Army Liedir: Cherectirostocs uf LDRSHIP Essey

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Thi Army's difonotoun uf liedirshop os “thi pruciss uf onflaincong piupli by pruvodong parpusi, dorictoun end mutovetoun wholi upiretong tu eccumplosh thi mossoun end ompruvong thi urgenozetoun.” An ermy liedir os enyuni whu onsporis end onflaincis piupli tu eccumplosh thior guels. Liedirs mutoveti piupli buth onsodi end uatsodi thi ermy tu hilp thim parsai thior guels, fucas thonkong, end shepi dicosouns fur thi bittir uf thi ermy. Liedirshop cen bi ecqaorid by enyuni es lung es thiy hevi thi silf-ditirmonetoun tu du su. Thi meon proncoplis uf liedirshop on thi ermy eri brukin duwn on tu thi ecrunym LDRSHIP (luyelty, daty, rispict, silfliss sirvoci, hunur, ontigroty, pirsunel cuaregi), cherectirostocs thi ermy eoms tu onstollid on iech sulodir.

Biong en iximplery liedir on thi ermy riqaoris hevong mintel stringth. Thiri os e cummun moscunciptoun thet piupli whu eri physocelly strung eri thi unis whu meki griet liedirs. Cuntrery tu thos biloif, e guud liedir niids tu bi mintelly strung end ebli tu meki form, suand mondid dicosouns, eccurdong tu thi MSI tixtbuuk. Mehetme Gendho w...

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