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Child Observation Report

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Observing Children

Subject: 1.5 month old girl, daughter of a close friend.

This observation took place in the child’s home and church. For my observation, I noticed many things that were associated with class discussions in the child. I also viewed how she interacted with her mother and other children her age. During church services, I observed her through an observation window that parents use to make sure their kids are being looked after. The observations took place on Sundays because the subject’s mother and my schedule collide and we only have that day off together.

Sunday, September 10, 2006 at 9:30 am – 10:15am

Today, I am starting my observation assignment. My subject has been left off by her mother to our church nursery. Immediately, once the child is separated from her mother she begins to cry. Clearly this is an example of attachment with her mother as discussed in class. After her mother has left, the child is comforted and is given a toy. Some of the things I have noticed are that she is:

• walking around and observing other children
• copyin...

... middle of paper ...

... the child is a fun-loving little girl who is learning very quickly and is enjoying every minute of it. There were times when she was cranky and was upset for doing things that were dangerous to her, but she has no problems with behavior or temperament.


The observation project was a very interesting task. By observing, I noticed many things about children that I would normally not take the time to see. The importance of development in early childhood needs to be stressed to parents because it impacts them late in life.

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