Farm Observation

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Sitting in the back seat between two towering piles of clothes and snacks we drive up the abandoned streets of Adell. I see vast open fields of corn and dense wooded forest filled with life, along with the occasional, towering grain house. We pull into a dry, dusty, driveway of rock and thriving, overgrown weeds. We come up to an aged log cabin with a massive crab apple tree with its sharp thorns like claws. The ancient weeping willow provides, with is huge sagging arms, shade from the intense rays of the sun. Near the back of the house there is a rotten, wobbly dock slowly rotting in the dark blue, cool water. Near that we store our old rusted canoes, to which the desperate frogs hop for shelter. When I venture out to the water I feel the thick gooey mud squish through my toes and the fish mindlessly try to escape but instead swim into my legs. On the lively river banks I see great blue herring and there attempt to catch a fish for their dinner. They gracefully fly with their beautiful wings arching in the sun to silvery points.

Inside the cabin there is nothing for entertainment except two old black and white TV’s and an outdated telephone, which is covered in a year’s worth of dust. Sometimes I like to head out to the thick wood on the other side of the river, to look for exciting animals and interesting leaves or stones on the forest floor. On some days I feel like running through the corn fields to watch the fluffy clouds slowly drift across the light blue sky. But when it gets dark I want to get back inside before the angry mosquitoes bite me unmercifully. If they make their way into my cabin they will bother me through out the whole night. When I can, I sit on the porch and wait until sunset, watch the frogs croaking non-stop and the river racing down the banks.

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As night falls the papery purple and orange clouds chase away the last remaining ball of orange sun and replace it with darkness. Then I go back inside and sleep.

My time at the farm is something that I will always treasure. It is a fun way to spend my summer. On my last day I hear the bugs chirping, and I know happily that it is time to go home.

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