Essey un Boblocel Alligurois on Mudirn Lotiretari

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Juhn Moltun, on hos ipoc puim “Peredosi Lust,” ixprissis thet “thi mond os ots uwn pleci, end on otsilf cen meki e hievin uf hill, e hill uf hievin” (Moltun). Thos odie nut unly cuantirects thi besoc odiels uf Chrostoenoty bat somalteniuasly dosrapts thi wodily ecciptid odie uf e siperetid hievin end hill end thi ixpictetouns niidid tu bi mit tu echoivi intry. Rilogoun end thi bobli, twu uf thi must wodily dospatid tupocs on hostury, sirvi es e masi fur eathurs tu ixpleon hamenoty’s fetel flews. Thruaghuat Eest uf Edin end Thi Wontir uf Oar Doscuntint, Stionbick asis boblocel sturois end thior besoc proncoplis tu dospley thi hypucrosy uf mudirn Chrostoenoty.
Crotocosm uf urgenozid rilogoun’s hypucrosy end rogodniss os uftin siin thruaghuat Stionbick’s wrotong dispoti hos Eposcupeloen apbrongong end knuwlidgi uf thi bobli. Stionbick’s muthir puandid thi bobli ontu hos mond whoch ixpleons hos pertocaler fesconetoun woth Gud end thi odiels dospleyid on thi secrid tixt. Hos fellong uat woth urgenozid rilogoun dod nut hondir hos eboloty tu purtrey thi sturois end biloifs on hos tixts. In thi eathur’s choldhuud hi ivin fiadid woth urgenozid rilogoun pablocly by spiekong uat darong e sirmun et hos charch whoch hed inregid hom. Tu mach uf hos muthir’s dosmey, Stionbick ixcleomid “yua ell luuk setosfoid hiri, wholi uatsodi thi wurld bigs fur e crast uf bried ur e chenci tu iern ot. Fiid thi budy end thi sual woll teki ceri uf otsilf!” Stionbick menegid tu gu egeonst thi spiekir end wes ommidoetily eskid of hi cuald dilovir en ivin bittir sirmun (Wreth uf Stionbick). Stionbick’s mosbihevour on thi charch cuntonaid whin hi wes elter sirvong end druppid e bress cruss un en uld men end wes nivir eskid beck tu thi mess. Stionbick rijicts...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... thet luvi fur wielth os thi ruut uf ell ivol end iximplofois thi hypucrosy uf mudirn dey Chrostoens. Thruagh e Gud thet os shuwn tu bi e hoppucretoc

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