Video Game Online Addiction Among Young Adults Essay

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In the 20th century, one of the leading services today is the mass media and specially appearing of the internet. The advent of the internet has had a strong influence on the life and spirit of student learning in dynamic environments and busy life today. Using the internet to meet the learning needs and research are indispensable for today's students. However, apart from the surface to meet the practical needs for academic life and work, many students came to the purpose of entertainment from the internet and abuse it almost all of the time. From internet access to recreational purposes, many game manufacturers have created templates online games with high profile and attract a large part of the youth. Online video game addiction among young people in general and students in particular are becoming more and more serious and it is leaving incalculable consequences. Online video game addiction is seen as a problem of society should be concerned. Gaming addiction is caused by a lack of healthy entertainment venues and lack of self-control, which in young adults and students results in the individuals lacking social stimulation, healthy exercise, and psychological problems.
Alarming not only for a particular group of people but to the whole of society today is that online gaming addiction among young people. There was one important part of the community that they are being video game addicts - students are studying at universities and colleges. An online questionnaire for video game online gamers was completed with 1420 online gamers - “The data of demographic information show that 50% of gamers were students, 36% were in employed work and the entire of them were unemployed and retired” (Zaheer, Mark and Thom 363). Most of the video ...

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... not really determined. To avoid the recurrence again, families should provide programs for addicts by giving reasonable goals. For example, video game online addicts usually play game continuously for 10 hours in a day, and then the goal for today will be 7 hours playing video games online. Keep doing it, addicts will lose the gaming habits and get use to play rewarding extracurricular activities.

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