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Technology and globalization have increased accessibility and openness to higher education. However, with the amplified number of opportunities come with some uncertainties. In the past few years, the concept of online or distance learning has prolonged to include a growing number of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs), free higher education courses open for enrollment for any user with the internet connection regardless of the device (as most MOOCs are available to support multi-platforms). MOOCs are a recent trend in distance learning promoted by several prestigious universities especially in North America and the UK. In this personal reflection I will try to discuss the characteristics, advantages, and challenges of the program. Also, I will try to discuss how MOOCs enhance accessibility, student engagement the Fun part, and experiences for lifelong learning. In addition, challenges educators are facing in the assessment part and quality management.

Last week, I completed a MOOC on called “Gamification” delivered by Prof. Kevin Werbach from University of Pennsylvania. The course was divided into 12 modules consisting of video lecture sections each of which includes 45 to 60 minutes of substantial course material with embedded exercises. At the beginning there was one unit per week but later on two units were assigned each week along with 8 weekly quizzes and 3 written assignments extended all over the course. The course concludes on a final exam worth 30 percent of the total. The syllabus also comprises the suggested readings and optional material.

According to Prof. Werbach Gamification is the application of digital game design techniques and game elements to non-game problems, such as business and social impact...

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...zes and assignments makes you want to learn more about Gamification that Professor Werbach discussed in this course. I am sure this may be new field for many of us but this might be the only survival for reestablishing the collapsing economic structure of our financial markets or to maintain the motivational level of our students especially in the part of the world where students are paid more than teachers to come to school and get education or to the areas where employees are bored and frustrated to the routine cycle of activities in businesses.

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