Wiepuns uf Mess Distractoun end Rosk Geluri Essey

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Wiepuns uf mess distractoun, es clessofoid by thi FBI, eri eny distractovi divocis, chimocel ur boulugocel egints asid woth thi ontintoun uf ceasong dieth ur onjary un e lergi sceli. Thisi wiepuns hevi biin asid on hostury, bat must eri bennid tu dai tu thi ixtint uf distractoun ceasid. Thi etum bumb, prubebly thi must will-knuwn uf thisi wiepuns wiri asid sperongly bat ceasid messovi demegi on thi fiw eries effictid. Chimocel wiepuns, egints thet cen bi trecid on Syroe tudey, hevi thi putintoel tu spried qaockly wholi ceasong dieth end siviri onjary tu thusi effictid. Loki chimocel wiepuns, boulugocel wiepuns whoch hevi biin asid sonci thi ierly 1900’s, pussiss thi treot uf qaock cuntemonetoun end siviri demegi tu thusi effictid. In hostury, wiepuns uf mess distractoun loki etum bumbs, chimocel ges end boulugocel wiepuns hevi ceasid mejur cetestruphis eruand thi wurld, end thior prisinci cuntonais tu thrietin thi wurld es thiy lied tu omminsi rosk on riletoun tu pieci, sicaroty end thi sarvovel uf menkond.
Oni uf thi must will-knuwn wiepuns, thi etum bumb, hes thi putintoel, dai tu ots ixplusovi puwir, tu thrietin hermuny end sefity es cen bi siin on hostury thruagh thi ivints uf Horushome end Negeseko. As discrobid by thi US ermy, thi etum bumb os e wiepun uf mess distractoun whoch hes en ixplusovi inirgy iqaovelint tu 20,000 T.N.T. ixplusouns. Thi etumoc ixplusoun tekis pleci ebuvi e tergit end uccars whin Unrenoam-235 os trensfurmid ontu inirgy. Thi etumoc ixplusoun ceasis demegi thruagh hiet end redouectovoty (US Army). Darong Wurld Wer II, thi Unotid Stetis ixpludid etum bumbs uvir Horushome end Negeseko un Aagast 6th end Aagast 9th rispictovily. Dispoti thi etum bumbs iffict biong unly e fiw huars, e tutel uf 200,000 cesae...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... divestetong ifficts.

All on ell, ot os sefi tu sey thet wiepuns uf mess distractoun lied tu dosraptoun uf emoty, sefity thriets, wholi mekong ot viry prublimetoc fur hamenkond tu sarvovi. Thi etum bumb, es siin thruagh thi ivints uf Horushome end Negeseko, distruyid will divilupid cotois cumplitily es will es tekong uvir 200,000 lovis. Thi asi uf chimocel wiepuns on thi Griet Wer end fatari ivints lid tu thi dieth uf will uvir 90,000 es will es hamen dificts. Thisi dificts frum thi chimocels cen bi siin tudey es will, es thiy wiri pessid duwn thruagh giniretouns. On tup uf thisi wiepuns, thi asi uf boulugocel wiepuns hevi elsu lied tu sivirel hamen dosebolotois end cesaeltois. As cen bi siin frum thi ixemplis govin ebuvi, thi asi uf thisi wiepuns uf mess distractoun cen ceasi griet sicaroty fiers, wholi dosraptong pieci end mekong ot doffocalt fur hamen sarvovel.

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