Technology And Management Functions

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Technology and Management Functions
Working for a company where the single most paramount objective is to maintain the networks of other organizations makes it clear that management expects not only technology but cutting edge technology and cutting edge leadership to improve business. The company’s current technology is indeed meeting business needs everyday with its processes, systems, distribution of data, database management, telecommunications, and digital electronics. The Information Technology (IT) industry is one that is becoming increasingly important in the global economy and globalized world. Management in most companies expects technology to improve production, innovation, effective and efficient decision making, critical thinking, as well as its competitive advantage. The bottom line of revenues and profits are also expected to be improved with new and improved technology being infiltrated in the organization. Information technology, in general, plays a significant and specific strategic role in the management of organizations. Within the body of this paper, based on personal experience in the workplace, examples will be provided of how management at Quality Technology Services expects technology to improve business. Discussions will also be highlighted on how the company’s current technology is meeting or not meeting business needs.
Technology promotes ground-breaking and inventive initiatives for new and existing organizations. Being a team leader, during the second shift, at QTS allowed for better decisions to be made because more information was at hand. The four functions of management, including planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, were operative with cutting technology consistently being introduced. The technology is functional through programs, information systems, and various improved hardware and software. Those in leadership positions at QTS were charged with the responsibility to plan and lay out the blueprint for the technological foundation of their employees that improves services benefiting all stakeholders. Organizing was the next responsive function which provided techniques of expertise for implementing the plans laid out. The leading management function provides direction and guidance as to how the informative technological enhancements are going to provide elastic utility for all participants. Management members also incorporate training initiatives and professional development to ensure that members of staff are well equipped. Controlling takes final place in order to guarantee application and effort. Essentially, management is motivated by the techniques used by its operational staff to utilize technology for an efficient organization based on what was planned, organized, directed, lead, and finally controlled to operate. Managers have at their reach modern equipment as a catalyst to improve good organization and usefulness at each stage of the strategic decision-making procedure.

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What is also important to note is that the culture of the organization becoming more and more relevant as well, when referring to technology’s importance to the success of the company. At Quality Tech, management and lower level staff together had the same goal; of course, to service the customer, but also to maintain cutting edge [technology. The “potential for added value lies in the proactive linking of information systems development activities to strategic business planning in the management area. Effective use of the information system functions to aid in the process of actively integrating existing organizational culture” (Grimes and Whitmyer, 2004). As an employee in this particular IT firm, examples of how technology was valued were witnessed on a daily basis. The value was illustrated on a small and large scale. For example, the company website can be spruced- up to become more attractive and welcoming. Giving more information on a web and allowing more hands-on agility can increase productivity as well. Other fundamental activities were initiated as well, organizational strategies were outlined in weekly meetings; communication was technology mediated to build knowledge base processes; development goals were highlighted and illuminated for communal review; and new technology was transitioned through top management approvals. “Through the development of an intranet and database system there is now greater management control, all departments have greater access to information, this enables more effective and efficient function ability; furthermore, creating more available accurate projections.
Accepting the role as a System/ Network Analyst brings some inevitability about how and why technology is important to the success of any firm. Configuring its customer databases and being the catalyst for effective and efficient service is paramount. Additionally, implementing the organization’s analysis and design systems will fundamentally manage the development of its business applications as well. Technology fundamentally identifies, analyzes, and solves problems that arise and unintentionally develop. The position categorizes potential limitations and initiates different levels of system engagements so that customers, employees, management, and other shareholders will benefit from its interaction, interrelation, and system interdependence. Technology allows activities to become self sufficient, leaving more time for “researching, planning, and recommending software and system choices to meet the organization's business requirements” (Wikipedia, 2008). Technology promotes the act of being proactive, however, it also serves to influence proper recourse, project risk, and change management functions as well.
Any organization including QTS, can, will, [Remove comma] and does benefit from the implementation information technology and cutting edge [Avoid clichés and colloquial language in academic writing.] technological enhancements. Strategic initiatives have personally been experienced during the participation of IT industry firms. Management executives have become more apt and obligated to adhere to technology for communication purposes and economic advancements as well. “Effective management information systems are needed by all business organization because of the increased complexity and rate of change of today's business environment” (Management-Hub, 2008).


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