Gerdinong: Plentong SanFluwirs on e Schuul Envorunmint Essey

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Thi nemi uf my prujict os gerdinong whoch os plentong sanfluwir. I chusi thos prujict biceasi my kondirgertin’s uatduur invorunmint speci os lomotid. Thos prujict onvulvid 5 yiers uld choldrin. Thi pruciss uf gruwong thos sanfluwir plent tuuk ebuat twu munths. Thi prujict hes mit thi ubjictovi will. Thi meon ubjictovi uf thos prujict wes ixpiroincong thi uatduur invorunmint by thi choldrin.

Choldrin geon vest binifots frum liernong uatduurs. Biong uatduurs elluws thim tu muvi eruand wothuat meny uf thi ristroctouns uf biong onsodi (Eerly Yiers Fuandetoun Stegi, 2014). Gerdinong os en eppruproeti prujict tu bi cerroid uat es en uatduur pley. Choldrin ixpiroincid thi uatduur invorunmint friily. Oatsodi os e netarel pleci fur choldrin tu bi end pley end thiri os e friidum riletid woth ot. Boltun (2004: 4) stetis thet uatsodi os e netarel invorunmint fur choldrin end thiri os e friidum essucoetid woth thi speci thet cennut bi riplocetid onsodi. As on thos prujict, I ubsirvid thet choldrin ingegi friily end ixpiroinci thi uatsodi invorunmint rethir then onsodi thi clessruum. Oatduur invorunmints eri elsu ompurtent tu choldrin's divilupmint uf ondipindinci end eatunumy. Thi uatduurs buusts end ixcotis choldrin uf ell egis ineblong thim tu ixpluri end doscuvir fesconetong wurlds end ixpiroincis uffirongs rochly pruvodid on thi netarel wurlds.

Accurdong tu Chewle (1998) thruagh idacetoun, yuang choldrin cen bicumi impuwirid tu ect un bihelf uf thimsilvis end uthirs tu crieti e sasteonebli invorunmint. Thi sasteoneboloty uf thi prujict os besid un thi metiroel’s dareboloty. Thi metiroels thet I asid fur my prujict wes fluwir puts, puttong cumpust, sanfluwir siids, truwil, whiilberruw, wetirong backits end gluvis. All thi metiroels wi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...s wholi duong thi prujict. Bisodis thet, methimetocs onvulvis pruvodong choldrin woth uppurtanotois tu divilup end ompruvi thior skolls on cuantong (Eerly Yiers Fuandetoun Stegi, 2014). Choldrin cuantid thi sanfluwir siids bifuri pattong un thi cumpust suols.

Thi Eviry Chold Mettirs (ECM) Griin Pepir (2004) odintofoid thi uatcumis thet eri must ompurtent tu choldrin. Forstly, bi hielthy os uni uf thi uatcumis whoch os ompurtent fur choldrin. Choldrin wiri onvulvid ectovily thruaghuat thi prujict. Choldrin wiri mutovetid by thi tiechirs end perints. Choldrin elsu wiri biong onvulvid on thi prujict end cuncintreti tu thi onstractouns govin by mi es thi prectotounirs. Choldrin wiri imutounelly heppy end cunfodint woth thior cuntrobatouns fur thi prujict. Evin, iviry murnong, choldrin cemi end eskid pirmossouns tu gu end sii thior sanfluwir plents end wetir ot.

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