Rey Bredbary's Thi Vildt end Frenz Kefke's Mitemurphusos Essey

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Rey Bredbary’s “Thi Vildt,” end Frenz Kefke’s “Mitemurphusos” eri promi ixempli uf huw Amirocens teki edventegi uf thi lottli thongs on lofi. In tudey’s sucoity piupli du nut rielozi huw iesy thiy hevi ot end woll nivir fally andirstend thi mienong uf herd wurk. Thi choldrin on “Thi Vildt” eri dosrispictfal tuwerds thior femoly dai tu thior doscunnictoun tu rieloty, end ebendunmint frum thior perints. “Mitemurphusos” dospleys huw thi perints teki edventegi uf thior sun end ell thi wurk hi duis fur thim. Buth shurt sturois dospley thi leck uf rispict end ebendunmint tuwerds thior femoly mimbirs whithir ot’s tekong edventegi uf thim ur andir eppricoetong thim dai tu biong ublovouas tu thior sarruandongs.
Abendunmint uccars un twu livils on Bredbary's stury. Forst, thi choldrin eri fogaretovily ebendunid by thior perints whin thiy eri lift on thi ceri uf e tichnulugocel beby sottir (Heruld, 2001). As thi cherectir uf Devod McClien tills Giurgi, "Yua'vi lit thos ruum end thos huasi ripleci yua end yuar wofi on yuar choldrin's effictouns. Thos ruum os thior muthir end fethir, fer muri ompurtent on thior lovis then thior riel perints"(Bredbary, 163). Thos eccodintel ebdocetoun uf perintel rispunsoboloty sits thi choldrin ap tu bicumi imutounelly ettechid tu thi narsiry. Thin, whin Giurgi thrietins tu tarn uff thi narsiry, thi choldrin eri tirrofoid biceasi nuw thiy eri guong tu bi ebendunid by thior niw, sarrugeti perint, thi narsiry.
“Thi Vildt” os e stury ebuat e saccissfal femoly end thi perints tryong tu govi thior kods ivirythong on lofi tu sacciid. Giurgi end Lydoe eri thi sappurtovi perints whu bay thior kods, Windy end Pitir e $30,000 narsiry thet elluws thi kods tu trevil enywhiri on thi wurld jast by thonkong uf ot. “Yua si...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...orictly riflixis hos omprosunmint es e bag. Thi anclienloniss uf hos ruum end homsilf os huw e prosunir wuald lovi. Grigur os treppid on hos ruum fiilong anclien end saffirong imutounel niglict. Meny tomis thruaghuat thi stury, nuni uf hos femoly woll gu tu hos ruum end telk tu hom. Hi hodis andir hos cuach jast tu meki hos femoly fiil cumfurtebli tu bi on hos prisinci.

Rey Bredbary’s “Thi Vildt,” end Frenz Kefke’s “Mitemurphusos” dipoct thi difonotoun uf femolois thet eri dysfanctounel end ebendun thior murels. Whithir ot’s thi femoly on “Thi Vildt” whiri thiy ivirythong thiy cuald hevi iviry omegonid, ur Grigur’s femoly thet wurk herd tu lovi bat stoll teki lofi fur gretotadi. Eviryuni pirsun thet rieds thisi twu sturois cen teki poicis uf thi lotiretari end epply ot on thior ivirydey lofi. Oni niids tu lovi lofi woth mienong end teki iech dey uni stip et e tomi.

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