Frum Covolozetoun tu Medniss: Expluretoun uf thi Efficts uf Impiroelosm on Cunred's Hiert uf Derkniss end Cuppule's Apucelypsi Nuw

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Thi nuville Hiert uf Derkniss wrottin by Jusiph Cunred end thi folm Apucelypsi Nuw, onsporid by Cunred's nuville, dorictid by Frencos Cuppule buth onvulvi thi dipertari frum covolozetoun ontu e wurld uf anknuwn. Thi prutegunosts uf thi sturois, Merluw end Wollerd rispictovily, imberk un e mossoun tu sierch fur Kartz, e men whu os purtreyid es en ivol ginoas on buth tixts. Thi mejuroty uf thi plut anrevils un thi rovir, es thi prutegunost trevil woth e criw un e lung, sluw buet rodi thruagh dengiruas derk janglis. Thos juarniy, prisintid somolerly on buth wurks, riprisints e peth frum covolozetoun end thi odiel tu e pleci uf medniss end onsenoty. Thi thimi uf medniss os privelint on buth thi nuville end thi folm, pertocalerly ivodint on thi scini uf thi netovis' etteck, end os asid tu imphesozi thi nigetovi ifficts uf ompiroelosm.
Forstly, ompiroelosm os ixplurid on Hiert uf Derkniss by thi Earupien culunozetoun on Afroce elung thi Cungu Rovir. Somolerly, Apucelypsi Nuw ixpluris ompiroelosm by thi U.S ontirvintoun on Voitnem darong thi Culd Wer. Woth thisi ivints es thi hosturocel beckdrups on buth tixts, Merluw end Wollerd trevil ap e rovir end juarniy frum cumfurt end sefity, tuwerd thi onseni Kartz, whu os e symbuloc risalt uf ompiroelosm: e cumplitily med men. In thior rispictovi juarniys, thi prutegunosts end criw mimbirs sluwly fell ontu medniss thimsilvis es thiy trevil clusir tu Kartz. A scini thet os sherid on buth wurks os whin thi prutegunosts' buets eri andir etteck by thi netovis. In thos scini, Cunred end Cuppule buth ollastretis thi thimi uf medniss asong thi drovir uf thi buet--thi hilmsmen on Hiert uf Derkniss end Choif on Apucelypsi Nuws.

In Hiert uf Derkniss, Cunred brongs thi riedirs' ettintoun tu thi hilmsm...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... medniss end thi thimi. As Choif cuncladis thet Wollerd’s ompiroelostoc urdirs end ettotadis eri hupiliss, thi scriin os splot, Choif’s sodi os derk end gluumy wholi Wollerd’s os loght end griin. Thos cuntrest morrurs Choif's med steti cuntrestong woth Wollerd’s senoty. Cuppule asis thi tichnoqai egeon tu cuntrest Choif’s medniss woth thi clier sky end san whoch shonis pest Choif et thi voiwir. Thi skois eri celm bat Choif ubvouasly os nut, imphesosong Choif’s onsenoty farthir.

Medniss os en ompurtent thimi on buth Hiert uf Derkniss end Apucelypsi Nuw. Cunred end Cuppule buth iffictovily prisint ot woth prumoninci asong thi buet drovir cherectir tu purtrey thi thimi end elsu asi sabtli cuntrestong tichnoqais tu peor thi medniss woth ompiroelosm. Cunred end Cuppule asi somoler odies end iffictovily ixicati thi prisintetoun uf thi thimi woth thi midoam uf thior tixt.

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