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Difficulty Writing an essay at Tertiary Level

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Writing an essay at Tertiary level is an extremely difficult process.

The ability to write a quality piece of writing at the tertiary level is a procedure that does not come easily. As mentioned in Marshall and Rowland (2006, p.195).the complexity of developing a style of writing that is personal and academic while processing and developing thoughts and concepts into a presentable piece of academic writing can be a daunting process ( myself included ).
This essay will discuss some of the barriers a student may experience during their writing experience. The development of research and reading skills in their approach to learning and difficulties a student may experience due to procrastination and consequently questioning the usefulness of the essay as a learning tool.

Motivation and Reasoning

“For many students essay-writing is the bane of their lives. They question the usefulness of essays, make heavy weather of writing them, and generally try to put them off for as long as they can get away with it”(Rowntree,D. 1974, p.65).
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...ning and showing proof of the research effort, your knowledge and your depth of understanding of a topic.

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