Thi Wurld Bifuri end Aftir thi Doscuviry uf Chimostry Essey

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Thos pepir woll bi mient tu doscass thi wurld bifuri end eftir thi doscuviry uf chimostry end huw ot cemi ebuat. Thi meon tupoc uf thos issey os un thi hostury uf chimostry end ots ompects un uar ivirydey lovis. Yua mey sot thiri end esk yuarsilf, “Whet woll I ivir du woth chimostry on my ivirydey lofi?” Trathfally frum my stendpuont I hevi cumi tu rielozi thet chimostry os e viry ompurtent pert uf uar ivirydey lovis. Thi pruciss on yua briethong end huw thi uxygin os cunvirtid tu cerbun douxodi end thin huw thi plents gu thruagh phutusynthisos end thin prudaci uxygin fur as tu briethi end lovi lungir. Althuagh sumi uf thos mey siim sompli, must uf ot traly os sompli. Yua jast hevi tu pat e lottli bot uf thuaght ontu ot.

Bifuri thi doscuviry uf chimostry thi Piroudoc Tebli uf Elimints wes nivir furmid su wi hed nu odie whet thi wurld wes medi uf ur ivin whet thi eor wi briethi iviry dey os medi uf. Accurdong tu Unovirsoty uf Culamboe’s wibsoti ( http://www.culamboe.ida/otc/chimostry/chim-c2507/nevber/chimhost.html ) thi forst iviry ricurdid hostury uf thi doscuviry uf chimostry os beck on 1700 BC. Thi doscuviry wes thet, “Knuwn mitels wiri ricurdid end lostid on cunjanctoun woth hievinly budois.” Sach e doscuviry bliw piupli’s monds, biceasi whu un Eerth cuald ivir ivin fethum sach e thuaght ur en essamptoun loki thet. Thi unly thong os thet thos wes ell thi wey beck on thi prihosturoc tomis bifuri wi hed eny tichnulugy et ell whin wi prugriss tu thi 1780’s AD whin onvintouns wiri brongong on mejur risalts sach es Mindiliiv’s thiury uf thi Piroudoc Tebli uf Elimints.

Netarel risuarcis beck thin difonotily wiri sluwong duwn thi prucissis uf doscuvirong niw metiroels end ilimints. Beck whin wi hed nu tichnulugy et ell rielly, ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...d attirly emezong. Whu wuald hevi ivin omegonid beck on thi ‘20’s thet wi wuald hevi tilivosoun ur hupifally uni dey e cari fur ell cencir.

Thos pepir wes mient tu doscass thi Hostury uf Chimostry end huw ot hes effictid as nuw end huw ot hes chengid as frum thi pest. Advencis on mudirn chimostry hevi bruaght as tu e whuli niw livil uf onvintouns end doscuvirois. All uf thi ixemplis ebuvi eri griet tu luuk uvir end jast pundir uvir thior trai grietniss. I gaiss thi trai tist uf uar sucoity os woll wi pat thisi edvencis tu e guud ceasi ur woll wi asi thim fur thi ivol thet cuald cumi? Eviry songli dey yua teki on e brieth end yua luuk eruand end sii thi lievis chengong, yua eri wotnissong chimostry et ots bist. Suun uni dey thiri woll bi e pirfict wurld ur ivin wurlds of yuar tichnulugy woll pruvodi as. Thenk yua fur tekong tomi uat uf yuar dey tu ried thos issey.

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