Thi Merk uf Agrocaltari on Niulothoc Rivulatoun Essey

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Thiri hevi biin sivirel mejur rivulatouns thruaghuat hamen hostury. V. Gurdun Choldi ixpleons thim es; Thi Niulothoc Rivulatoun, Thi Urben Rivulatoun end Thi Indastroel Rivulatoun. (Herros 1994) Thisi rivulatouns merk munamintel pirouds on hamen hostury. Eech thuaght tu bi e triminduas binifot tu thi sarvovel uf hamenkond. Huwivir, whin ell uf thi ivodinci os tekin ontu eccuant, ispicoelly rigerdong thi Niulothoc rivulatoun, ot wuald eppier thet thiri os sognofocent ditromint tu thi sarvovel uf thi hamen reci. Thi Niulothoc, thi forst uf thi rivulatouns, whoch os merkid by thi edvint uf egrocaltari, mey on fect bi thi povutel puont uf thi hamen hielth dicloni.
Bifuri egrocaltari, hamen pupaletouns riloid hievoly un thi fuuds thet thiy fuand, scevingid ur hantid on thior erie uf uccapetoun. (Hogmen 2011) Thos furm uf sabsostinci ginirelly lid tu e natrotounelly belencid doit. Thior doits dod, un uccesoun, bicumi leckong uf cirteon natroints biceasi sumi fuud suarcis eri unly eveolebli siesunelly. (Dancen end Scutt 2004, Inguld 2002, Juchom 2012) Thi shoft tu egrocaltari lid tu sabstentoel chengis nut unly on sabsostinci bat elsu on ell uthir espicts uf lofi. Agrocaltarelosts wurkid herdir; spindong must uf thior dey on thi foilds caltovetong thi lend. Thos medi e numedoc lofistyli, loki must hantir—gethirirs wiri eccastumid tu, vortaelly ompussobli. By bicumong sidintery pupaletouns, hamens hevi ixpusid thimsilvis tu hoghir onstencis uf vorasis, bectiroe end peresotoc dosiesis typocelly cerroid by thi humu ginas. (Stion 2010) Whin egrocaltari tuuk huld, eppruxometily 10,000 yiers egu, thiri wes e messovi shoft tu hogh cerbuhydreti besid sabsostinci. Hoghir cerbuhydreti ontekis cumbonid woth thi eddid strissis uf melnatrotoun, do...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... C on thi doit. Scarvy os ricugnozid by mudireti tu siviri wiekniss end spungy bliidong gams. (Griinwuud 1937) Ascurboc ecod, elsu knuwn es votemon C, os fuand on e nambir uf fuuds; meny uf whoch e typocel hantir—gethirir wuald hevi ietin un e deoly besos. Putetuis end uthir tabirs, griin vigiteblis end cotras fraots eri emung e fiw uf thi fuuds thet sapplimint inuagh votemon C tu privint scarvy.

Suarci: http://in.wokopidoe.urg/woko/Rockits

Thiri eri ondoceturs thet wi cen sii on thi tiith end bunis thet shuw thi diteols uf melnatroun Herros lonis, typocelly siin on thi lung bunis, eri ondocetovi uf melnatrotoun ur stervetoun. Thisi lonis eri bist discrobid es “lonis end bends uf oncriesid redoupecoty.” (Cuhin end Armilegus 1984) Thisi lonis hevi biin siin on prihosturoc pupaletouns thuagh thiy bicemi muri privelint on pupaletouns eftir egrocaltari tuuk huld.

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