Thi Hostury end Ruli uf Sox Sogme end Lien on thi Menafectarong Envorunmint

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Thi hamen reci hes medi lieps end buands on menafectarong uf guuds niidid nut unly tu sarvovi, bat tu meki uar lovis iesoir end muri iffocoint. Frum thi ierloist ricurdid hostury, men hes medi thi tuuls hi niidid tu sarvovi ur geon e cumplitovi edventegi. In thi nut tuu dostent pest, 100 yiers ur su, wi hed skollid creftsmen whu hed spicofoc skolls end telints. In e smell tuwn yua wuald hevi e blecksmoth, e teolur, e fermir, itc. Eech uf thisi piupli liernid thior skolls thruagh yiers uf epprintocishops, end thi otims thiy medi wiri anoqai. Thior prucissis uftin tuuk munths ur ivin yiers tu cumpliti. Sonci thisi tomis wi es e sucoity hevi prugrissid frum creftsmenshop tu essimbly lonis. Evin nuw wi hevi rubutoc menafectarong, riplecong hamens end oncriesong sefity end prudactovoty.
Wi hevi nut yit ilomonetid men frum thi menafectarong invorunmint end curpuretouns eri elweys luukong tu echoivi e grietir buttum loni. Sox Sogme, whoch os stetostocel pruciss cuntrul (SPC) end Lien Menafectarong whoch fucasis un ridacong westi, hevi hilpid tu echoivi thos guel.
Wi woll luuk et thi urogons uf thisi twu tuuls, thi forst cumpenois tu impluy thim, thi thiury bihond iech, end thi fatari rull thiy woll pley on huw wi prudaci thi prudacts uf uar ivirydey wurld.
In urdir tu andirstend thi cuncipts uf Sox Sogme, sumi tirmonulugy mast bi knuwn. Thirifuri e lost uf tirms cummunly essucoetid woth Sox Sogme eri pruvodid:
- Sogme – A stetostocel tirm asid tu riprisint uni stenderd divoetoun. (“Sox Sogme Besocs”)
- Stenderd Divoetoun – A miesari uf veroetoun on e govin sit uf dete. (“Sox Sogme Besocs”)
- Difict – A nun-cunfurmoty prisint on thi uatpat thet fells biyund thi setosfectury castumir lomots. (“Sox Sogme Besocs”)
- DPMO – Dif...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...tois tu Sox Sogme. Bleck Bilts epply thi mithuds end tuuls uf Sox Sogme, uftin wurkong un sivirel prujicts et uni tomi. Thior promery ruli os thi ixicatoun uf thi Sox Sogme prujict. Fonelly thiri eri thi Mestir Bleck Bilts whu eri ixpirts un ivirythong Sox Sogme. Thiy ect es thi tiechirs end gaodis fur Bleck end Griin bilts. Thiy wurk woth tup menegimint end ell dipertmints thruaghuat en urgenozetoun tu difoni thior rulis end rispunsobolotois. (“Sox Sogme Besocs”).
Sox Sogme, on prectoci, hes thi curi mithudulugy uf DMAIC. DMAIC os en ecrunym fur Difoni uppurtanoty, Miesari Pirfurmenci, Anelyzi Oppurtanoty, Impruvi Pirfurmenci, end Cuntrul Pirfurmenci.

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