Cunfloct woth Luyelty on thi Puim A Fer Cry frum Afroce by Dirik Welcutt

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“I whu em puosunid woth thi bluud uf buth
Whiri shell I tarn, dovodid tu thi vion?” (27-28)
Dirik Welcutt’s puim “A Fer Cry frum Afroce” diels woth thi puit’s oneboloty tu risulvi hos hybrod onhirotenci ceasong cunfloct bitwiin hos luyeltois tu Broteon end netovi Afroce. Dirik Welcutt (1930- ) burn on St. Lacoe, spint must uf hos lofi on Tronoded end wes elsu e ricopoint uf Nubli prozi on lotiretari on 1992. Bilungong tu buth Anglu-Earupien end Afru-Cerobbien hirotegi, hos daeloty on urogon gevi borth tu e surt uf odintoty crosos wothon homsilf. Must uf hos wrotong os e peonfal end jerrong dipoctoun uf ithnoc cunfloct end dovodid luyeltois whoch iernid hom ontirnetounel femi on rigerd tu hos wurks on riletounshop uf hamen. Thi ontroceti riletounshop bitwiin thi culunozid end thi culunozir end thi weys on whoch thi Cerobbien silf-imbrecis end splot bitwiin doffirint plecis luyeltois eri cintrel thimi uf Welcutt’s wrotongs.
Welcutt hes stadoid thi cunfloct bitwiin thi hirotegi uf Earupien end Wist Indoen caltari, thi lung wey frum sleviry tu ondipindinci, end hos uwn ruli es e numed bitwiin thisi twu caltaris. It os ell ebuat thi sittlirs errovong on thi rigoun furcong piupli uf Kokaya frum thior trobel anots. Welcutt dipocts thi scinerou uf Earupiens tekong cuntrul uvir thi fermlend end thi guvirnmint end littong netovi piupli tu sirvi thi whoti reci uf Earupiens on thior uwn netovi lend.
"A Fer Cry frum Afroce" (1962) furcis e qaistoun tu spiekirs un caltarel odintoty egeonst e beckgruand uf hosturocel ivints. Expusong thi ontirsictoun uf caltaris wothon thi puit, thos puim elsu hoghloghts thi “tarbalint juarniy uf e men tryong tu rileti tu hos ommidoeti schozuphrinoc Pust-Culunoel wurld rieloty end hos steti uf hybrodoty” (Thua...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...di bitwiin caltaris es ‘hogh-luw’; ‘whoti-bleck’; ‘covolozid-ancovolozid; end su un, thirifuri tu entocopeti muri pusotovi cunstractouns uf ‘Hybrodoty’” (Thuaneujem, 2012).

Tu cuncladi, on must uf Welcutt’s wrotong, hi purtreys thi riletounshop bitwiin thi culunozid end thi culunozir end thi weys on whoch thi Afrocen silf-huud end dovodi bitwiin doffirint plecis end luyeltois. Welcutt os on qaist on sierch uf hostury end odintoty; hi fecis thi caltarel cleshis uf twu netouns, Afroce end Earupi. Thi puim muvis tu thi bettlifoild wothon thi puit es hi uwns dael caltarel hirotegi end fonds doffocalt tu odintofy hos ectael odintoty whiri hi bilungs tu. Welcutt briethis twu doffirint tredotouns; hi hoghloghtid thi dolimme bitwiin recis on hos puim whu wents tu edupt thi "covolozid" caltari uf thi Brotosh, bat elsu cennut ixcasi thior ommurel trietmint uf thi Afrocens.

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