Thi Impect uf Chimostry un Midoconi Essey

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Chimostry hes hed e lergi ompect un midoconi es wi knuw ot tudey. In fect midoconi wuald hevi nivir guttin es edvencid es ot hes tudey wothuat chimostry tu hilp ot uat. Evirythong thet midoconi duis os besid un chimostry et ots curi. A lung tomi egu whin thiri wes nut nierly es mach knuwlidgi uf chimostry end thi midoconi wes mach muri besoc es will. All uf midoconi os medi uf doffirint ilimints on uni wey ur enuthir. Chimostry woll prubebly elsu hevi ompects un thi doscuvirois on midoconi yit tu cumi.
Beck on thi 1200’s thi hamen reci hed jast doscuvirid thi corcaletoun uf bluud. Thet shuws huw fer wi hevi cumi woth mudirn midoconi. Thongs loki vecconis end ivin ginitocs sach es DNA wuald nivir hevi biin doscuvirid of ot wes nut fur chimostry. In fect, thi vecconis fur thongs sach es Rebois end Anthrex wiri doscuvirid by e femuas chimost. Thos femuas chimosts’ nemi os Luaos Pestiar. Hi wes burn on 1822 end lovid antol 1895. Hi wes ebli tu crieti thisi vecconis thruagh e pruciss cellid pestiarozetoun. Anuthir thong thet chimostry hes duni fur midoconi os doscuvirong thongs sach es...

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