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My New Computer

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My New Computer
If I had the opportunity to build my own computer I would add the following components:
1. Mother Board - $134.99
2. Processor - $78.99
3. RAM - $209.99
4. Power Supply - $96.96
5. Case - $49.99
6. CPU Cooler - N/A
7. Video Card - $74.99
8. Music Card - $85.47
9. Speakers - $48.67
10. Hard Drive - $168.90
11. CD – RW and DVD-RW – 49.99
12. Modem - $99.99
13. Keyboard & Mouse – $64.99 (before $20.00 rebate)
14. Monitor - $169.99
15. Software - $88.00
I would follow the format presented by Rob Williams, to build my own computer because he has already done the homework and offers several tutorials for the not so gifted and not quite computer literate. Williams, R (2006/11/26), MY SUPER PC. Retrieved November 27, 2006, Web site: Http:// . Mr. Williams offers this advice to anyone who is planning to build their own computer, the first rule of building your own PC is called the “six month rule of delayed acquisition”. He suggests that any hardware or software be at least six months old before you purchase it. He cites three very good reasons for following this six month rule the first being that the price will drop drastically in the first six months. Secondly, the bugs in the product will be worked out in this time period. But a third and very important reason to follow the six month rule is that in six months there will be “volumes” of information about an item and how it performs.
Item one on my list is a Mother Board. The Mother Board is the main circuit board of a microcomputer. It acts as the connector for attaching additional boards. Typically, the motherboard contains the CPU, BIOS, memory, mass storage interfaces, serial and parallel ports, expansion slots, and all the controllers required to control standard peripheral devices, such as the display screen, keyboard, and disk drive. Collectively, all these chips that reside on the motherboard are known as the motherboard's chipset. I have chosen to purchase the “GIGABYTE M57SLI-S4” Motherboard. My reason for this is the following review retrieved from Sun, A (2006/6/20). Retrieved December 2, 2006, Web site:, “AMD recently launched their AM2 platform and along with that new CPUs and motherboard chipsets to support those CPUs. The AM2 platform is based upon the Socket 940 interface, with support for DDR2 memory making the platform the choice for the hard core enthusiast at the moment. Differing chipset manufacturers have announced chipsets to support the new standard and in a few months there should be many chipsets supporting AM2.

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NVIDIA is the number one supplier of motherboard chipsets for the AMD platform with over 40% of the market share in their corner. They first entered the motherboard chipset market in 2001 with the release of the nForce line. Subsequent chipsets have included the nForce2, the nForce 3, the nForce4 etc. Last week they announced three new chips, the nForce 590 SLI, the nForce 570 SLI, the nForce 570 Ultra and the nForce 550. GIGABYTE manufactures motherboards based virtually on every chipset announced from practically every company making motherboard chipsets in the world. GIGABYTE is considered a Tier-1 motherboard manufacturer around the world.” Following the six month rule, this motherboard was launched approximately six months ago and still has a rating of 92. It offers everything I feel necessary to create the computer that I want. The price for this item is competitive as well on different sites. You may purchase this component at for $154.99. However if you go to The you may purchase the same component for only $142.08. Further research will show that this same component may be purchased at for a mere $134.99. Needless to say, I would purchase at
The second item on my list is a Processor. While I referred to Mr. Williams (My Super PC) list of items he recommended, I chose not to follow his advice explicitly with this unit. He chose the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 +AM2 with Fan. I chose to go with the AMD Athlon64 X2 5000 +FX 62 simply because their design was found to be even more efficient and performance oriented than anything the competition currently has to offer. This CPU cornered the gamers market as well. (Unfortunately, upon further research I found that this CPU was no longer available and therefore chose to go with the CPU preferred by Mr. Williams.) This component may be purchased at for a retail price of $78.99. The processor I had chosen, when available was available at Compuplus .com for $107.90.
The third item on my list was RAM. There is a lot to learn about memory. (Glossary of terms for RAM & Memory Upgrades)
• RAM Type
• Bus Speed
• Access Time
• Form Factor
RAM Type
Refers to the type of RAM compatible with the motherboard.

DRAM: (dynamic RAM) Most common type of RAM with an access time of 30ns or more.
SDRAM: (Synchronous DRAM) Considerably faster than DRAM, access time or 10ns.
DDR: Is high speed SDRAM

Bus Speed
The speed measure in mHz that data travels from one place to another. Bus speed of RAM should typically equal that of the motherboards.

Access Time
Measured in nanoseconds, how long it takes memory to transfer to the CPU.

Form Factor
SIMM: (Single Inline Memory Module) RAM mainly use in older computers using EDO Memory.
DIMM: (Dual Inline Memory Module) SDRAM and DDR-SDRAM use this form factor.
SO-DIMM: (Small-Outline Dual Inline Memory Module) Used mainly in laptops and handheld devices.
RIMM: (Rambus Inline Memory Module) Same as DIMM but has a different pin configuration for direct RDRAM chips.

As I am learning, the more I learn about computers, the more information there is to learn. After reading the above information, also retrieved from, I chose to go with The G.Skill DDR SDRAM 2 GB RAM. This high-end performer will offer the speed and storage I require. (See attached comparison sheet) The price for this is $209.99 at
The next item to be purchased is my power supply unit. Mr. Williams recommends the Antec Sonata II which has a 450 watt power supply or the Antec NSK 6500 which offers a 430 watt power supply. I chose neither of these components but rather chose the Spire Rocketeer 500W PSU. ( A review on offered this information “Power supplies are one of the most important components of the computer. No, really. With today's video cards requiring more and more power, and the other computer components drawing power, the PSU is as important as anything else. After all, having the fastest computer is nice, but without sufficient power, the computer can be unstable, run slower than expected, or have all kinds of other problems. A good solid power supply is often over-clocked when a new system is built. Mom and Pop stores often sell computers with generic PSU’s that provide 300-350W of power at best.” This component offering 500 watts of power is the right one for the computer I am constructing. This component may be purchased for $96.96 at
The next item, the case I will purchase from ®. I have chosen the Cooler Master Centurion RC-534-SKN1 No Power Supply Mid-Tower Case (Silver/Black). This sleek and modernistic case will hold all of my components. It does not come with a power supply unit as does the others offered at this site and as I am purchasing a separate PSU, this suits my needs. This component could be found at quite reasonable prices at five stores, however, I would choose to purchase it from because of the price of $49.99 (the same as and, but also because they offer same day shipping and over 250,000 (mostly good) reviews of their web store.
The next item on my list is a CPU Cooler. Please note that the CPU that I chose has a cooler attachment already provided so this component is not necessary. (please correct this assumption if I am wrong please.)
For my next item, the Video Card, I chose ATI Radeon 9250 256 MB Graphics Card. (Please see comparison on separate sheet) While the price at was slightly higher, $74.99, than the price at, $73.64, I chose to go with The price difference is minimal and is a more well known supplier and offers same day delivery.
The music card that I chose is the Creative Lab Sound Blaster Sound Card. While offering comparable features, i.e., Interface Type, Playback type, Sound Output Mode. Enclosure type, etc., the price is significantly lower for the Sound Blaster card (compare at $259 versus $85)
For speakers I chose the Logitech X530 Speakers. It features a six-piece speaker system and can be purchased at for $48.67.
For my hard drive, I chose the Western Digital Caviar Se16 500GB 7200rpm S(erial)ATA. As my comparison sheet shows, it is of comparable capacity, interface type, etc. with other hard drive and sells at a lower price ($168 at
For my DVD Rw/CDRW drive I would follow the advice of Mr. Williams (My Super PC) and purchase the Sony DRU-820A Dual Format Double layer DVD RW/CDRW drive from for $49.99. While this is slightly higher than the purchase at, again I chose because of known reliability and same day delivery.
For my modem I chose the Motorola Surfboard SBG900 cable modem from that offers support for faster data transfer and lists for $99.99.
The keyboard and mouse combination that I chose is the Microsoft Wireless Optical 3.0 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. This keyboard is cordless and that allows for less clutter as well as featuring a laser mouse that is also cordless. offers this combination for the low price of $62.99. However, for the intrepid of spirit, the same product, , may be purchased at Mwave for $29.99. There is no guarantee on shipping time however. Though refurbished and not new, this product can also be purchased at for $33.60.
As with other components of my new computer, I chose to purchase my monitor from They offer the HP L1706 in LCD monitor for $169.99. They offer same day delivery on this item as well. The price for this item at is less ($163.43), however, I would prefer to spend a few more dollars to be sure of the supplier of the component.
The final item on my list is the software package. I have chosen the Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Full for PC (N0901528). This operating system allows you to create a powerhouse PC with the new Windows XP Home Edition. It has been built exclusively for home computing, and incorporating SP2 technology, this operating software package allows users to build the perfect home office environment. It is further equipped with a powerful Windows engine, allowing this home software upgrade to stabilize any computing system. Featuring integrated security tools, this operating system has the power and flexibility to keep any computer running smoothly. The total cost for my new computer is $1,421.91.
If I chose not to build my own PC but to purchase one from, I
Would purchase the XPS High-Performance Desktop PC. XPS offers some of the latest and greatest technologies, helping to prepare you for your current & future needs.
Do more fast - Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo processors & 1GB memory1 come standard
Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 included on select systems
15 month virus protection2 & 1 year At-Home Service3 included Windows VistaTM Capable Premium Ready4 Up to a 20" flat panel & speakers Included!
And that is how I would build my perfect computer. To make this system work for my office I would change only the operating system to a system that would have to be specifically designed for the post office.

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