone has a different definition of “success.” No one should be forced to go into this cookie cutter curriculum for success....   [tags: College, Higher education, University, High school]

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The Basement Of Ivory Tower

- Response to Professor X Have you ever had an extraordinary desire for something, only to have someone tell you it is out of your reach. Does that make you try harder, or completely give up. In Professor X’s essay, In the basement of Ivory Tower, (X) he goes into great detail, stating how his students have the desire to maintain high academic standards in order to receive a promotion, to further their career, or because it is a job requirement. However, these same students cannot possibly pass their classes due to their lack of abilities....   [tags: University, Higher education, Education]

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The Ivory Trade Ban

- A small herd of elephants spends the afternoon grazing on the wind swept grass of the savannah in the sweltering African sun. A few young calves playfully bounce around their mother’s legs. This peaceful vision is just a time of quiet before a bloody scene unfolds. What this small herd is blissfully unaware of is that poachers are quietly stalking them with murderous intent. This herd of elephants has a plethora of “white gold”. These poachers are after only one thing from the elephants, they are after their tusk made of ivory....   [tags: Animal Rights ]

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Ivory Trade

- Do you ever look down at your ivory rings and cry. Do you ever cringe while playing your piano. Well you should. This ivory that you may cherish, comes from a murdered elephant. There is a chance your ivory may be “fair-trade” but only 5% of all ivory is (Reisner 82-83). Just last year, 25,000 elephants were killed for their ivory (Christy 54). Elephant Populations are decreasing drastically and there is a worry they will go extinct. By wearing your rings or playing your ivory piano you are not committing a crime, but you may be supporting illegal ivory trade....   [tags: elephant, Africa, colonization, demand]

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Biomechanics of the Golf Swing

- For years it was thought that the golf swing was a solid piece of movement without any differentiating variables. Vast expansion in technology over the last 20 years has produced more information on the biomechanics of the golf swing. “ Golf Biomechanics applies the principles and technique of golf mechanics to the structure and function of the golfer in an effort to improve the golf technique and performance” (Hume P., Keogh J., and Reid D. 2005) Biomechanics, “The scientific discipline that applies mechanical principles and to understanding movement.” (Hume P., Keogh J., and Reid D....   [tags: golper, backswing, downswing]

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The Physics Of A Golf Swing

- There are two main components that go into golf swing physics. Both these will result in the best possible shot good swing speed of the arms and shoulders. Uncorking the wrists at the right moment so that the club connects squarely with the ball. Uncorking the wrists means letting the wrists rotate freely, while still holding on to the club. You must generate good swing speed to hit the ball hard enough, so that it goes far. The second point is not as obvious. To understand the physics of a golf swing one must consider the mechanics of rotational motion....   [tags: Golf, Baseball, Professional golfer, Golf ball]

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Analysis Of The Film ' Swing Vote '

- The film, Swing Vote shows a comparison to patronage due to the fact that the presidential candidates involved in the movie did what ever was in their power to convince Bud to vote for them. The story told within the movie Swing Vote was about an irresponsible father who did not get to vote because the power shut down as his daughter was casting his vote. Later that same night after the voting incident occurred, government officials arrived at his home to inform him that his vote had not go through and that he had to chance to recast it for whoever he would like....   [tags: President of the United States, Barack Obama]

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The Swing Of Things : A Golf Course

- The Swing of Things Where can lush fairways, meticulously carved acres of beautiful pine, and oak trees be seen. A golf course presents an opportunity to see the beauty of nature, in a calming, and enlightened environment, while giving a competitor of any age or skill level a challenging, but exciting experience. Golf is perhaps the most intriguing, deep-seated game due to its beautiful golf courses, intense preparation, and clear mindset. Firstly, a golf course is the centerpiece of the game, carved through thick forests, laying stunningly next to the ocean, or streaming through gaping valleys....   [tags: Golf, Rules of golf, Driving range, Tee]

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My View Of The Bench Swing

- My neighborhood is pretty quiet, so when it is nice outside I go to the tennis courts and do yoga. The tennis courts are never occupied so I have the freedom to go anywhere I want. I never actually go onto the courts but right outside them in the grass. To the left sits a grassy field filled with weeds and wild flowers, a truly beautiful sight. Behind the small field there is a thin layer of trees to separate my neighborhood from the next. Peeking through the trees is a silver fence, which encloses a backyard that is always filled with dogs....   [tags: Thought, Mind, Sky, Sequoiadendron]

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Rebellion in the Movie Swing Kids

- Swing Kids is a 1993 film that takes place in Hamburg, Germany in 1939. Teenagers, who called themselves Swing Kids, rebelled against the Nazis by refusing to join the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth), better known as the HJ. They wore their hair long, liked American movies, dressed in British fashion, and listened to swing music. They used the salute “Swing Heil” as a mockery of the “Heil Hitler” salute with each other. The movie follows three Swing Kids: Peter Muller, Thomas Berger, and Arvid....   [tags: nazis, youth, hilter, kids]

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Swing Goes to War

- The first half of the twentieth century marked a time of immense hardship for the United States and many other nations around the world. In just three decades, the world saw two of the most destructive wars in history, the Great Depression, and countless other tragedies which would leave an indelible mark on human history. Surprisingly, this bleak and hopeless era also gave rise to one of the liveliest and most beloved forms of music of the twentieth century – swing. But swing music became much more than just tunes to listen to on the radio or music to dance to at clubs....   [tags: Music]

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What´s Swing Jazz?

- Swing Jazz, a subgenre of Jazz, was an unprecedented sound that has skillfully created an effect on the way we live today. In an article from a devoted Jazz website, Just the Swing, it is presented how Jazz was “revolutionary in its time period.” This is shown through how it was the first outlet that expanded into African American culture after desegregation was officiated. A corroboration within this statement is shown on’s : The History of Jazz Music Part II. This article adds to the idea of desegregation but concludes the idea of the “eclipsing” nature is what led to its success....   [tags: music revolution, sound, effects, culture]

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The Ivory Trade and the Slaughter of Elephants

- The Ivory Trade and the Slaughter of Elephants It is hard to equate an austere piano recital with the murder of hundreds of thousands of wild animals. For that matter, it is equally as difficult to relate that horrific scene with my grandmother’s antique hairpins, but the fact of the matter is that the creamy ivory that is so cherished as a sign of wealth, culture, and tradition is really the result of the work of poachers. How can those delicate hairpins be the topic of international debate and black market trade....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Music: Western Swing in Texas in 1930

- Short Essay: Even though the Great Depression was a time of suffering economically, it was also a time for creativity in country music. Wester swing appeared in Texas in the 1930s and quickly spread to other states. The exciting new sound appealed to many teens in the 1920s. By the 1930s they had taken the reels, waltzes, fiddle breakdowns, and other styles they had learned from their elders and combined them with blues, rags, jazz, swing, and pop to create a remarkably diverse and dynamic new sound that would come to be known as Western swing (Hartman, 144)....   [tags: country music, western music]

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The History of Ivory Trade

- The History of Ivory Trade Ivory’s appeal to the upper-classes as a symbol of affluence and its timeless style has lured people to the tusks since as far back as the ancient Egyptians around the year 3000BC. Since the Egyptians, every civilization with a significant upper class population has sought ivory and been willing to pay a premium price for it. The most expensive and most sought after was the ivory of East Africa where it was agreed that the ivory was, without a doubt, the best in the world....   [tags: World History]

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Napoleon : Swing Between The Black And White

- Napoleon: Swing between the Black and White The arguments about Napoleon Bonaparte have never stopped through hundreds of years after his death. Hero or Tyrant. The answer is just as complex as the question. Napoleon was still one of the most controversial historical figures today. The life of Napoleon was glorious, solemn and stirring. Some say that he is a shrewd politician; some say that he is a hero, who changed the history of Europe; some say that he is a sinner of war, a warmonger and a tyrant; some blame him for re-established the monarchy, which is the reverse of history....   [tags: French Revolution, Europe, History]

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My Memories Of The Old Wooden Swing

- As I close my eyes I picture myself on the old wooden swing set in the backyard. I feel the breeze flowing through my hair as I’m flying through the sky. I’m at my happiest, the blissful ignorance of a little eight year old girl. I hear the horses running, their hooves against the cracked dirt. I can see the shimmering sparkle of the pond, fish jumping out of the water just to catch the sight of these glorious fox trotters, the finest of the breed, prize winning, show-me contestants, flocking to the feeding bins where their master stands....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Emotion]

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Memories of the Ivory Coast

- Memories of the Ivory Coast Many people have never heard of the Ivory Coast. It is a vivacious country in my opinion, having lived there and experienced some greatly memorable along with not so pleasurable moments. This West-African Republic was once a French colony where my grandparents and parents lived and immensely appreciated the exquisite quality of life. Unfortunately, this did not remain for very long after 1994 and the death of the long standing President Houphouet- Boigny....   [tags: Papers]

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The Softball Swing

- Chapter One: Introduction Over the past fifteen to twenty years women's fastpitch softball popularity has continued to grow and spread internationally. By the mid-1990s it was played in more than 85 countries under the eye of the International Softball Federation (ISF). It has become increasingly popular among women at the youth and collegiate levels. More than 630 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) member institutions sponsor women's softball programs, and national championships for women are held in all three NCAA sports divisions (Encarta, 1998)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis Of The Cnn Documentary ' Ivory Tower ' By Andrew Rossi

- The CNN documentary “Ivory Tower”, created by Andrew Rossi, highlights some of the questions surrounding the issues within the higher education system of America. The main question debated throughout the film, is whether or not higher education is worth the continued rise in tuition. In order to make an affective argument that will convince and engage the audience, it is important for Rossi to use different kinds of appeals. The appeals, which include the ethical appeal, the pathetic appeal, and the logical appeal, all add to the effect of persuasion that the piece can have on the audience....   [tags: University, Higher education, Education]

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How Swing Dance and Jazz Music Impacted America

- My capstone project pertains to how swing dance and jazz music impacted America and the affects it had on the line of segregation during the time of the Great Depression. For many years the time and era of swing and jazz always amused me. Though they were hard times and people basically had nothing to live for, the fact that music, swing and jazz in particular, brought them to life, was a beautiful concept. Music and dance are two things that I believe gives people a reason to tolerate the adverse effects of the world....   [tags: great depression, new orleans]

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Performing A Full Golf Swing

- To begin executing the proper golf swing, your feet must be shoulder width apart. When gripping the club, place the club in the joints of your left fingers with the thumb pointing down the center or slightly to the right of the shaft. (This is written for the right-handed golfer, all left-handers must reverse everything). Place the pinky of the right hand in between the index and middle fingers of your left. Do not grip the club any tighter than you would a baby bird. The next step is the placement of the ball with respect to your stance....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Ivory Coast Overview and Media Analysis

- Part 1: Country Background The République de Côte d'Ivoire, also known as the Ivory Coast, is a country in West Africa bordering Liberia and Guinea to the west, Mali and Burkina Faso to the north, Ghana to the east, and the Gulf of Guinea to the south. The location now known as the Ivory Coast was made a protectorate of France during the era of imperialism by a treaty in the 1840's, and became a French colony in 1893. The country gained its independence in 1960, at which point it was led by Félix Houphouët-Boigny until 1993....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Wide Ivory Woman

- Wide Ivory Woman You are a wide woman sculpted out of one large solid block of ivory colored, lightly butterscotch speckled stone; you are distinctly and beautifully human, yet larger than life. I look up at you but do not know precisely what it is that you urge me to question. You are a maiden of Menedi, a statue presumably molded of Greek hands in the mid-fourth century B.C. You are seated at a thickly cushioned throne fashioned of the same ivory marble as that of your body, your head titled downward, your figure slightly crouched....   [tags: Antigone Sophocles Plato Statue Papers]

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The Swing Behind My House

- The Swing Behind My House Out behind my house, there is a row of fruit trees. At the end of the row, there is a small open building with a swing inside. Sitting in that swing, I can see off the top of the ridge on which my family lives. When I sit there, looking down past the rows of trees and far into the distance, I realize that the place is mine. It is important to me because it is associated with so many memories, it gives me a place to be alone, and it gives me a chance to be outside in nature....   [tags: Descriptive Essay About A Place]

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Ecstasy of St. Theresa by Bernini and The Swing by Fragonard

- The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Europe brought about sincere and contrasting artistic movements characterized by both the Baroque and Rococo Styles. With two distinct epochs we find one overly ornate with dramatic tendencies, while the other expressed a more playful, light hearted sensibility within the elaborate landscape. Ecstasy of St. Theresa by Bernini created during the High Roman Baroque period embodies both great similarities and contradictions to Rococo’s Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s, The Swing in composition and theme....   [tags: the elaborate and the delicate, Rococo, Baroque]

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The Gait Cycle Of The Leg Lift An Swing Phase

- Locomotion is the ability to move from one place to another. We use locomotion every day without even thinking about what we are doing. For most of us, walking is the main method of locomotion, it requires balance and could even be described as controlled falling. Taking just one step uses 200 muscles throughout the entire body and walking uses all the joints and muscles of the lower limb. "It is characterized by an ‘inverted pendulum‘motion, the body vaults over the non-moving limb."(The Functional Anatomy of Walking – Positive Health Online.) When humans walk, it usually consists of a repeated gait cycle....   [tags: Knee, Foot, Extension, Flexion]

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The Spring Jazz Collaboration, Swing Band And Madrigal Ensemble

- I attended “The Spring Jazz Collaboration” featuring the “CSI Jazz Combo”, “Swing Band”, and “Madrigal Ensemble” on March 9th. At first I thought it was just going to be three people playing the saxophone, the drums, and the bass. I was obviously wrong. Each song had their unique sound. I really liked how each musician had their own solo because it helped me hear the instrument and know what they sound like and that’s coming from a person who had never experienced a Jazz concert. The concert was broken up into four different sections....   [tags: Jazz, Music, Saxophone, Singing]

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The Perfect Golf Swing

- As I ran up and down the tee line, I saw my father slamming the ground with a golf club. I could not understand why he was always so angry when practicing. I stopped running and watched him closely, studying his body as he elegantly whipped the club through the air. Sweat was dripping from his nose, his shirt soaked completely through. I was six years old and in awe of this man. At home he was just dad, but on the golf course, he was someone else. He was an athlete. I watched him for hours that day, and I would watch him for years to come as he practiced, trying to find the perfect swing....   [tags: Process Essay]

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Swing Music

- Swing Music During the nineteen thirties and nineteen forties a certain style of music became very popular. This style of music became known as "swing". It was performed using rhythmic 'riffs' and is referred to a style of dance and band arrangements. America maintained swing's popularity throughout the World War Two years when both large and small ensembles toured Army and Navy camps both at home and abroad. At home, swing was heard at bond sale rallies and community concerts. The new sub-culture of women workers also adapted boogie-woogie and other novelty and jive styles....   [tags: Papers]

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Golf Swing

- Golf Swing The Basics The golf swing is sort of an awkward motion that can only be mastered in time and with practice. A person usually cannot pick up a golf club for the first time and swing it with perfection. One thing to remember is that there is not an ideal swing for everyone. A beginner or someone who already plays golf must develop his or her own swing from the basic fundamentals of golf. Even the pros that seem to play the game so well do not all have the same swing. Their swings have been transformed from their own experience and help from instructors or fellow competitors....   [tags: Art]

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Captain Swing

- Hobsbawm, E. J. and Rude, George (1975) Captain Swing. New York, NY: W.W. Norton and Company, Inc., 384 pp. Captain Swing is an enjoyable collaboration between E. J. Hobsbawm and George Rude that depicts the social history of the English agricultural wage-laborers’ uprising of 1830. According to Hobsbawm and Rude, historiography of the laborers’ rising of 1830 is negligible. Most of what is known by the general public comes from J. L. And Barbara Hammond’s The Village Laborer published in 1911....   [tags: essays research papers]

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swing kids

- When three friends are pressured by the government and each other, what choices will they make to strengthen or weaken their friendship. When people are pressured into things, does the character change. Is it a good or bad way. In the movie “Swing Kids” Peter, Thomas, and Aarvid made choices that reflect the strengths and weaknesses of their friendship. Peter is almost the head of there little group, and the choices he makes determines what everyone else thinks and does. For example, Peter is sent into the HJ’s because of his bad behavior and not because he wants to join....   [tags: essays research papers]

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African Elephants and Human-Elephant Interactions: Implications for Conservations by P.C. Lee and M.D. Graham

- The Elephant is something to marvel at there is no animal quite like them. Between its shear size (the largest terrestrial mammal alive today), the familiar emotions they share with humans such as mourning for their dead, or their unique features like their large trunks, tusks, and ears, there is nothing that compares. These are some reasons why this large beautiful animal should not be taken for granted in today’s society. Unfortunately they have been between the illegal poaching for ivory, human elephant conflict regarding land usage, and environmental factors; they have become endangered....   [tags: the ivory trade, elephant population]

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Critical Analysis of Virgin Mary giving the Rosary to St Dominic and St Catherine

- This paper is a critical analysis of the Virgin Mary giving the Rosary to St. Dominic and St Catherine of Siena which is an iconic piece of art that is displayed in the Fine Arts Museum of the University Academic Center at Houston Baptist University. This art will be presented by detailing the description, the symbolism, a theory of the unknown artist and periods, and the aesthetics of truth, beauty and spirituality. The ivory plate carving depicts Mary with Jesus standing in her lap. To her left she is handing St....   [tags: ivory plate, women, traditions]

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Symbols and Symbolism in Heart of Darkness - The Symbol of Ivory

- The Symbol of Ivory in Heart of Darkness In Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad often uses vague,"muted" descriptions, leaving a melange of possible meanings in the reader's lap. One exception to this trend is Conrad's symbolic use of ivory. Within the frame of the story, his references to ivory can obviously be seen as a representation of the white man's greed. Towards the end of the book ivory comes to symbolize the oozing evil that drips from the heart of darkness. It isn't long before Conrad makes a commentary on the greed of the whites....   [tags: Heart Darkness essays]

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Full Swing into the Revolution: The Uprisings of 1968

- Full Swing into the Revolution: The Uprisings of 1968 The year of 1968 proved an eventful one throughout the world; it witnessed the culmination of antagonism and dissatisfaction of oppressed people everywhere, and their subsequent retaliation against that oppression. A common element of rebellion in cities around the world was its incitement against authority: "the target of rebellion was power – power over people and power over nations, power exercised on the international plane by great imperial states, by governments within nations, or by people in positions of dominance over the powerless under them." (Daniels, 5) In Paris students rose to rebel against school authority, and were lat...   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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Managing Back Pain for Golfers

- Managing Back Pain for Golfers Winter’s over, and it is a gorgeous spring day. Time for golf. You head out to the golf course, get your bag of clubs out of the car, and get ready to have a fun time without a care in the world. Once there, you head to the green, ready the ball and get ready to swing. You just know it’s going to be epic this time. You swing the club and connect, but all of a sudden your back goes TWINGE. Welcome to the world of back injuries for golfers. You may have had some back pain after playing golf before, or this may be the first time you had that nagging lower back pain after playing golf....   [tags: injury, swing, warm-ups]

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Famous American Musician: Alton Glenn Miller

- Alton Glenn Miller was an American big band musician, arranger, composer, and bandleader in the swing era. He was the best-selling recording artist from 1939 to 1943, leading one of the best known big bands. Glenn Miller has become an icon. For many people his orchestra and the string of hits they produced represent the essence of the swing era. Alton Glenn Miller did a lot in his short life he had a successful career, inspiring childhood, burning success and an inspiring musical talent. Glenn Miller was born in a small town in Iowa but by the time he was three his family had moved to Nebraska....   [tags: bandleader, swing era, artist]

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I Am Southern By Nature

- I’m southern by nature, but not by geographical location. I was born in Minnesota and for as long I can remember, I never wanted Minnesota to be my home. My parents were never together, and I really don’t have any memories of them actually being together other than the constant court dates over my custody. When I was three, my mother and I moved to Georgia to live with my grandparents. It is where I found my love for everything that was a part of the southern culture: I love the southern charm: you can’t go anywhere else in the country and hear someone call you ma’am, the food – delicious and fried, and most of all the warm, sweet and welcoming hospitality....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Sandpit, Swing]

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The Duality of Ivory: An Examination of Greed in Society Through Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness

- Greed: the intense and selfish desire for something (Oxford Dictionary). It is one of the seven deadly sins, and society recognizes the vile nature of this trait, yet it is an integral part of our society, visible through our abundance. Joseph Conrad’s Europe was one of abundance: the more you had, the better you were regarded, and appearances were important, social success was gauged by what was observable. In response to vain society, to obtain social success you needed greed, for greed equated to more money, more power, more success....   [tags: literary analysis]

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Investigating the Factors that Affect the Period of One Swing of a Pendulum

- Investigating the Factors that Affect the Period of One Swing of a Pendulum Aim: To investigate the factors which affect the period of one swing (oscillation) of a simple pendulum. The factors I will use are length of the string, and angle that the bob is released from. Hypothesis: 1. Length of string I think that the length of the string directly affects the period of one oscillation. The mathematical formula used to describe the period of the pendulum is: T= 2 p√tex2html_wrap_inline105/g T is the period (time for one swing - seconds) tex2html_wrap_inline105 is the length of the pendulum (metres) g is the acceleration dues to gravity....   [tags: Papers]

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Investigating the Factors Which Affect the Time of a Pendulums Swing

- Investigating the Factors Which Affect the Time of a Pendulums Swing Aim: In this experiment, we hope to discover which various different factors take affect upon a pendulums oscillation, discover the appropriate formula to calculate the relative factor and how long the pendulum swings for. Preliminary: Before we do our main experiment, we need to see which key factors affect the time it takes for a pendulums oscillation. We suspect either one of these three factors: Mss of pendulum, length of pendulum arm and angle of swing....   [tags: Papers]

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Louis Prima: Man That Cat Could Swing!

- Louis Prima: Man That Cat Could Swing. Louis Prima was born to Italian immigrant parents Angelina and Anthony Prima on December 7, 1910 in the town that he would eventually draw his biggest influences from, New Orleans, Louisiana. Louis' first instrument was a saxophone that he received on his 10th birthday from the leader of the Dixieland band that his older brother Leon was in. He never quite took to the saxophone, and eventually gave it up and studied instead the violin. Near the end of his high school career however, he switched to the instrument that he is most associated with, and for which he acquired his nickname "the lip," the trumpet....   [tags: Music]

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight:The First Swing

- Sir Gawain and the Green Knight:The First Swing In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, a stranger rides into King Arthur's court with a challenge. This stranger, green in color from head to toe, proposes to play a game with a member of King Arthur's court. This game will be played by each participant taking a blow from a weapon at the hands of the opponent. The person that dies from the hit is obviously the loser. On top of this, the Green Knight offers to let his opponent take the first swing. This sets up the action in the passage beginning with line 366 and ending with line 443....   [tags: Arthurian Legends English Literature Essays]

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Golf and the Sencondary Discourse

- Playing golf encompasses many ups and downs, excitement and frustration, and an abundance of fun when things go right. Golf is a game with so many different emotions that constantly change and play with countless minds in menacing ways. Motivation is the key to success, brought by successful moments that cause excitement. Those moments keep me returning to the course, continuing to make mistakes, but always learning more about the puzzling language. Over several years, I have been able to learn the secondary Discourse of golf by learning about the golf swing, learning terminology, principles of the sport, and through my experiences....   [tags: sports, terminology, excercise, PGA, swing]

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The Origin and Evolution of Twerking

- Miley Cyrus recently made headlines for her performance on stage at the MTV Music Awards, shaking her rear end in what many described as a scandalous or inappropriate manner, while barely dressed in what was akin to a skimpy bathing suit. Anyone who watched the news in the days following her August 25, 2013, performance at the Video Music Awards could not have missed the commentary, and there was a lot of commentary. Some thought Miley’s performance was extreme and perverted. People talked, and many pondered this new dance....   [tags: dance, Miley Cyrus, Mapouka, Ivory Coast]

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Why Students Learn Throw Skill By Practising Multiple Key Cues Of Step, Swing And Throw

- Students learn underarm throw skill by practising three main key cues of step, swing and throw. Start Students from a half circle as everyone can focus on what is happening and see the demonstration clearly. Underhand throwing (Watson 2015) 1. Face your target 2. Step with your opposite foot towards the target 3. Use a pendulum motion with the arm you are throwing with 4. Follow through to the sky or ceiling with hand you are throwing with. • Get students to make groups of 3 • Two games are played at the same time....   [tags: Play, Game, Learning, The Starting Line]

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Benny Goodman, King of Swing

- Benjamin David Goodman was born in Chicago on May 30, 1909, the ninth of twelve children born to David and Dora Goodman, who both emigrated from Russia but met in America. David Goodman eked out a minimal living for his family by working for a tailor in a sweatshop. To help alleviate the family’s poverty, the children were urged to work as soon as they were old enough. For entertainment, David would take his youngest children to Douglas Park on Sundays to hear free band concerts. It was here that he first heard of the Kehelah Jacob band....   [tags: Biography, Entertainment]

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Jazz During The Harlem Renaissance

- Jazz during the Harlem Renaissance The Harlem Renaissance was a major artistic movement in the early Twentieth Century. The movement impacted all types of art including music, paintings, and literature and even influenced the cultural setting to an extent. The Harlem Renaissance was an artistic revolution that took place in the 1920s where African American artists, writers, philosophers and artists sought to foster a rich black culture within the great melting pot of America. Alain Lock promoted a trend, which led to more political aggressiveness, and a self-confident perspective of identity and racial delight prompted the establishment of the idea of the “new negro.” (1) Also during the 1...   [tags: Jazz, Blues, Swing music, Duke Ellington]

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- Child’s play is serious business at Swing-N-Slide, manufacturers of wooden outdoor playground equipment. Twenty years ago, the only quality playground products designed for back yards were expensive, pre-cut wooden swing sets priced over $1,000. Swing-N-Slide recognized an unmet need, and began selling strong, durable and lower-cost playground projects. Today their line of do-it-yourself wooden playground equipment is the market leader in the United States, sold worldwide through 6,000 home center, building supply and hardware stores....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Incorporating Other Music into West African Music

- Music throughout West Africa has a history of evolving in an encompassing manner, involving many different kinds of music. It begins with different musical traditions across West Africa influencing one another, and since the 19th century involves the influences of popular Western music in West African music. Roughly between 1200 and 1900, a succession of ancient African empires with centralized governments flourished across West Africa, with various kingdoms, such as the Kingdom of Songhai and the Ashanti Kingdom, covering much of contemporary Mali, Ghana and Nigeria....   [tags: Music History, African Culture]

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Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith: Two Legendary Classical Blues Artists

- The blues emerged as a distinct African-American musical form in the early twentieth century. It typically employed a twelve-bar framework and three-lined stanzas; its roots are based in early African-American songs, such as field hollers and work songs, and generally have a melancholy mood. The blues can be divided into many sub-genres, including Classical, Country, and Urban. The purpose of this paper is to focus on the careers of two of Classical blues most influential and legendary singers: Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith....   [tags: music, musicians]

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Prejudice in Not Without Laughter by Langston Hughes

- Prejudice is a cancer that spreads hate among its perpetrators and victims alike. In 1930 Langston Hughes penned the novel, Not Without Laughter. This powerful story, written from the perspective of an African-American boy named James “Sandy” Rodgers, begins in the early 1900’s in the small town of Stanton, Kansas. Through the eyes of young Sandy, we see the devastating impact of racism on his family and those they are close to. We also see how the generations of abuse by whites caused a divide within the black community....   [tags: skin color, whites, slavery]

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Imagery in Slaughterhouse-Five

- Kurt Vonnegut's uses many images to enhance the overall effect of Slaughterhouse- Five. Throughout the novel, in both war scenes and in the protagonist's travels back and forward in time, the many images produce a believable story of the unusual life of Billy Pilgrim. Vonnegut uses color imagery, repetitive images, and images of pain and suffering to develop the novel and create situations that the reader can accept and comprehend. Billy Pilgrim's life is far from normal. Throughout most of his adult life he has been moving backwards and forwards through time, from one event to another, in a non-sequential order....   [tags: free essay writer]

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The Roman Economy During Ancient Times

- Merriam-Websters dictionary defines economy as “the process or system by which goods and services are produced, sold, and bought in a country or region”. In both Rome and Greece, the economy was bustling, because the people would sell good to other civilization in order to continuously grow enough food to feed themselves. Many systems that were in place in antiquity are still around in our modern times. The Roman economy during antiquity time was made up of many different aspects but the Roman economy relied heavily on the use of slave labor and agriculture....   [tags: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Roman Republic]

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From Songs of Limbs and Flesh and Heart Perhaps Too

- From Songs of Limbs and Flesh and Heart Perhaps Too "Am I desirable?" le désir/ desire Without the consistent reminder that the amorous subject is found sexually appealing, there is an attention to physical detail, a reassessment of worth, and of balance between what is called "inner and outer beauty" 1. In the mirror I am searching for what the other will be drawn to. And not only the other, but anyone: strangers, foes, past lovers. I am scanning legs, hair, and curve of thigh. Is it elbow, or nape of neck....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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I Was a Washington D.C. Intern

- I Was a Washington D.C. Intern On June 9, 2003, my life took an interesting turn. It was a sunny day. Blue skies, humidity insanely high, and I found myself at 4th Street and Constitution in Washington, D.C. I stood before an angled architectural masterpiece by famed architect I.M. Pei; its pointed corners jutted out towards the grassy Mall and Capitol Hill as if it were some sort of Picasso-esque compass pointing simultaneously towards all the tourist hot spots. (The one corner, purportedly the sharpest building corner in the world, wore a dark gray spot about eye level where thousands if not millions of tourists had touched it just to see how sharp it really was)....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Chaos Theory Explained

- Chaos Theory Explained “Traditionally, scientists have looked for the simplest view of the world around us. Now, mathematics and computer powers have produced a theory that helps researchers to understand the complexities of nature. The theory of chaos touches all disciplines.” -Ian Percival, The Essence of Chaos Part I: The Basics of Chaos. Watch a leaf flow down stream; watch its behavior within the water… Perhaps it will sit upon the surface, gently twirling along with the current, dancing around eddies, slightly spinning, then all of a sudden, it slaps into a rock or gets sucked beneath the water by a small whirlpool....   [tags: Papers]

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Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

- The novella, Heart of Darkness (1899), written by Joseph Conrad, is one big metaphor for the insatiable desire for land and commodity of Imperialist Europe. The protagonist is Charlie Marlow, a steamer captain during the Scramble to Africa, tells his crew of his travels into the heart of Africa, up the Congo River to an ivory trading station, deep within the impenetrable forest of Congo. He is trying to get to Mr. Kurtz- a lead ivory exporter of the area. Praising this mysterious authoritarian figure, Marlow is transformed by what he witnesses....   [tags: Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad]

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Heart Of Darkness Vs. Sweetheart Song Of Tra Bong

- Heart of Darkness V. Sweetheart Song of Tra Bong Conrad illustrates the idea that Kurtz has been consumed by the darkness of the wild and loses his self, and morals to where he is nothing but an empty human shell, While O’ Brien explores the idea that Mary Ann has this idea that she has found her sense of belonging but in all actuality has been destroyed but the war. Renn G. Neilson writes that “Given the popular analogy that Kurtz represents European imperialism, this passage suggests that the power of expression enables imperialism to establish itself” (41)....   [tags: Heart of Darkness, Apocalypse Now, Joseph Conrad]

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Revelations of Dark and Light in Heart of Darkness by Josephy Conrad

- ... Old knitter of black wool. Morituri te salutant” (Conrad, pg 10-11). The door of darkness refers to Africa and the black wool is the people of Africa who are being used by the ivory traders and the two women are a representation of Europe as well as the ivory traders who see the Africans as children who behave as foolishly. Conrad is obviously trying to say that the two women represent how the European traders see the people of Africa, as a commodity to be used and the door of darkness is Africa....   [tags: journey, symbol, morally, morality, immorality]

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Darkness Beyond Our Modern Comprehension

- It begins in darkness beyond our modern comprehension that robs you of your very sense of feeling or being. How you might ask, simply because there has yet to be anything but. All at once, a swinging motion takes place, side to side it swings, higher and higher. Sensations begin to birth out of this, and the darkness appears to create something that is not. Light. Though not as constant as what was before, there was blinding split seconds of white. Left and right it swung, with each center of the swinging motion, it was almost as if a mass was lifted and carried, the flashes of white showed these dark outlines of these masses....   [tags: Light, Darkness, Sound, Left-wing politics]

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The Significant Role of Women in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

- In the 1900s novella Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, the protagonist often encounters women at landmarks of his life. Charlie Marlow is a sailor and imperialist who sets out along the Congo River to “civilize” the “savages.” The novella begins with a crew on the Thames waiting for the tides to change. During their wait, a character named Marlow tells of his exploits on the African continent. In his recounted travels, Marlow meets other imperialists such as Mr. Kurtz, a man who is obsessed with the pursuit of ivory and riches....   [tags: heart of darkness]

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Analysis Of Joseph Conrad 's ' Heart Of Darkness '

- “Going Native” or Not In Joseph Conrad’s book, “Heart of Darkness”, the character Kurtz did not “go native”, but instead got corrupt by his power. For one to “go native”, one must “completely embrace the ways of life, the customs, the languages, and the laws of the natives” (Wintroub 1191) and even siding with the natives (Wintroub 1200). Kurtz shows that he does embrace the ways of life of the natives, but that he chooses to rule over them as a deity and command them to do his bidding. Throughout the book, Kurtz shows no sympathy to the native people nor views himself as one of them, but instead he treats them with such cruelty and views them as lesser beings to himself....   [tags: Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness]

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War is Inevitable and Death is Too

- Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five is a satire on the behaviors of man. Often characterized as an anti-war novel, Slaughterhouse-Five tries to show that war and destruction are a part of the human life cycle. Humanity is highly conflict prone; conflict resolution often manifests itself in the terms of war. Vonnegut attempts to show that war results in widespread death and destruction; therefore, war and death are inevitable. In Slaughterhouse-Five, Kurt Vonnegut explores the inevitability of war, shown through the examination of color usage - such as blue and ivory - in order to symbolize the interminable presence of war....   [tags: Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five]

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The Human Foot and Ankle

- Introduction The human foot and ankle are composed of 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than a hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments. These components work together to provide the body with support, balance and mobility. The foot acts as a “rigid lever and mobile adapter” (Amstrong [Prosthetic feet], 2010). The human foot must be capable of withstanding the body’s weight and functions as a shock absorber (Swierzewski, 2007; NYU, 1990). The prosthetic foot needs to be capable of mimicking the missing natural foot, to make for the most efficient gait pattern....   [tags: Biology, Bones, Joints]

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The Physics of Swinging

- The Physics of Swinging My son begs to watch me swing on one of the swing sets at the park. I tell him that there is so much work involved and I don’t know if I have the energy to do all of the many things it takes to make a swing move. It’s such an innocent plea, but complicated in the terms of the actual process of it. The physics of swinging has so many components. From resonance to force, and from the period of the swing to the conversion of energy, the process of swinging is actually a complicated matter....   [tags: Physics Swinging Essays]

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The Game of Golf and Physics

- The Game of Golf and Physics A famous saying for many golfers is, “golf is the most enjoyable walk that can be had in two hours”; even though many people disagree with this and say it is, “the worst walk in two hours.” Still, over time many people have had the opportunity to play, learn, and enjoy the beauty of golf courses around the world. Many golfers know that the game of golf requires mental and physical aptitude with hours of practice in order to be proficient at the game. Furthermore, since golf is a sport played in the physical world, the entire game can be explained and actually improved by many principles in Physics....   [tags: Sports Science Papers]

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The Story of Pygmalion and Galatea

- The Story of Pygmalion and Galatea “If you gods can give all things, may I have as my wife, I pray… one like the ivory maiden.” ~Pygmalion Pygmalion, the mythical king of Cyprus, had many problems when dating women. He always seemed to accept dates from the wrong women. Some were rude, others were selfish; he was revolted by the faults nature had placed in these women. It left him feeling very depressed. He eventually came to despise the female gender so much that he decided he would never marry any maiden....   [tags: Cyprus Mythology]

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Taking a Look at Kit Kat

- Introduction Kit Kat is one of the most famous chocolate in the world with 150 chocolate consumed per second globally. (Nestle 2013 March 18, 2013). In this report, the following topics of the product will be discussed includes the product information, development of countries, location factors of manufacturers and sources, stakeholders and how they are affected by the product, alternatives, decisions on the consequences and also a map displaying the countries of manufacturers and sources. 1....   [tags: product history and analysis]

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