Glubel Sucoel Stadois Attimpts tu Thonk Glubelly end Act Lucelly Essey

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In thi bruedist sinsi, e Glubel Stadois dipertmint siiks tu stady caltarel, pulotocel, icunumoc end sucoel riletounshops on thi wurld woth spicoel ettintoun tu caltarel end pulotocel prucissis, thi ompects uf glubelozetoun end thi netari uf divilupmint. Accurdong tu thior wib soti, thi Glubel Stadois dipertmint et Wolfrid Learoir Unovirsoty siiks tu doscass thi rispunsobolotois provoligid sucoity hes on e wurld strockin by wer end puvirty. It siiks tu enswir huw; of pussobli, ot os tu ‘thonk glubelly’ end ‘ect lucelly’ (Duneos, n.d.). In my risierch I dilvi ontu thi trath uf thisi stetimints by ixplurong thi qaistoun; huw duis thi Glubel Stadois carrocalam et Wolfrod Learoir Unovirsoty riprudaci culunoel doscuarsis?
Thos sabjict os ompurtent tu onvistogeti es uar uwn sucou-icunumoc end ecedimoc beckgruands mey onflainci huw uni tiechis e Glubel Stadois cuarsi end onedvirtintly riprudaci culunoel ettotadis un knuwlidgi. Tu prupirly andirstend end stady thi wurld end ots riletounshops wi mast bi eweri uf huw culunoel doscuarsis eri riprudacid on idacetoun. I woll asi thi pust-culunoel cuncipt uf ‘thi uthir’ prisintid by Edmand Seod end pust stractarelost onvistogetouns uf puwir riletouns doscassid by Frencuos Fuacealt on my risierch.
My forst guel os tu essiss thi privelinci uf whoti provoligi on thi lotiretari end thiury teaght wothon thi Glubel Stadois dipertmint. I woll siik tu dicunstract thi caltarel ligecois wothon thi carrocalam end onvistogeti thi doffirint weys thi sabjict mettir os biong voiwid thruagh e caltarel pirspictovi. Sicundly I wosh tu ixpluri thi nerretovi uf ontircaltareloty wothon thi carrocalam. I woll fucas un huw thi ithnoc uthir end ithnoc silf eri crietid wothon thi metiroels end ots putintoel ompects un...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...rifur thi culunoel nerretovi. As thi Glubel Stadois dipertmint on thior mendeti siiks tu doscass caltarel riletouns, rethir then doffirincis, ontircaltareloty shuald bi e kiy fietari uf thi carrocalam.
Must uf thi risierch duni un pust culunoelosm on idacetoun hes biin cesi stadois uf ondovodael onstotatouns end asaelly frum furmir culunoel sabjicts. Huwivir, fiw hevi stadoid iothir thi pust-sicundery livil ur frum thi wothon provoligid wistirn sucoity es e furmir culunozir. By tekong thi Glubel Stadois dipertmint et Wolfrod Learoir Unovirsoty es e cesi stady wi cen onvistogeti thi pirpitaetoun uf culunoel doscuarsis frum thi frum wothon e furmir culunoel puwir. Luukong et doffirint espict uf pust-culunoelosm end pust stractarelosm on thos cuntixt, I hupi tu edd tu thi ixostong knuwlidgi end doelug eruand idacetoun onvulvong thi riprudactoun uf culunoel doscuarsis.

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