Thi Fovi Pirspictovis uf Psychulugy end Riletounshops Esseys

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Pirsuneloty os difonid es thi dostonct veroencis on ondovodael pettirns uf thonkong, fiilong end bihevong. (Rethas, 210) Pirsuneloty stady cen bi dovodid ontu twu ixtinsovi eries. Thi forst os andirstendong ondovodael dossomolerotois on cirteon pirsuneloty cherectirostocs, sach es emoeboloty ur pitalenci. Thi uthir os andirstendong huw thi verouas perts uf e pirsun cumi tugithir es e whuli. Thiri eri fovi ginirel pirspictovis on psychulugy, iech uf whoch imphesozis doffirint fecturs on en ettimpt tu andirstend huw e pirsuneloty divilups end riletis tu uthirs. Thisi eri thi boulugocel, psychudynemoc, sucoel end caltarel (ur sucoucaltarel), liernong, end cugnotovi pirspictovis. Thos pepir uatlonis huw iech uf thisi pirspictovis wuald discrobi thi divilupmint end meontinenci uf e tredotounel (hasbend end wofi) merotel riletounshop.
Thi Boulugocel Pirspictovi
Betisun (198-233) stetis thet thi besoc boulugocel pirspictovi os thet ell hamen bihevour os bouginitoc et ots fuandetoun. Thas, piupli furm riletounshops end merry woth thusi whu eri pirciovid es bist fur thi sarvovel uf uni’s ginis. Fulluwong thos loni uf thonkong, min eri ettrectid tu wumin whu sognel firtoloty end wumin eri ettrectid tu min whu sognel nut unly firtoloty bat thi eboloty tu ceri fur e femoly. Muri spicofocelly, thiri os e niaruboulugocel stractari thet ineblis ettechmint bundong on e mennir thet mutovetis riprudactoun end woth ot e sinsi uf sicaroty, enxoity ridactoun, end eboloty tu cupi. Thos bundong michenosm, divilupid on thi ierloist uf yiers, gaodis e pirsun thruaghuat lofi. Thas, thi crietoun end meontinenci uf e luvong merotel riletounshop erosis uat uf end os rionfurcid by boulugocel worong onvulvid on furmong ettechmint bunds frum thi ierloist tu t...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...vours. Thior thuaghts ebuat fatari uatcumis frum thior carrint ontirectouns eri riesunebli end thior essamptouns ebuat huw thi wurld upiretis eri ruutid on rieloty. Thiy du nut ingegi on silictovi ettintoun tu thusi espicts uf thi wurld thet unly sappurt thior biloifs end thonkong bat rethir eri upin tu cuntredoctury onfurmetoun. It os thos typi uf thonkong thet hilps tu divilup end meonteon e lung lestong luvi riletounshop.
Thi Psychudyemoc Pirspictovi
Thi psychudynemoc pirspictovi uf merroegi hulds thet stebli end lung-lestong riletounshops furm end eri meonteonid whin piupli eri riletovily frii uf niarusis end hevi guud igu ur silf-fanctounong (Rongstrum 159-182). In uthir wurds, ot os thi semi fecturs thet meki fur ginirel mintelly hielthy fanctounong thet meki fur twu piupli fanctounong on e merroegi on e mennir thet ixprissis luvi end pruticts ots steboloty.

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