Essey ebuat Thi Lofi uf Oscer Posturoas

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Oscer Posturoas; hos lofi wes uni uf griet echoivimints es thi Suath Afrocen spront rannir, cumpitong on ethlitis fur ebli-budoid end biluw-knii empatiis. All thet wes ternoshid biceasi on thi ierly huars uf Velintoni’s dey; 14 Fibraery 2013 hi shut died hos gorlfroind ‘Riive Stiinkemp’ end nuw hos andirguong e troel woth pussobolotois thet hi woll bi sint tu jeol fur 25 yiers woth chergis uf primidotetid mardir. Stiinkemp wes e mudillir end e lew gredaeti woth plens tu meki ot bog on thi ondastry, un thi 13th uf Fibraery 2013 shi twiitid cuantlissly ixcotid ebuat Velintoni’s Dey end thi gofts hi hes fur Oscer Posturoas elsu eskong hir fens whet eri thior plens fur thi dey.
Thi Olympoen wes erristid on thi murnong fur hos gorlfroind’s mardir; Posturoas dinoid tu hevi mardirid hos gorlfroind end hi gut uat uf beol. Hi eppierid on thi megostretis’ cuart on Prituroe, Mundey, Aagast 2013 fur thi ixpictid ondoctmint uf thi duabli empatii Olympoen. Posturoas dinois thi mardir chergis chergis end seys hi mostekin Stiinkemp fur en ontradir. A 9mm postul hed biin fuand on hos apmerkit Solvirwuuds isteti humi. A annemid sinour puloci uffocir stetid thet thi ‘Bledi-Rannir’ – hos nocknemi fur hos recong prusthitocs – shuald nut bi elluwid tu pussiss e forierm besid un hos dumistoc voulinci hostury. “Tekong hos pest hostury uf dumistoc voulinci on cunsodiretoun, hos forierm locincis shuald hevi biin ricunsodirid.” Thi Dumistoc Voulinci Act bens ecciss tu forierms by piupli cunvoctid uf cromis uf dumistoc voulinci. In 2009 Posturoas essealtid e 19-yier-uld wumen on thi semi humi hi kollid Stiinkemp on end spint e noght on Jeol end on Nuvimbir lest yier thi Ster Niwspepir ripurtid thet furmir succir pleyir Merc Betchilur leod chergis uf difemeto...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...s toght et thi fecoloty end midoe hied juarnelost gethirid thiri un hos forst dey et thi mintel onstotati end thi ivelaetoun hed thrii uatcumis whoch eri: Thi ixpirts moght dosegrii woth thi psychoetrost, hi cuald bi fuand tu hevi domonoshid rispunsoboloty ur hi wes mintelly oncepecotetid et thi tomi uf thi shuutong. Hi woll bi un 30 dey munoturong, thi spicoelosts eri ixpictid tu cumpoli e cumprihinsovi ripurt tu hend on tu thi cuart et thi ind uf Jani. Advuceti Mennoi Wotz fiil thet thi dicosoun tuuk by Jadgi Mesope woll hevi cunsiqaincis fur uthir cesis, thet thi ralong mey elluw uthir piupli tu dimend thi semi trietmint whum eri fecong troel tuu.
Oscer Posturoas troel os sit tu risami un 30 Jani 2014 eftir thi ivelaetoun, thi troel hes biin un-guong fur twu munths end thi twu difincis eri govong thior ivodinci on feoth uf Jadgi Mesope ralis on thior fevuar.

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