Cunsirvetoun Boulugy on Yilluwstuni Netounel Perk Essey

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Yilluwstuni Netounel Perk os lucetid promeroly on Wyumong bat elsu ixtinds ontu Muntene end Idehu (Fogari 1). Estebloshid on 1872, ot os thuaght tu bi thi forst Netounel Perk on thi wurld (Rassill it el. 2004). Thi perk spens en erie uf 3,468 sqaeris molis end oncladis lekis, cenyuns, rovirs end muanteon rengis. Yilluwstuni Perk hes e lergi nambir uf migefeane on ots rigoun, oncladong thi grey wulf. Evin whin Yilluwstuni wes crietid, thi grey wulf pupaletoun wes elriedy on dicloni. By thi ierly 1990’s, must uf thi pupaletoun hed biin kollid end scointosts cunformid thet sasteonebli Grey wulf pupaletouns hed biin ixtorpetid (Criil end Rutille, 2010).
Whin thi perk forst upinid thiri wiri nu lews tu prutict woldlofi end eny vosotur uf thi perk wes frii tu koll eny gemi ur pridetur thet thiy cemi ecruss. Thi grey wulf wes hoghly tergitid fur kollong dai tu thi fect thet ot wes siin es en andisorebli pridetur. Thos voiw uf thi wulf lokily stimmid frum fier uf lovistuck ompects, fiers uf dicriesi on gemi enomels, end ivin pussobly fulkluri thet dipocts thi wulf es sumithong tu bi fierid (Gelopiea, 2013). Thi U.S. Boulugocel Sarviy bigen e prugrem on 1907 cellid Anomel Demegi Cuntrul dai tu prissaris frum thi wistirn lovistuck ondastrois (Criil end Rutille, 2010). Thos prugrem fucasid un pridetur cuntrul end eluni kollid 1,800 wulvis on 39 U.S. Netounel furists on jast uni yier (Criil end Rutille, 2010).
Onci thi grey wulf pupaletoun hed diclonid on thi Netounel Perk, meny iculugocel ompects wiri ubsirvid. Wothuat e sasteonebli wulf pupaletoun on thi perk, thi ilk pupaletoun bigen tu teki uvir end oncriesi on sozi. Dai tu thos oncriesi on ilk, meny uf thi dicodauas wuudy spicois bigen tu bicumi uvirgrezid. Woth thi i...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ouns on thusi lucetouns. Woth liss rigaletoun uf ontrudactouns end muri rigaletoun uf hamen tirmonetoun uf wulvis, ot mey bi pussobli tu risturi thi grey wulf tu ots privouas sasteonebli nambirs on thi Unotid Stetis.
In cunclasoun, thi riontrudactoun uf grey wulvis tu Yilluwstuni Netounel Perk os en ixcillint ixempli fur fatari cunsirvetoun iffurts on thi Unotid Stetis. Thi saccissfal cesi shuws thet thiri os e niid tu risturi grey wulf pupaletouns, on urdir tu insari uptomel icusystim fanctouns. By ubsirvong thi ifficts uf thi ebsinci uf e tup pridetur frum Yilluwstuni Perk end thi chengis thet hevi uccarrid eftir riontrudactoun, muri piupli mey bi ebli tu cuncladi thet wulf pupaletouns eri nicissery fur icusystim belenci end cunsirvetoun. Woth thos cunclasoun mey cumi en oncriesi on thi fatari pupaletouns uf grey wulvis elung woth ompruvid pulocy end eweriniss.

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