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How to create an EcOS database?
In EcOS, data and metadata are stored in time series database. An EcOS database has some key characteristics:
• An EcOS database acts as a container for data, metadata, and objects.
• The database structure is governed by its attributes.
• Since it is a time-series database, each series stored is tied to a time dimension.
• Each time series has a default scale.
This video shows how to create an EcOS database.
Step 1. Planning. Before constructing a database in EcOS determine the processes of database creation, updating and maintenance. (You should determine the processes of database creation, updating and maintenance before constructing a database in EcOs.)
• For example, try to tThink about the attributes of the database and the content for these attributes.
• Determine how the database is to be constructed.
• Decide what data and metadata import tasks are to be established in the database.
• Settle the actions to be performed on the database, such as transformations, validations, reports and tasks.
• Determine how results are to be presented and shared. These steps can help you to create a database effectively.
Step 2. Set up the dictionary that governs the database.
1. How to set up a new definition? (To begin with, we need to set up a new definition)
Let me show you how To set up a new definition to a dictionary., I start by clicking the Global definitions button from the EcOS Start page. Then, I select a folder from the left pane where Iyou want to set up a definition and click the Create button from the Home toolbar. Now, I can see a In the Definition dialog box is opened where I can replace the default name New definition with the desired name, for example, My country. On request you can ...

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...see The the Date Format dialog box appears.
f. Since the current date format displays as YYYY, in Allowed Substitutions, double click Year ($Year$) to insert this code into the Date Format field.
g. Click OK.
h. Now that the selection is complete, click the Map button.
i. Once all mappings are done, click Next to continue.
14. Set up the Settings options.
15. Prior to import, it is I recommended that users you to test yourtheir import setups. You can easily doing so by Click clicking the Test import button. Notice that no errors are found.
16. Click Next to review the import summary.
17. Click the Import button to bring the data into the database. The import procedure executes. Upon completion, a summary of the import log appears.
18. When import is finished, review the log of import procedure and Finish to close. And I have successfully load data into my database.

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