Effects of Bath Salts on the Human Body

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What are bath salts? What are all the effects of bath salts on a human body?

When it comes to bath salts people may not know what bath salts are. Bath salts is a drug that does lots of harm to your body. Bath salts is a very dangerous drug that can lead to death. No matter how you use Bath Salts, it will find a way to effect your body in many ways. Although, there isn't much information since the drug is new to the drug industry there is not yet, know what's in the drug completely. People and doctors can already tell that the ingredients are very dangerous. You will read and know what bath salts is, the effects, and stories about what happens when you take bath salts so you can see just how dangerous and serious this drug is. Bath salt is a dangerous drug that does many bad effects to the human body.

“ Bath salts are made with at least seven to nine chemicals that don’t show up in typical drug test, Similar synthetic drug is advertised as plant fertilizer in other countries. Because the chemicals are made with different ingredients and the potency varies,users quickly can overdose with effects similar to methamphetamine,said Garner and Dr. Gaylord Lopez of the Georgia Poison control center. Bath salts are synthetic stimulant, typically in the form of a white or brown crystalline powder that contains one or more chemicals that are physically similar to amphetamines and MDMA(ecstasy), but the effects on the human brain isn't fully know yet. Since the drug is new and some of the ingredients inside bath salts aren’t known yet.”( Medical quotes )

Bath salts is a new drug, so its hard to know the full range of long term-effects are, but they seem to have many similarities to methamphetamine ( meth). Using bath salts for a lo...

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