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Psychological Assessment Of Psychological Assessments

- In the first four chapters of the book, Hood and Johnson examined closely the uses, nature, measurement concepts and initial and outcome assessments of psychological assessments used in Counseling Psychology. Psychological assessments are used by counselors to “identify the nature of a client’s concern and to consider possible treatment approaches” (p.3). Additionally, the assessment data derived from assessments is used by counselors for planning and evaluating programs. The assessment process is therapeutic in that it assists clients in clarifying goals and gives them a “sense of perspective and support” (p.3)....   [tags: Psychometrics, Assessment, Psychological testing]

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Defense Mechanisms : A Psychological Disorder

- Defense Mechanisms As Ms. Bullock walked toward the check-in area, she began to feel her body stiffen. Negative thoughts began to run through her mind, afraid of what the results from her colonoscopy would say. After checking in, she found a seat and sat down. She tried to think positive and set her mind on something more uplifting. As time went by she began to think about her grandkids and how she couldn 't wait to see them tomorrow. When it was time for her to meet with the doctor, she was relaxed and ready to hear the results, good or bad....   [tags: Defence mechanism, Psychological projection]

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Psychological Anxieties in English Literature

- ... Lack of faith in God and religion caused man to develop confused conceptions in their own identities and an apprehensive anxieties as an integral part of their life to some extent was self-created leading them to live a purposefully incomplete life. An important characteristic of the modern novel is its diversity of themes and variety of themes were not prevalent during Marlowe’s Age. Doctor Faustus Theme- The play opens with the chorus which announces the theme of the play- being neither exploits of war, nor ‘dalliance’ of love, nor ‘proud audacious deeds’....   [tags: psychological tormented characters]

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Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

- Purpose: Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) works with students at the University of Arkansas to help them solve problems that arise during any given semester. CAPS help students to understand themselves and to promote personal growth. The staff at CAPS helps students to develop more satisfying relationships with their friends, families, and peers. They also assist with other mental health issues. Population: CAPS provide services for all the students attending the University of Arkansas....   [tags: Psychological Servicies, Counseling]

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Ethical and Psychological Hedonism

- ... To compare, then, in general hedonism is about valuing pleasure; depending on what kind we are talking about, it may hold different meanings entirely. Ethical hedonism is one branch which states that a person ought to be entitled to act in ways so as to achieve the greatest amount of personal pleasure (and minimize the amount of personal pain). This normative statement is in sharp contrast to the descriptive—and theoretically baseless—concept of psychological hedonism which argues that a human is always motivated by a desire to achieve personal pleasures....   [tags: ethical hedonism, psychological hedonism]

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Evolution of Psychological Disorders

- Psychological disorders could be better defined. It is described as mental or behavior pattern that cause a person suffering and is not seen as socially acceptable of normal. The field is growing each year and they are developing a better understanding of how to diagnose and treat the disease. After reading about the DSM-IV-TR it does seem like a more efficient resource for strictly psychological diseases does need to be produced especially, because the amount of psychological disorders has grown so much in the past 60 years and will continue to grow....   [tags: mental behavior, psychological disorders]

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Psychological Maltreatment And Mental Trauma

- Psychological maltreatment is also often referred to interchangeably as emotional or mental abuse. This refers to any form of maltreatment that can be categorized as an individual being subjected to the activities of another individual that frequently result in any form of mental trauma of the victim. Psychological maltreatment can be seen as one of the most serious and slightly overlooked problems in modern society (Lesson & Nixon, 2010). In general, psychological maltreatment is considered any kind of abuse that is emotional opposed to physical in nature....   [tags: Abuse, Bullying, Psychological abuse, Psychology]

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The Psychological Causes of Alcoholism

- A little while ago, I sat down with this woman to talk about her life. She told me that her story was a bit sad and bitter, and for a moment, I did not believe it. It was after when I realized that she actually meant it, she meant it when she said there was no happy ending. It was hard to understand, but at the same time, it was all crystal clear. Her mother was an alcoholic. She died when se was only 61 years old, and left a family full of memories and love behind (Arango). That woman is my mom, and that alcoholic, the most generous and toughest person I know, was my grandmother....   [tags: co-dependence, alcohol, psychological condition]

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Why is the Psychological Contract Important to the Organization?

- Human resource management plays an important role in the organisation. It not only helps the employer evaluate employee accurately but also contribute to the firm’s development. Hence, the appearance of psychological contract is one of the most effective tools to help the organisation improve their HRM issues. However, it also has some challenges for the manager to overcome. Therefore, the main aim of this essay is to analyse the importance of the psychological contract in many aspects and support more evidences and experiences to support employers’ view in managing people....   [tags: Psychological Contract Research Paper]

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Psychological Structures that Shape a Person's Actions

- Every individual has a unique personality, which is known as the psychological makeup. This is known as the relatively stable, psychological structures that shape a person’s actions in a specific environment. (Gill, 1986) Triplett (1898) shows that sport psychology began in the 1890s. The psychologist Norman Triplett who was a keen cyclist, asked the question that is, “why do cyclists sometimes rode faster when they raced in groups or pairs than when they rode alone?” (Weinberg & Gould, 2011, p....   [tags: personality,psychological makeup,responses]

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Psychological and Sociological Factors in Smoking Addiction

- Psychological and Sociological Factors in Smoking Addiction Understanding the habit of smoking tobacco The essay will discuss how smoking tobacco became a habit among people; what are the factors that affect the thinking of individuals in experimenting tobacco smoking; and what makes them think of quitting smoking. It will address both psychological and sociological ideas and will attempt to apply each idea in order to understand people’s lifestyles. Introduction Tobacco is a green and leafy plant and mostly grows in a warm environment....   [tags: Smoking, psychological and social influences]

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The Psychological Perception Of Contemporary Mental Treatment

- Lauren Slater strayed away from using the technical and psychological definition of repression, she used repression in more of a way to describe depression. Her argument is that revisiting traumas perhaps will not be helpful for some people to prefer to avoid thinking about the past. She takes notice to how people who are like this engage themselves in activities as a form of recovery. Slater’s most important argument lies where 's she brings up that probably repression is effective amongst natural repressors, which makes her definition for repression conflicting with individuals who do not repress well....   [tags: Psychology, Psychological trauma]

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Psychological Analysis of Lee Harvey Oswald

- On November 22nd, 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. It was concluded by The Warren Commission that the man who assassinated President Kennedy was 24 year old, Lee Harvey Oswald. Less than 48 hours after Kennedy was shot, while Oswald was being transferred to the county jail, he was assassinated. Lee Harvey Oswald was killed before he could undergo any psychological or psychiatric analysis, so it is impossible to know for certain what his mental state was at the time of President Kennedy's assassination....   [tags: Psychological Capability of Murder]

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Ptsd : The Most Common Psychological Disorders

- PTSD is an ongoing struggle and continues to be for most people that come back from the war. PTSD is a disorder that comes on after experiencing a traumatic event, which often leads to them being depressed or anxious for months or years after (America). PTSD can also be found in women who have just given birth and children. I think PTSD is one of the most common psychological disorders. As more people enlist there are probably going to be more people who come back with PTSD. Hopefully as time goes on we continue to discover better ways to treat PTSD....   [tags: Psychology, Mental disorder, Psychological trauma]

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The American Psychological Association Describes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )

- The American Psychological Association describes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as the symptomatic reaction to the direct or indirect exposure to an extreme traumatic stressor that evokes feelings of fear, helplessness and horror. Mostly, this description of PTSD has been applied to instances of short-lived, single event, acute traumas, but it fails to capture the psychological symptomology resulting from repeat exposure to traumatic stressors or the effect of persistent non-traumatic stressors over a extended period of time....   [tags: Psychological trauma]

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Personal Identity and Psychological Reductionism

- Personal Identity and Psychological Reductionism When we tackle the question of 'What makes us the individual persons that we are?', one approach that we can take is to seek an answer to the question of what it is that is required for a person to continue to exist over time. If we could agree on what is required for it to be true that you continued to exist, then we would have good grounds to believe that we had discovered what makes someone the particular person they are, and by extension, what makes any person the person they are....   [tags: Psychology Psychological Papers]

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Psychological and Ethical Egoism

- Egoism is a teleological theory of ethics that sets the ultimate criterion of morality in some nonmoral value (i.e. happiness or welfare) that results from acts (Pojman 276). It is contrasted with altruism, which is the view that one's actions ought to further the interests or good of other people, ideally to the exclusion of one's own interests (Pojman 272). This essay will explain the relation between psychological egoism and ethical egoism. It will examine how someone who believes in psychological egoism explains the apparent instances of altruism....   [tags: Ethics Psychological Egoism]

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Psychological Assessment Report

- Confidential Material The names used in this Psychological Assessment Report are fictitious. This is absolutely necessary to protect the privacy of the children being observed. NAME: Ryan Smith DATE OF BIRTH: 5/8/1998 CHRONOLOGICAL AGE: 16 years PARENTS: Mary Smith & Ryan Smith GRADE: completed ninth grade DATES OF ASSESSMENT: 7/17; 7/27/2014 DATE OF REPORT: 8/3/ 2014 INDENTIFYING DATA AND REASON FOR REFERRAL: Ryan is a 16 years 3 months old Caucasian adolescent, who was referred for a psychological evaluation to determine his current cognitive and emotional status....   [tags: Adolescent Psychological Assessment]

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Journal Article Review on Using Psychological Skills Training to Develop Performance by Richard C. Thelwell

- Review of Journal Article: Using Psychological Skills Training to Develop Soccer Performance Richard C. Thelwell , Iain A. Greenlees & Neil J. V. Weston (2006) Using Psychological Skills Training to Develop Soccer Performance, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology,18:3, 254-270 Improving the performances of athletes has always been of utmost importance to many stakeholders of the sporting industry, such as the athletes’ coaches, sport psychologists, sports scientists. Many factors during a competition can affect athletes physically and mentally and these can negatively affect their performance abilities....   [tags: performance, profiling, psychological]

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Emotional And Psychological Abuse : A Young Age Affects How Yunior Interacts With Women

- Abuse and neglect at a young age affects how Yunior interacts with women. For example, In the early years of Yunior 's life his mother sends him and his brother rafa away to his uncle’s ranch. This absence of his mother for a month caused Yunior to experience a man inappropriately touching him on a bus heading towards his uncle’s ranch. According to the case study Identifying Emotional and Psychological Abuse : A Guide for Childcare Professionals by Kieren O’ Hagan, Children who experience some type of abuse between the age of 5 - 12 go through emotions that shape how they perceive their parent and how they receive love or lack of....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Psychological abuse, Neglect]

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The Psychological Impact of War and Peacekeeping

- Comparing ‘Suspicious Minds at Risk. The Role of Meaning in Processing War, Peacekeeping Experiences’ and ‘Nationalism, Internationalism, and Perceived UN Irrelevance: Mediators of Relationships between Authoritarianism and Support for Military Aggression as Part of the War on Terror’ and How Many Casualties Are Too Many. Proportional Reasoning in the Valuation of Military and Civilian Lives War is one of the unfortunate constants of human history, fought for various reasons. One has to wonder how much human beings can dehumanize the enemy, or their own soldiers with simple propaganda....   [tags: Psychological Effects of Combat]

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Psychological Egoism

- Psychological Egoism      The descriptive claim made by Psychological Egoists is that humans, by nature, are motivated only by self-interest. Any act, no matter how altruistic it may seem on the outside is actually only a disguise for a selfish desire such as recognition, avoiding guilt, reward or sense of personal ‘goodness’ or morality. For example, Mother Teresa is just using the poor for her own long-term spiritual gain. Being a universal claim, it could falter with a single counterexample....   [tags: Psychology Psychological Essays]

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Psychological Stress

- Psychological stress is a result of many factors and should be dealt with very carefully. Stress can be defined as “An excess of demand made upon the adaptive capabilities of the mind and body”.(Joseph 1). Another way of putting it, is that there are some things that put certain demands on us. The effects of stress should not be limited to unpleasant emotional states. Many studies have concluded that the effects on our physical health from stress can be extremely detrimental. These adverse physical effects include heart disease and formations of cancer....   [tags: Health Impact Psychological Stress]

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Psychological Intervention Research Techniques

- This assignment presents an analysis of various Intervention research techniques. Given that Randomized Control Trials are considered to be a gold standard for testing the efficiency and efficacy of interventions, the main focus of this assignment will be on the value of other types of intervention research techniques. For the sake of convenience most of the examples in this assignment will focus on interventions for schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a disorder which is characterized by disturbances in the content of thought, perception, affect, sense of self, motivation, and behaviour....   [tags: Psychological Research Techniques]

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Psychological And Psychological Aspects Of Psychology

- During this course on abnormal psychology, our class learned about psychological disorders and varying types of abnormal psychological functioning. Our textbook explored these disorders and relayed well-rounded information. In our online classroom, we watched several films and discussed questions related to each chapter’s content. I learned quite a bit from this coursework and it promoted me to think more deeply about the topics at hand. This course helped me to focus in on what within psychology I would like to pursue and learn more about....   [tags: Psychology, Mental disorder, Psychiatry]

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Psychological And Psychological Responses Of Fear

- Physical and Psychological Responses to Fear William is a nine-year-old boy that every day must walk two blocks to get to and from his bus stop. Halfway through the walk every morning and afternoon a mean dog jumps its fence to chase William the rest of the way to the bus or home. This specific event that occurs every day is a stressor in Williams’s life. The physical and psychological response to this stressor, or fear, is called stress (Schacter, Gilbert, Wegner & Nock, 2015). William’s response to fear is controlled by the autonomic nervous system (ANS)....   [tags: Sympathetic nervous system]

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The Psychological Concept Of The Social Psychological Concepts

- What would it be like to live in a world with no emotions, no moods, and no feelings regardless of any given situation. Without a doubt, it would be a very dull and boring experience. While the emotions people have and moods they portray are not always happy and welcoming, they are still a necessary part of life when trying to convey one’s thoughts about a certain situation. Emotions and moods are results of certain experiences or situations and how that experience or situation affects the way a person feels....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Personality psychology]

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Psychological And Psychological Description Of The Movie ' The Night '

- Once she had danced with Steven six or seven times in the evening, and they had talked about it for as many month… John never danced or enjoyed himself. He was always uncomfortable in good suit and shoes.” “This time, instead of poise and excitement, it brought a reminder that she had changed her dress and rearranged her hair.” “She who now felt suddenly an air of appraisal as nothing more than an understanding of the unfulfilled woman that until this moment had lain within her brooding and unadmitted, reproved out of consciousness by the insistence of an outgrown, routine fidelity.” According to Ann’s physical and psychological description, it hides a truth that she would cheat on John....   [tags: Marriage, Woman, Filial piety, Wife]

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Psychological And Psychological Disorders And Behavioral Patterns

- Many people think that they are perfectly fine psychologically throughout their lives, but in reality everyone actually develops a type of phobia consciously or unconsciously in their lifetime. Phobias are fear to a certain type of object or situation (Weiten 177). Also, the part of our brain that deals with emotions is called the amygdala (Weiten 308). This means that any damage to the amygdala will cause a person to be unable to identify emotions that they are expressing or emotions that are produce by others....   [tags: Psychology, Emotion, Paul Ekman]

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The Psychological Contract

- Introduction The Psychological Contract is an increasingly relevant aspect of workplace relationships and human behavior. This essay will provide a basic definition of psychological policy, explain and analyze the role of the psychological control in managing human resources by different perspectives from people involved. Moreover, it will point out issues with the Raffles merger, address these issues and detail how it strengthens the contract in the Raffles merger by three inter-related human resource polices....   [tags: human resource management]

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Is Psychological Profiling the Solution to Terrorism?

- Is Psychological Profiling the Solution. History Between 1940 and 1956, a profound killer known as the Mad Bomber disturbed New York City’s streets. For sixteen years, the Mad Bomber evaded New York City’s police officers and planted over thirty small bombs in public places. In 1956, the infuriated investigators decided to ask for the help of a psychiatrist, James Brussel. Brussel analyzed the notes and photos that were taken at the scene of the incidents. These objects allowed him to come up with a detailed description of the suspect: He would be in his 50’s, unmarried, self-educated, and foreign....   [tags: mad bomber, crime, police]

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Physical Safety And Psychological Safety

- An employee will arguably get a better psychological safety as a team when she/he feels safe from physical hazards, such as possibility to get injure in the workplace. Idris et al. (2012) contend that physical safety climate may relate to psychological health. In addition, Beus et al. (2010) emphasise that injury safety climate relates to psychological safety climate. Furthermore, Kouabenan, Ngueutsa, and Mbaye (2015) and Silva, Lima, and Baptista (2004) highlight that low accident frequency relates to safety climate as a work’s team....   [tags: Employment, Psychology, Positive psychology]

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The Psychological Effects Of Injuries On Athletes

- Injuries are part of an athlete’s life from the time they decide to train. An athlete is aware of the risks in order to be perform and be the best at what they; however, they cannot afford to think they will be injured. They must adopt a mindset that they are untouchable and the best in order to perform and train and peak efficiency. When an injury is sustained however, the effects are disastrous to an athlete not only physically but mentally. An athlete’s mind is the most important thing to them arguably, because without the will power and determination channeled from their mind they would be unable to perform....   [tags: Psychology, Thought, Mind, Cognition]

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The Effects of Psychological Trauma on Family

- Psychological Trauma can alter, destroy and create a lot of bad impacts in a person’s life. The main definition of psychological trauma is the results of unique individual experience of an unusually event that invaded a person’s sense of security and safety, making he or she feels helpless and at risk of dangerous situation, and the ability to assimilate his or her emotional experience is overwhelmed at certain situation. (Lawrence Robinson, 2011) A much more serious psychological trauma can leads to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) in certain circumstance....   [tags: Psychology ]

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The Psychological Impact of Injury on Athletes

- Due to the nature of sport, athletes will always be faced with the possibility of becoming injured. Empirical research has demonstrated that injury has a psychological impact on athletes (Quinn & Fallon, 1999). Indeed, sports practitioners often witness negative psychological impacts such as depression and in extreme cases suicidal tendencies in the injured athlete (Jevon & Johnston, 2003). Injuries have a dramatic impact upon an athlete’s life (Deutsch, 1985), Crossman (1997) interviewed athletic trainers and established that 47% of respondents believed that every injured athlete suffered psychological trauma....   [tags: psychology, sports, training, trauma]

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The Effects Of Psychological Disorders On The Brain

- This paper discusses what psychological disorders are and how to cope with them. It explains that psychological disorders are also known as mental disorders that affect the brain, which in turn alter the way people may behave. There are several different types of disorders that individuals can suffer from. A few that are mentioned are anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. All three of these can be classified as a mental illness because they affect mood, thinking, and behavior. Like with any disease, signs and symptoms are apparent....   [tags: Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Mental disorder]

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Psychological Safety And Self Efficacy

- Psychological safety and self-efficacy are closely related (Al-Refaie, 2013; Edmondson, 1999). Psychological safety is a shared belief among team members for interpersonal risk taking (Edmondson, 1999). It is an employee’s safety feeling in doing the job without negative consequences on self-image, status or career (Brown & Leigh, 1996; Kahn, 1990; May, Gilson, & Harter, 2004). Moreover in organisational context, it refers to the basic belief about how other people in the organization will respond to an individual member choice which may be risky for the organisation (Cannon & Edmondson, 2001)....   [tags: Occupational safety and health, Risk, Employment]

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The Psychological Wellbeing On The Age Of Internet

- The psychological wellbeing in the age of internet Today is the era of information technology. There are a number of applications of this technology in the daily lives of human beings. And one of the most prominent, frequent and overly emphasized example of this technology is internet. Strictly speaking, internet is the technology with many other sub-technologies in its implication. Most of the computer applications are useless without internet. Most of the mobile phone functions cannot operate properly without internet....   [tags: Personality psychology, Psychology]

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Psychological Disorders in a Terroristic Event

- Psychological disorders present in individuals in the wake of a terroristic event will vary based on several things. For example, young children will have different psychological disorders compared to school-aged children or adolescents. Although the ages are fairly close, the disorders and symptoms that will be present will have great differences. Also, the psychological disorders of the direct victims, such as the individuals present at the event, will differ from the emergency workers, the indirect victims, such as family friends and coworkers of the direct victims, or the first responders, which include the media, fire department and police....   [tags: Disorders, Symptoms, Emergencies, Age]

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The Chemical and Psychological Effects of Chocolate

- In 2013, about 7.4 million tons of chocolate is expected to be consumed globally, totaling to nearly $110 billion (Pardomuan, Nicholson). I can honestly say that I will be one of the many people who contribute immensely to those massive quantities. Chocolate has always been one of my guilty pleasures, leading me to consider myself a “chocoholic.” After 20 years of eating chocolate, I learned there is more to chocolate than meets the eye. Many chemicals compose each delicious piece creating multiple psychological effects on the mind....   [tags: Flavor Intensity, Anandamide]

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A Psychological Analysis of "Of Mice and Men"

- The psychological approach views literature through the lens of psychology. There are multiple approaches to the psychological aspect of literature but the two most recognized are the Freudian and Jungian approach. The best approach to use when critically analyzing the novel Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck, is the Jungian approach. Because the novel’s main theme is a struggle with the idea of “self”, using this approach allows the reader to understand the main character, its influences, and ultimately his actions....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Psychology Of Psychological Treatments And Disorders

- Search Story I chose the topic of psychological treatments and disorders because I’ve always been interested in the way the human mind functions and ways to treat it. The psychology field is a very broad subject that has a great deal of history and knowledge that the average person would not know about. People nowadays are given multiple options for treating their illness, whereas many years ago, mental illness was frowned upon and was not given many or even sane approaches to treatment. Asylums, mental institutions, and psychiatric hospitals have all provided us with the history of how people were treated....   [tags: Psychiatry, Psychology, Mental disorder]

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The Psychological Connection to Oedipus the King

- Poet and Scholar Robert Graves wrote in 1995, “Myth has two main functions. The first is to answer the sort of awkward questions that children ask, such as ‘Who made the world. How will it end. Who was the first man. Where do souls go after death?’…The second function of myth is to justify an existing social system and account for traditional rites and customs.” Oedipus the King written by Sophocles in 430 B.C. focuses around the second function that Graves noted. The play has been around for centuries, has evoked psychological theories, and will remain a classic....   [tags: Greek, Thebes]

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The Effects Of Psychological Empowerment On Employees

- Individual Factors Individual factors are also vital to incentivizing employees, especially during times when job security is uncertain. Over two and a half million jobs were lost in 2008 due to downsizing and layoffs, and surveys indicate that it takes at least six months to secure new employment, hence the reason why employees seek companies that empower their workforce Jawahar (2012). Empowerment along with recognition and rewards and career support and growth opportunities are respective of the individual employee....   [tags: Motivation, Employment, Management]

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The Psychological World of Shirley Jackson

- The Psychological World of Shirley Jackson Although Shirley Jackson had many psychological problems, she contributed greatly to society through her works. Shirley Jackson was a profound and ambivalent writer. She did not write to please the world but she wrote to convey how she felt about societies in the world. Her psychological problems did have an affect on her writing and it greatly connects with her life. Shirley Jackson was a very unwelcomed writer in her time and that is because many readers did not want to believe that what she wrote was true....   [tags: Bipolar Disorder, Violent Writing Style]

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Diagnosis of Psychological Disorders and Treatment

- Introduction In this paper we shall discuss two (2) fictional clients and their symptoms, and attempt to diagnose the clients using the DSM-IV TR. We then shall discuss specific treatment strategies that are based on the four (4) approaches discussed during the Introduction to Psychology course and briefly discuss ethical obligations in regard to the client during their treatment. Disorders Amanda is a 25 year old Caucasian female whom has a history of sexual abuse as a child and is in therapy to deal with emotional issues in regards to the abuse....   [tags: Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD)]

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The Benefits of a Psychological Contract

- ... For example, the writer will follow work schedule that have been fixed by company and will not take extra time or extend during break time even 5 minutes for socializing with another co-workers or personal callers. The writer know people that have that kind of the behaviors are taking the company’s money to sit around while the company is paying them to work. Therefore, the writer will stay on task. Another example, the writer also will not use company phone for personal problem whether in short or long distance, because the company pay the bills and it also like a taking company’s money even though we cannot see it....   [tags: human resource management and strategies]

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Psychological And Sociological Effects Of Gmo

- CHARLES R. JURDEN, JR. Excerpt from a group report. The Psychological and Sociological Effects of GMO What are sociological effects. They are the effects that people have on each other. It includes religious affiliations, the class in society we occupy, the laws of the land, and even sexuality. Interesting elements of the sociological study details the family and community structure, and the social culture of a group is developed through it. Race and religion are structured to reciprocate acceptance, and outsiders are commonly shunned....   [tags: Genetically modified organism]

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Psychological And Biological Perspectives On Stress

- Stress, an integral part of life, is unavoidable and plays a key role in influencing happiness, productivity and health. Although stress is usually associated with a negative connotation, it is not always necessarily harmful. We generally use the word “stress,” to describe an emotional state or negative condition when we seem to be overloaded with pressure. The majority of people today have experienced stress at some point of their lives. Today, one can hardly pick up a newspaper or magazine, and watch TV without seeing or hearing some reference to stress....   [tags: Anxiety, Psychology, Fight-or-flight response]

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The Psychological Effects Of Steroids Abuse

- Check your understanding about literature searching by applying what you have learned about your own project. 1. Write your topic as you currently understand it. I plan to analyze the psychological effects of steroids abuse. I would like to investigate how users mood, behavior, and other psychological factors alter while abusing steroids. I would like to see if research determines that steroids have a psychological effect on the user. There has been many myths about steroids from superhuman strength to roid rage....   [tags: Anabolic steroid, Testosterone, Helium, Anabolism]

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The Biological Perspective And Psychological Orientations

- With the amount of abnormal disorders being diagnosed every day, there are a variety of psychological orientations that practice their beliefs and views on treatments. The biological perspective is an orientation that I support, while orientations such as the sociocultural perspective and the humanistic perspective are more questionable in their ideas of therapy. The biological perspective focuses on the idea that abnormal behavior stems from human physiological diseases. This includes imbalances in our hormones and neurotransmitters, genetics, and the flaws in our brain....   [tags: Family therapy, Psychology, Mental disorder]

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Children: Psychological and Social Development

- Question Two: It is essential for children to have healthy psychological development, and this can be affected by many situations. At home, children are affected by their family dynamics, various parenting styles, and sibling relationships. Their peer relationships, friendships, popularity, and even social networks also impact their psychological development. In order for them to have a strong psychological development they often need to have created healthy relationships with both members of their family and their peers (Siegler, DeLoache, & Eisenberg, 2011)....   [tags: siblings, school, family, relationship]

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Use of Cannibalism as Psychological Warfare

- War demands innovation. The constant political corruption and tension between the Congolese Government and its people have forced both sides to resort to drastic measures. The threat of cannibalism is one of the ingenious war tactics that the people of the Congo have used during times of need. While killing someone with a gun, public executions, or torturing have not gotten the desired results, the Congolese viewed cannibalism as the new method for winning the war. During the Congo-Arab War, the Second Congo War, and the violence that still lives on today in the Congo, cannibalism has been a constant presence, but is used in war rather than in terms of survival or desire of human flesh....   [tags: War, Innovation, Congolese Government]

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The Psychological Causes Of Youth Depression

- Question 1: what’s the main cause of young people have depression in U.S.. The character of depression is excessive negative feelings last for a long time period (two week or more) (Walker, 2005). The aim of question one is to find out the main psychological causes of youth depression in man and women. In particular, it will analyses the overmuch stress from study or family and negative body image of young people. Much stress increases the stress hormones of human, and teenagers have poor body image very often in the process of sexual development....   [tags: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychology]

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The Bucket List : Psychological Theory

- Two men, opposites but the same, complete strangers until fate lands them in the same hospital room. Little did they know that they had a common need to come to terms with who they are and what they had actually done in their lives. In an effort to fulfil these desires, they venture out into the world with the hope of completing a bucket list. A psychological theory is a fact based framework used to provide a model for understanding human thoughts, emotions and behaviours. You may be thinking, “how is this of any relevance to my life?” However, the truth is, psychological theories propose, explain and predict various aspects of human behaviour which contributes to our knowledge base of the h...   [tags: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Psychology]

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Psychological Diagnoses : An Unsupported Science?

- Psychological Diagnoses: An Unsupported Science. It appears that in the modern literature delineating psychiatry’s advancements, several critics are not pleased with the evolution of the field. They suggest that the science is declining in a sense; instead of us progressing in the way we treat mental disorders and in how we gain knowledge about disorder etiology, mental health has grown to become simply an outlet for the government to hide society’s issues as well as to gain a profit off of it....   [tags: Mental disorder, Psychiatry, Schizophrenia]

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The Psychological Realities For Women Of Color

- Introduction The importance of race and culture was not emphasized within the theory and practice of counseling of diverse clients until the 1950s and 1960s (Sue et al., 1989). Continual advancements are needed in counseling that are applicable to women of color. It is essential to understand identity development models, worldviews, and values of clients who specifically identify with this population (handbook of conseling women). Additionally, an examination of possible challenges such as acculturation processes, racism/discrimination, language and its affects on identity development, as well as issues of colorism should be considered if applicable to clients (integration of multicultural...   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Culture, Gender identity]

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Sexism : A Psychological Point Of View

- Sexism, like racism, is the stereotyping and often discrimination of a person based on their predisposed, usually unchangeable, biological characteristics. In the case of sexism, it is the selectively unjustified negative behavior against women or men due to their gender. From a psychological point of view, sexism could come from a cognitive, social and individual difference, or developmental perspective. When sexism is approached from the cognitive perspective, you must look into memory, perception, and the development, prejudice and stereotypes in order to understand what influence the mind has on sexism....   [tags: Psychology, Gender, Sociology, Gender role]

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Labeling Of A Psychological Disorder

- The Definition of Labeling The labeling of a psychological disorder could be considered both a positive and a negative. However, there are also multiple ways to interpret the term “labeling.” Labeling could be synonymous with diagnosing but it could also be interpreted as stigmatizing. The way the term is used can often be the deciding factor as to whether or not labeling is positive or negative. In this case, both definitions are applicable. The debate concerning the labeling of those with psychological disorders and its consequences has been studied by many researchers and opposing conclusions have been made....   [tags: Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder]

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Psychological Components Of Communication By And With The Elderly

- Absence of Talk 1)Ryan, E. B., Giles, H., Bartolucci, G., & Henwood, K. (1986). Psycholinguistic and social psychological components of communication by and with the elderly. Language and Communication, 6, 1-24. The purpose of this study is to analyze healthy or medically disabled elderly adults through language patterns and communication. The second part of the study is to analyze the stigma and communication directed to the elderly. Third, the researchers will conduct an outline of communication factors which occurs in old age....   [tags: Gerontology, Old age, Ageing, Communication]

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The American Psychological Association ( Apa )

- When two people get married in the church they say their vows, like for better or worse, till death do us part and so on. Then two years later, they file for a divorce. Is it ideal for a couple to just jump into marriage without knowing what they are going to face and the responsibility that comes with marriage. They all claim love as the reason they decide to get married, but love is forever, and is their marriage forever. I think not. Divorce has caused children to get to know one of their parents out of the two which contributed into their being alive, it has caused a financial imbalance in the lives of the men or ex-husbands, and it is moving like a canker worm slowly growing, and t...   [tags: Marriage, Divorce, Alimony, Family]

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Physical and Psychological Effects of Marijuana

- Marijuana while illegal on a federal level has been legalized in 18 states and the District of Columbia for medical use and also for personal use for anyone over 21 in Washington and Colorado. 48% of Americans admit to using marijuana according to a 2013 survey conducted by Scientific America. With the change in public opinion concerning marijuana the need to understand the effect and consequences associated with its use are vitally important. What are the effects on the brain and the rest of the body....   [tags: legal issues, drugs]

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The Psychological Theories Of Criminal Behavior

- As studied in developmental criminology, these theories incorporate all the causative factors leading to criminal behavior in human beings in various stages of their lives. The study mainly focuses on the reasons prompting deviant behavior, thus presenting the need to understand the principles of this criminology branch. Psychologists’ insight into human behavior dictates that both external and internal factors influence people 's actions. Therefore, the primary developmental theories can be categorized under social, biological, and psychological reasons for deviance....   [tags: Sociology, Criminology, Psychology, Crime]

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Psychology : Psychological Concepts Of Psychology

- Psychological Concepts In Psychology, there are many concepts that help educate an individual on why they do the things they do, and how to help them cope with the problems they encounter in their lives. Some individuals will accept the offer of help from Professionals and others try to cope with their problems their selves. Since learning about Psychological concepts over the past couple of months, I have learned how to help myself with these concepts I encounter in my life. Such as, Insomnia, Stress, and Illness Anxiety Disorder....   [tags: Mental disorder, Psychology, Insomnia]

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Psychological And On Testing And Testing

- Psychological and neuropsychological testing and neuroimaging tests are important in providing objective baseline assessment of cognitive and developmental progress and whenever there is suspicion of developmental delay or cognitive dysfunction. CT and MRI scans can be used to evaluate structural changes associated with neuropsychiatric complications. (Fernandez, 264). In addition, mental status evaluation is important in determining the presence of any symptoms of attention deficits, memory impairment, or even full-blown dementia in advanced cases....   [tags: Psychiatry, Psychology, Emotion, Medicine]

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Psychological Disorders And Mental Disorders

- Psychological disorders, mental disorders, psychiatric disorders, whatever you call it, they all are the same. They can be devastating to one’s life and cause a number of issues. Psychological disorders are defined as abnormal behavior that is considered maladaptive and causes a significant amount of personal distress. Mental and/or behavioral patterns lead to a suffering and a poor ability to function. It’s hard for one with a psychological disorder to live out a normal life, and have a social life....   [tags: Abnormal psychology, Schizophrenia]

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Is Schizophrenia A Psychological Or Mental Disorder?

- Schizophrenia Case Study According to (Barlow, 2001), Schizophrenia is a psychological or mental disorder that makes the patient recognize real things and to have abnormal social behavior. Schizophrenia is characterized by symptoms such as confused thinking, hallucinations, false beliefs, demotivation, reduced social interaction and emotional expressions (Linkov, 2008). Diagnosis of this disorder is done through observation of patient’s behavior, and previously reported experiences (Mothersill, 2007)....   [tags: Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Delusional disorder]

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The Psychological Views Of The Psychiatric Model

- The psychiatric model is the predominant view of mental health currently. Whatever the causes for this attitude, valuable approaches towards mental health have been abandoned. These philosophical psychologies differ in key dimensions. However, they all proclaim that the neurological approach is too reductive to understand all of the issues concerning the human mind. This paper will analyze the psychological views of Freud, Jung and Laing and how each of their views analyze mental health in a unique, enlightening way....   [tags: Carl Jung, Unconscious mind, Psychology, Mind]

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Burnout Is A Type Of Psychological Stress

- Burnout is a type of psychological stress. Stress and burnout are common among nurses who are the largest group of health care professions. Nurses experience burnout at some point of the career based on the intensity of workload and the emotional bonds that form with patients. The strain of nursing leads to burnout that contributes to physical, mental, and emotional exhaust of a nurse There is a concern that high levels of nurse burnout could adversely affect patients outcome. Patient safety is a priority, thus understanding the cause of nursing burnout is significant....   [tags: Nursing, Patient, Hospital, Stress]

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The Physiological And Psychological Effects Of Meditation

- Meditation is the act of concentrating one’s thoughts in order to achieve tranquility and serenity within oneself. People have been practicing meditation for thousands of years, but not until recently has technology given us the chance to research the physiological and psychological effects of meditation with scientific backing. Doctors and scientists have studied mediation for decades in order to understand and utilize this incredible mental phenomenon for medical treatments. Meditation allows one to explore the contents of the mind to better understand oneself and how they interpret the world and process their emotions....   [tags: Schizophrenia, Major depressive disorder, Mind]

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The Issue Of Psychological Disorder And Crime

- One topic that is related to the issue of psychological disorder and crime is that of intelligence (IQ). Several notable research findings include: 

 • Travis Hirschi and Michael Hindelang’s (1977) research linking IQ and crime, suggested that criminals and noncriminal exhibit significant differences in IQ, even after controlling for socio-economic status and race. 
• J.Q. Wilson and Richard Herrnstein’s (1998) book Crime and Human Nature suggested that there is an indirect link between IQ and crime: low intelligence contributes to poor performance in school which increases the likelihood of criminal involvement....   [tags: Crime, Criminology, Criminal law]

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The Social And Psychological Factors Of Leadership

- Leadership is seen in all walks of life and so there are many social and psychological factors that people have theorised can make a great leader. ‘Effective leadership’ is therefore difficult to define as there are so many standpoints that one could take. Taking the perspective of a social psychologist, Chemers stated that leadership is “a process of social influence through which an individual enlists and mobilises the aid of others in the attainment of a collective goal” (2001, as cited in Hogg and Vaughan, 2014) and so it would be fair to assume that a good leader can be seen through the success of the rest of the group....   [tags: Leadership, Sociology, Personality psychology]

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Validation of Psychological Tests and Treatments

- “Tell me what you see,” the psychiatrist says to my 6 year old brother, as she pulls out a small white card with marks of black printed on its front. This is the classic beginning of the Rorschach test, a psychological experiment conducted to analyze how a person acts and responds to external stimuli; “then analyzed using psychological interpretation, complex algorithms, or both. Some psychologists use this test to examine a person's personality characteristics and emotional functioning” [as it was done to my brother] in order to detect underlying thought disorder, especially in cases where patients are unable to describe their thinking processes clearly and openly....   [tags: the Rorschach test]

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Self Help : A Psychological Treatment

- Self-help is defined as standardized psychological treatment that helps someone cope with personal and emotional problems without the need of professional help (van Spijker; Bergsma). Most people can try this form of treatment through home independently, by either a book or through the internet (van Spijker). The dictionaries definition of self-help is “the acts of helping or bettering oneself without the aid of others.”(Bergsma). There has been many trials that have shown the effectiveness of self-help....   [tags: Major depressive disorder, Suicide]

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Psychological Effects On The Correction System

- Psychological effects that result from confinement characterize the dysfunctional aspect of the correction system. Incarceration makes inmates more prone to abnormal behavior patterns in comparison to the people living on the exterior of these facilities. Craig Haney portrays the understanding that one of the many difficulties that threaten prisoners’ mental well-being is their inability to be self-reliant as well as their innate response to use aggression. Haney states, in the journal of Law & Policy that, “vulnerabilities and inabilities to cope and adapt can come to the fore in the prison setting, and…the behaviour [sic] patterns and attitudes that emerge can take many forms, from deepend...   [tags: Prison, Penology, Recidivism, Corrections]

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Psychological Techniques And Nuances Of Film

- NEPTUNE’S DAUGHTER Psychological Techniques and Nuances in Film Priscilla Creswell - PSY 100 - April 2016 It’s not a disguised fact that movies and cinema have come to impact nearly every facet of our culture- our colloquialisms, our views and beliefs, our moods. When you decide to watch a movie, you’re often making that decision based on how you think it will make you feel- if you want to be scared, if you want to laugh, if you want to think, or if you want to have a good cry. What the layman may not truly grasp is how a film can have such a huge impact on them- but the movie industry knows the kind of power they have over people, over consumers....   [tags: Mind, Psychology, Color, Film]

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The Psychological Perception Of Mental Health

- Many professionals are qualified and certified to help handle mental health disorders and they vary from a wide range of disciplines. All focus on helping the individual who is struggling with their mental health the professional help that they need and deserve. Many mental health professionals will initially do a biopsychosocial assessment of the person’s life in order to better gauge where the strengths lie in this person’s life and where underlying issues may be held. This assessment includes looking at the person from a biological viewpoint, a psychological viewpoint, and a social viewpoint....   [tags: Sociology, Mental disorder, Mental health]

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Psychological And Pharmacological Treatments For Anxiety

- This implies that there should be proper assessment of Sarah’s health needs to be sure the cause of Sarah’s behaviour to ascertain the cause of the problem and the treatment. Anxiety has also been known to be a common mental disorder among people with learning disabilities however, the diagnosis can be difficult because of other medical problem they have ( Hassiotis, Stueber,Thomas & Charlot, 2014). Sarah has a learning disability which sometimes can make diagnoses of anxiety difficult. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE, 2014) defines anxiety disorder as a form of social disorder and post-traumatic stress....   [tags: Psychology, Educational psychology, Disability]

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The Psychological Effects of Unemployment

- ... What the unemployed regretted in the absence of work was largely the extrinsic factors (O’Brien 188). Of these extrinsic factors, the loss of income and social status were regretted the most (O’Brien 196). “Unemployment is expected to lower current and future wages and lower reputation” (Carroll 289). One of the major ways in which mental illness is caused is through economic loss. Those who lose their job suffer from economic stress which precipitates or induces mental illness. The financial worries that follow a period of joblessness are one major factor....   [tags: decreased life satisfaction, stress]

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Chapter 12 : Psychological Disorders

- Chapter 12 is over psychological disorders. This chapter discusses the meaning of the word abnormal and different approaches to understanding abnormal behavior. Abnormal behavior is deviant, maladaptive, or personally distressing over a long period of time. Deviant behavior is atypical or unusual behavior. Maladaptive behavior is behavior that interferes with one’s ability to function effectively. Personally distressful behavior over a long period of time is behavior that makes engaging with normal behaviors stressful....   [tags: Abnormal psychology, Schizophrenia]

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