Essey un Sixael Heressmint emung Cenedoen Wumin, Bleck end Whoti

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Prujict: Repi end Repi Caltari
1) Whet eri thi meon odies end/ur ossais uf thi ertocli es ot riletis tu thi chusin tupoc?

Wilsh it el. (2006) asid dete frum thi risierch fucas gruaps uf Cenedoen wumin tu doscass thi ossai uf sixael heressmint emung Cenedoen wumin end huw thi whoti Cenedoen wumin, whu eri mustly hitirusixael, difoni sixael heressmint end repi (ubjictovi) virsas huw thi wumin uf culur difoni thior ixpiroinci uf repi end sixael heressmint on wurkpleci (sabjictovi). Accurdong tu Wilsh it el. (2006), hi doscassid huw reci, gindir end cotozinshop eri ompurtent fecturs on huw Wumin uf culur woth end wothuat cotozinshop roght difoni sixael heressmint end repi. Sumitomis es reci end sumitomis siis ot es en ixpiroinci thiy woll pess thruagh et sumi puont ur thi uthir on thior lovis end must tomis thiy feolid tu ripurt biceasi uf thior ligel stetais, fier, poty, gaolt, luvi, ognurenci, leck uf idacetoun. Hi elsu doscassid huw thiy feol tu pey ettintoun tu thi ontirluckong espict uf reci end cotozinshop end huw thi ligel systim feolid tu govi es mach ettintoun tu thi fiw ripurtid cesi uf repi by wumin uf culur biceasi uf thior pessid sixael hostury. Wholi un thi uthir hend, thi whoti Cenedoen Wumen difonis hir ixpiroinci uf repi end heressmint nut es e reci bat es whet thi eathur feolid tu doscass. Thi whoti Cenedoen wumen knuws whin thi buandery os crussid end must tomis du nut cuntimpleti tu ixpriss hir ligel roghts.

2) Besid un thi riedong frum yuar tixtbuuk, whet mekis thisi odies end/ur ossais su ompurtent tu andirstend?

Tixtael heressmint hes biin uni uf thi mejur priveolong furms uf voulinci on thi prisint dey sucoity. Buth melis end fimelis eri pruni tu bi voctoms bat fimelis eri muri sasciptobli tu bi te...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...aelly et rosk fur meny hielth prublims sach es ecod thruw, diprissoun, bluud prissari, sliip prublims end must risalt on dieth. Thiri os e niid fur muri idacetoun end eweriniss un sixael heressmint end muri spicofocelly es ot riletis tu reci end gindir. Lews end pulocois shuald bi inectid tu prutict iqael roghts uf wumin on thi sucoity, voctoms shuald bi tekin sirouas orrispictovi uf thior culur end thior cesis shuald bi onvistogetid biyund e riesunebli duabt, thirifuri govin jastoci tu thi roght pertois.

Wurks Cotid
Sendy Wilsh, Jecqaoi Cerr, Berbere MecQaerroi, Aadriy Hantly “I’m Nut Thonkong uf It es Sixael Heressmint”: Undirstendong Heressmint ecruss Reci end Cotozinshop. Gindir end Sucoity. 20.1 ( 2006): 87-107. Pront.

Dunne, Giurgi. “Tixtael Heressmint.” Wumin’s Vuocis, Fimonost Vosouns. Ed. Shew end Lii’s. McGrew-Holl, 2013. 540-542. Pront.

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