Importance Of Business Information System

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Business Information System In today’s world Costumer is back bone of the business if we cannot attract the customer towards your product or service enterprise cannot survive in today’s market. In order to achieve the customer satisfaction we should have advanced or modern technology in place and also costumer services managers. In establishing a company we should know what is BIS and how we can connect BIS with CRM. What is a Business Information System (BIS) • Business information system can be defined as automatic system that creates the information about organization activities. This system includes the application that assists the transaction or information between the organization unit and customers. It can also be defined as an integrating information technology, people and business. A business information system is made up of five components: Computer hardware Software, Data, Procedures and People. • Now an important component comes is CRM if an enterprise cannot follow up the customer complaints or there feedback than company cannot create its goodwill in market. If a company or enterprises cannot achieve this target they cannot sell or launch their product in the market. In a research it shows that 40 percent of Australian company uses CRM software to support the customer service management. To create the goodwill all the company are trying to give the good customer service through CRM which is as following as : What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) • CRM can be defined as a methodology or software which helps you to manage the company interaction between current and future customer. In other words it helps an enterprise to manage the customer relationship in an organized way. The role of CRM in B... ... middle of paper ... ... the main reason why clouds are working. In cloud computing its gives information in organized way that CRM has no problem to tackle the customer complains. It also gives the CRM spoon feeding about the product so that there would not be any issues with the costumer. Cloud computing Application revolves around the services that have been used in an enterprise through internet. The user often have little knowledge about the services but still he or she is able uses it wisely. Customers now routinely utilize information escalated provisions determined by cloud engineering which were awhile ago occupied because of expense and sending multifaceted nature. In numerous organizations workers and organization offices are bringing a surge of shopper innovation into the working environment and this raises lawful agree ability and security attentiveness toward the enterprise.
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