Lasting Contributions and Inventions of the Roman Empire

Lasting Contributions and Inventions of the Roman Empire

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Have you ever wondered who in the world came up the sewage system or where the idea for aqueducts came from; some of the worlds most used inventions come from a place called Rome. In the turn of the 20th century Rome had more paved roads then the untied states. Rome also had the first ever known sewage system. To supply Rome with water they built vast aqueducts that are still used to this current day. With out Rome's dedication to its citizens the sewage system, aqueducts, and roads the 20th century may not be here today.
In the Roman Empire roads begin to emerge throughout the city for the military to make haste to defend its city from enemies. The roads where essential for the growth of the empire, originally for the troops they soon began to use the roads for trade goods and communicating news to its neighbors. Roman roads varied from simple roads to the better paved roads that had cuts the stone to allow water to flow though while keeping the road itself dry. Rome had so many roads at one time that it was said all roads lead to Rome.
It is said that the first ever sewage system was built in Rome between 800 and 735 B.C. and are still working today making it over 2500 years long. The Romans expanded the network of sewers though the city and linked most of them to drain into the Tiber River. In 33 B.C., under the rule of Emperor Augustus, the Romans built underground channels to drain rain water that might other wise wash away precious topsoil. The first know sewage system was known as Cloaca Maxima meaning greatest sewer, and was constructed around 600 B.C. Under the King of Rome Tarquinius.
The Romans made aqueducts throughout there empire to supply water to there public baths, however it quickly became used for drinking, and the sewage system. they had a series of aqueducts that started from the rivers, even as far away as the river Anio. The Anio and Aqua Claudia were the two biggest systems of aqueducts for the Roman Empire. All aqueducts were designed to carefully drain all waste water into the sewage systems. The aqueducts lead the citizens of Rome to have very high hygiene.

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The Romans in there day where far more advance in engineering then any who came before them. They had the first ever paved roads that still are used today and at the turn of the 20th century was more then the United States. They had the first ever sewage systems to help keep there city clean. Rome also had the great aqueducts that supplied there city with drinking water, bathing water, and helped the sewage systems. In conclusion without Rome's engineering life today could have been a-lot different.
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